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A perfect afternoon!

With Mark having finished work and being on major countdown to going to Mahe and then the arrival of the baby, we wanted to make sure we got in lots of wonderful family time before everything got crazy!

We’ve had lots of time at the beach, swimming in the  ocean, playing in the garden and generally just spending time together.  It has really been lovely!

My favorite afternoon so far though has been when we went for lunch at a gorgeous hotel and then had some pool time!  As cheesy at it is it really was a perfect afternoon!

Having access to lovely hotels is definitely a HUGE perk of expat life in Seychelles.  We have pools we go to often and get a drink and go for a swim but sometimes it’s nice to go for lunch and make a whole afternoon of it!

We got Arthur dressed up in a cute little shirt and off we went!

A perfect afternoon expat life Praslin Seychelles
We had lunch at the pool bar and it was delicious!

A perfect afternoon lunch at a hotel pool Praslin Seychelles

I’m not really one for taking pictures so there aren’t any, you’ll just have to take my word on that one!  Arthur did lots of exploring while we ordered and waited for our food to arrive.  Mark kept him company while I sat back and relaxed!

After lunch we found a spot by the pool and hung out there!  This pool is built around rocks in three layers, it’s gorgeous.
A perfect afternoon expat life Praslin Seychelles
Last time we went Arthur was really interested in the waterfall area and we spent lots of time looking at it.
This time around, looking wasn’t enough and he had to get involved!!
I think that the rocks there are actually artificial they are not smooth at all.  I guess this is to keep people from wanting to sit or stand on it as they are quite prickly (ooops Arthur ignored that!), or to make sure they aren’t slippery if you do…let’s go with that!
A Perfect afternoon. Expat life Praslin Seychelles
A perfect afternoon! Expat life Praslin Seychelles
A perfect afternoon Praslin Seychelles

We even got five minutes to sit down, mmm maybe not quite 5 minutes but it was nice while it lasted!!
A perfect afternoon! Praslin Seychelles

This was one of those afternoons where everything just seemed amazing! Arthur was in a great mood, he was so well behaved! We had a yummy lunch, spent some lovely time together, it felt like we were on holiday!
So nice to have a little bit of calm before the storm, all be it that the storm will come in the form of a teeny tiny baby boy!!

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