5 more minutes {The Ordinary Moments} #31

I’ve accidentally created a new ordinary moment in our day.

5 more minutes

We’ve always been rigid fairly rigid with Arthur’s nap time and bed time. I know it’s not something everyone agrees with but it works for us and more importantly it works for Arthur!

Anyway, ever since I did Arthur’s first hair cut (Well around this time, I’m pretty sure the haircut hasn’t caused this!!) a new little routine has kind of sneaked in. Arthur was starting to be really grumpy when he first woke up and so I think it’s evolved from that really.

When it’s time to go get Arthur from his nap. I go I to his room, stick the air con back on get him out of his cot and we have a cuddle. A lovely sleepy cuddle.

There is something so perfect about a sleeping baby, sorry, toddler (I still can’t believe that’s the case!) I think to myself:

“Just 5 more minutes!”

Sometimes Arthur will wake up for cuddles but mostly he’s somewhere in between asleep and awake.

It’s not a long time, maybe 5-15 mins but it’s such a lovely time. Just me and my boy. I get transported back to time spent like this when he was a newborn and I realise just how fast he’s grown! So I spend this time just enjoying our little snuggles knowing that there will come a day where he won’t want sleepy cuddles with Mama any more!
It’s not totally self-indulgent though, Arthur does seem to be a lot happier after this (most days) as opposed to him just being woken up or waking up himself.

I have to say that my picture this week was actually taken on a day when Arthur refused to go to sleep except on me, I think he was over tired from playing at nursery which is why I had the iPad, I don’t normally take it in with me for our ‘Just 5 more minutes’ cuddles!





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