34 weeks pregnant

I’m 34 weeks pregnant! If you missed it, check out my 33 week update.

Weight: 64.2kg
Fundal measurement: I *think* it was 34 inches

Here’s me this week:
34 weeks pregnant

This week has completely flown by!
I had my midwife appointment Thursday, I was honestly dreading it after being a bit told off the last couple times for not putting enough weight on!
We waited for ages to see the midwife. A lady told me in Creole (the local language) what I thought was that the midwife had gone but she will be back in a few minutes. Perhaps I misunderstood!
Anyway, after about 30 mins she still wasn’t back so the midwife who I had with Arthur saw me instead. As I may have mentioned before, she’s a little bit of a dinosaur and very old fashioned! She was quite nice to us this time. As you can see I have put on weight (yay). She did my fundal measurement and I told her that the other midwife said I had been measuring small. She told me my measurement was fine. I think she said it was 34 but then she did check it again and then just said it was fine!
I’m booked in for another appointment in two weeks time. I will have another scan the same day.
I didn’t get to hear baby’s heart beat this time around, as I said, this midwife is pretty old fashioned, so instead of using the machine she used the old school upside down wineglass looking thing (my mum said it’s called a horn!?…I’m clearly having wine withdrawals!!!)

Still getting Braxton Hicks a lot, sometimes it’s quite painful. I told the midwife that I’d been feeling lots of pressure and she said that it was the babies head. Obviously with Arthur being breach I never experienced that!!

According to experts from the website https://brainandspinecenterllc.com/tramadol-ultram/ Tramadol is not suitable for substitution therapy of opioid-dependent patients. Although Tramadol is an opioid agonist, it cannot suppress the symptoms of morphine withdrawal.

Arthur has been really cuddly with me this week and telling me to “sit” a lot. I think he’s realising that I’m slow and tired bless him!!
We’ve had a few no nap days, one where it resulted in Arthur being mega grumpy and tantrum every 5 minutes which was awful. We’ve also had some lazy cuddly afternoons which is quite alright with me, although I would still really like him to continue to nap!!!!

I have been on a bit of a baking mission this week, for no particular reason! I’ve made cookies, shortbread and butterfly cakes (might explain the weight gain!) Mum says I’m nesting! It would be great if my nesting was more geared towards getting organised instead of making us all fat but it’s nice to have yummy treats in the house! Last time round I think all my nesting was used up on getting Arthur’s cot ready!

Next week is Mark’s last week at work, we are all very ready for him to be finished! We then will have two weeks before we go to Mahe. Those two weeks will be full of organising everything in preparation for baby boy!

This week’s countdown to our Caesarian date
34 weeks pregnant countdown to Caesarian date

Woohoo can’t wait to meet our little guy!

I’ll be back next week with my 35 weeks update!

11 thoughts on “34 weeks pregnant”

  • It’s lovely to track your weekly updates and I’m sure everything is going to be okay with the small lovely Seychellois baba!!! πŸ™‚
    But I’m honestly wobdering, why you’re goi g for a C-section again having in mind you so far have no medical reason(no breach baby).
    I’ve also had my son with a C-cut, but it was an emergency one and recently I’ve talked with my gyn about it for a secobd child and it’s no need to repeat a second C-cut just because you delivered your first child through surgery….

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment. I’m pleased you are enjoying my pregnancy updates!
      The reason I’m going for a c-section again this time is I want to avoid having to have an emergency c-section here which of course there is a greater risk of when trying for a natural birth after having a Caesarian first time around. When facilities are not necessarily the same as your home country I think it’s fair to try to take control and ensure your own and your child’s safety!

  • Wow not long now and I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m trying to imagine the old fashioned lady with her horn, that made me chuckle a bit, must be bit weird to see! Bless Arthur, I think he’s going to be a very caring big brother. Am so excited for you πŸ™‚

  • How exciting! It’s bringing it all back to me. That napping/no napping phase is so tricky – especially when you really need it so you can get some rest (or soon, feed a newborn!) When E was born, I used to set up an afternoon movie for the boys and they’s sometimes just crash on the sofa in the middle of it rather than trying to force them to bed. I remember the first few weeks weren’t as hard as I was expecting though – E slept most of the time and the boys just carried on as normal. Eeek how exciting that you’re so close to meeting him now!! xx
    Karen @ TalesofaTwinMum recently posted…25 examples of what it’s like being the only girl growing up with two big brothersMy Profile

    • I know it’s amazing we are so close now!!
      I would be ok with less nap if we had a lie in as a result of it but that hasn’t changed we are still all up by 6!!!

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