32 weeks pregnant

I am 32 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week, check out my 31 week pregnancy update.

This week little boy is around 42cm long and weighs around 1.7kg

My measurements
Weight: 62.8kg (+0kg)
Fundal Measurement: 29 inches (+0 inches) * more on this in a moment.

Here’s me this week!
32 weeks pregnant bump shot
I feel like I’m looking extra tired at the moment!!!

So, as you have seen, my measurements have apparently not changed in two weeks.  I had a midwife appointment Thursday morning and got a bit of a telling off (again) I’m not eating enough apparently.  I have no idea why I haven’t put more weight on I have upped my food intake after the last midwife appointment.  I have also continued to take it easy as much as possible with a toddler at home!

My fundal measurement…..not changed, I’ll be honest I’m not convinced of this.  My midwife appointment was done in a big hurry and I’m not convinced that there has been no change at all.
Anyway I was of course still worried about this.

Luckily I had a scan later that morning.  The gynaecologist we saw was fantastic.  She was very reassuring and said that baby was growing perfectly well.  She also said that it’s probably because I am small (I really am at 5ft 2!)….this is something I have been telling myself and all my family have been telling me but it’s really nice to have a professional say it as well!
She said that to make sure she’d book me in for another scan at 36 weeks just to check his growth.  We had this with Arthur as well, due to him being a little small and breach!
In exciting news this little guy isn’t breach yay!

We unfortunately didn’t get a scan picture this time but it was an amazing one, it was absolutely crystal clear…the best one we’ve ever had.  We could clearly see his heart beating, his spine and all his little bones it was beautiful!!

This week, little boys kicks have been painful a lot of the time!  I am always uncomfortable now, at least it feels like it’s all the time!!
I’ve also had heartburn start to kick in, and a rather extreme case of that happened last Saturday night!

I’ve had some Braxton Hicks which I don’t really remember having with Arthur.  One day this week in particular really made me need to sit down and stay down for a while….luckily Arthur was having a nap!

This weeks countdown to our Caesarian date:
32 weeks pregnant.  Countdown to Caesarian section

I think that’s all for this week! I’ll be back next week!

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