31 weeks pregnant

I’m 31 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week, take a peek at my 30 weeks update! 

This week our little boy is over 41cm long and is weighing around 1.5kg (how perfect for our little Seychelles baba!) 
He apparently is heading for a growth spurt and is starting to get nice and squishy, ready for cuddles!

Here’s me this week
31 weeks pregnant

If I could sum up this week in one word it would be: TIRED!!
Oh my goodness I am SO SO tired.  

It has however, been a relatively quiet week.  I’ve made sure that I’ve slowed down and taken it easy!

I have still been doing my online fitness programme, and it’s slowed down a lot now to match my stage of pregnancy which is great!

Last weekend we had the school Mark works at annual dinner dance.  It was lovely to get a night out and get dressed up!  
31 weeks pregnant date night
A sad update this week is that on Thursday I had to take my rings off!!  On the positive side I had to so that a lot earlier last time, although I can’t quite remember when I did it.
Last time I was SO upset about it.  We hadn’t even been married a year by then so it was still so new and exciting to have them on.
Not that it’s not exciting to have them on still of course, but this time I know that they will be back on soon and I’m happy I lasted longer then I did before!!
It’s weird because it was literally overnight that my rings were fine and then all of a sudden not!  My feet are a little swollen now too!

I’m really feeling like time has slowed down now.  The second trimester flew by and now it feels like it’s ages to go until our little boy gets here.
In reality I know it’s not.  In fact it’s only 
31 weeks pregnant, countdown to Caesarian section
until we get to meet him!!

We have our 32 week scan next week too which is really exciting! 

I’ll be back next week to let you know how my scan went as well as the usual updates! See you then.

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