30 weeks pregnant

I’m 30 weeks pregnant, eeek that’s exciting!!  If you missed last week, here is my 29 week update!

This week baby boy is around 40cm long and 1.3kg, about the same as a green cabbage apparently! 

My measurements this week 
Weight 62.9kg (+0.7kg in two weeks) 
Fundal measurement: 29inches (+4cm in two weeks)

Here’s me this week:
30 weeks pregnant

I all of a sudden have hit a bit of a wall this week!  I’m really tired!!  I have definitely felt the need to slow down and take it easy! 
My bump is starting to get in the way of things now, a constant reminder that I really am pregnant!  Up until now there honestly have been times where I’ve forgotten!!

Still getting lots of movement, I’m finding now that he will quite often get in a position that makes me quite uncomfortable, luckily he doesn’t seem to stay in one place too long, although I have noticed he seems to be on my right side more than the left! 

I had a midwife appointment this week.  I was given a bit of a lecture about not putting on enough weight so I need to eat more!  I was a bit annoyed at this for a couple of reasons; she said she was happy with my fundal measurement (so clearly baby is growing fine) and I by no means worry about what I eat, I really do eat a lot.  I spoke to my mum and some lovely twitter friends who all agreed with me saying that this advice was a little bit old fashioned!!

She did say that she thought this little one was facing the right way round, a concern for me as Arthur was breach! She wasn’t positive though so said the 32 week scan would confirm that for me.

I’ve been given a scan date for two weeks time.  We can’t wait to see our little guy again!!

Countdown till we meet our little guy for real
30 weeks pregnant!  Countdown to Caesarian date

I keep having dreams that he’s going to come before that!!!  

I think that’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week, hopefully with a bit more energy!!

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