28 weeks pregnant

I’m 28 weeks pregnant!  That means I’m officially in the third trimester woohoo!
If you missed last week, check out my 27 week update

This week little boy bump is around 38cm long and is weighing just over a kilo (about as much as an Aubergine)
Cute developments this week are that he can blink and he has eyelashes!!

Weight: 62.2kg (+1.1kg in two weeks) 
Waist measurement: 41 inches (+0 in one week)
Fundal measurement: 25cm (+3 cm in two weeks) 

Here’s me this week
28 weeks pregnant

My energy levels have been all over the place this week, some days I’ve felt great and others I’ve felt like I can barely get myself out of bed!
By the time Mark came home yesterday I was absolutely exhausted, I guess I had overdone it.  
I think I still forget I’m pregnant now and that I need to slow down a bit!! Being in the third trimester now should definitely be enough to make realise and accept this! I guess I just don’t like being told that I should or shouldn’t be doing stuff because I’m pregnant, but rather wait till my body tells me it’s not okay (wow, that sounds cheesy I know!)

I am continuing to enjoy my online pregnancy Pilates class, I love that each week it slows down a little to match my pregnancy energy levels!!

I had my midwife appointment yesterday, it went well.  
The midwife was happy that although the fundal measurement is technically still small (I’m now measuring what I “should” have been 2 weeks ago!) I have had good growth! 
I had Arthur with me at the appointment.  We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and Arthur danced to it.  This was quite possibly the cutest thing ever!!!

In some exciting news for us, we have contacted the doctor we want to do my Caesarian, and he has confirmed he will do it! He has also booked us in and given us a date, so we know the day we will now be meeting our little guy…………..
28 weeks pregnant

As I mentioned before, I’m sure there are people who disagree with my decision for a planned Caesarian but for our family it really is the best decision for so many reasons, perhaps that’s another post in the making!  
So baby boy will be born at 39 weeks, unless he plans a dramatic earlier entrance!!  That means it’s 73 days today till we get to meet our little boy!!

I think that’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week!

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