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27 weeks pregnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant!
If you missed last weeks update, check out my 26 week update!

This week our little guy is around 37cm long and weighs around 900g (about the weight as a head of cauliflower apparently!!)
He will have started opening and closing his eyes and will be starting to wake and sleep at regular times!

This weeks bump measurement: 41 inches (+0.5)

Here’s me this week:
27 weeks pregnant

This week my parents have gone so it’s back to reality.
It’s been a kinda quiet week really, however I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with Arthur.  I mean that literally, that boy is lightning fast and my speed is definitely decreasing by the day!!

However, my energy levels have still been pretty good which is nice, it means I’ve still been getting my online fitness classes in! By the way if you missed my post with answers to pregnancy fitness questions I asked Dr Joanna Helcké, check it out!

I have really been noticing the heat this week and how much it zaps those good energy levels!!  Luckily today it’s raining and so feels nice and cool compared to a usual day here in Seychelles.

Sleep has still been reasonably broken although I think overall it’s been pretty good this week.

Kicks have been getting REALLY strong, some have actually hurt!! They are getting really high up too!  Also getting those alien type movements where he’s obviously turning or rolling around and my whole tummy moves!  It’s those kind of movements where you are reminded that there really is a baby in there!!

I feel like this stage has come round very quickly!  All of a sudden I’m at the end of the second trimester…how has this happened!!?

No midwife appointments this week but I did take a trip to the dentist for a check up.  No problems which was good!  My next midwife appointment will be next week.

Think that’s all for this week!  I’ll be back next week!

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