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26 months!

26 months!

Arthur is 26 months old!

This boy has been truly truly amazing this month!  I couldn’t be prouder of him!

His little life has really been turned upside down and I can’t believe how he’s just taken it all in his stride!

We went to Mahe at the start of the month and he had lots of fun while we were there.

Something that really surprised me was that Arthur has seemingly developed a fear of flying! We took a flight to Mahe and back and Arthur was truly terrified. He was really excited watching them in the airport and is always excited when we see them at home. He was a little uncertain when we were sat in our seats but then the engine came on – which to be fair is very loud on the little prop planes. He was then really scared. When we took off I thought he’d be ok but when he looked out the window he was terrified. I felt so sad for him. I don’t know where this fear has come from, perhaps it was because it was the first time he truly understood what was going on? Anyway, I hope it’s not a permanent thing, it would be horrible for him to be scared of flying!

We met Mark’s mum on arrival and it had been a year since she had seen Arthur.  He definitely lapped up all the attention from his Gran!

For a week we all had lots of time at the pool and beach.

After a week I went into hospital to have Freddie.  I was in for a total of 4 days which is the longest Arthur and I have ever been apart.  I had been so worried about how Arthur would be for this but by all accounts, he was a very good boy!!
He, Daddy and Gran all were very busy with trips to the pool and to the beach. Sounds like they had a wonderful time!

When they came to visit me in hospital Arthur was also really well behaved.  He seemed to understand that I was not able to move around very well (or at all the day of c-sec)

He also took to Freddie straight away!!  There has been no jealousy at all.
If we don’t bring Freddie down at the same time as Arthur in the morning he’s asking after him and is so happy when he sees him.
Arthur just can not get enough of his baby brother.  He just wants to be near him all the time.

We wondered if we perhaps would get any problems once we got back home to Praslin but he just keeps getting more and more affectionate to Freddie!  We really couldn’t be more proud!

When we got back to Praslin marks dad joined us so he’s got gran and grandad fussing over him here!

Arthur now knows lots of colours.  He can say and identify:
He also has Yellow and Orange but they aren’t totally pronounced right yet!!
He loves pointing out the colours of everything!

At the moment he’s really into playing in the car.  We have two here at the moment, with Marks parents being here we borrowed a Moke and Arthur thinks it’s so much fun to crawl around in!

I’m aware I’m probably about to ruin everything by saying this, but, we’ve had more nap times again this month!  We’ve still had some fails too don’t get me wrong! But it hasn’t happened as frequently!!

We had Arthur’s two year check up with the midwife.  He had to make a tower with little blocks (which he aced since that’s his favourite thing to do!) he also very proudly told the lady what colours they all were!
She gave him a little doll which he had to “feed” with a bottle and point out eyes nose etc all of which he did fine!
He was then given a bit of paper with some really rubbishy drawings of a bird a dog a cat and a horse. She asked him which one flies, which I knew he wouldn’t be able to answer.  By this point he had lost interest anyway and wouldn’t tell us anything about them.  I know he’d be able to tell her what all the animals were but whether or not she believed me is another thing!!!

His weight was 12.7kg
His height was 92cm
I also measured his feet the other day which were 14cm

So I’m not sure if Arthur “passed” his check up but I thought he did very well!!

Mark is back at school next week so it will be very interesting to see how that goes! Arthur has become very close with his Daddy and gets sad if he ever goes anywhere without him so we might have some issues with that!!
I hope that Arthur will continue to love his little brother, I am excited to see how their relationship continues to grow!

My parents arrive in a week and Arthur will love all the attention he will get!

I’ll be back next month for another Arthur update!

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