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22 months

22 months

I’m a little late with this one, but Arthur is now 22 months old! 

Another month that has truly flown by! 

We had a tough week when Arthur was poorly.  I wrote about it, and it seemed at that time he was on the mend.  Then the next morning he came out in a rash all over.  He’s never had anything like that before, and had only ever had a temperature really from immunisations.  It was really difficult to see him suffering.  I definitely enjoyed the long sleepy cuddles though they were amazing! 

He has now well and truly bounced back from that though and is back to his usual bursting with energy self!!  I’m not sure if it’s just me getting more pregnant (and therefore more slow!) but his energy levels definitely seem to have stepped up a gear in the last month!  

We’ve had some testing tantrums this month too.  What makes them difficult now is that it won’t just be over one thing.  Something will get him annoyed and then basically everything will annoy him and it’s difficult to calm him down.  The good thing is that now we have upstairs we can take him up (or down) and be in a totally different environment which calms him down quickly usually without having given in to whatever it is he was stroppy about!!!

He is absolutely crazy for cheese! He asks for cheese when he’s at the table eating any meal!
There is still very much a fridge obsession too.

Arthur is continuing to say mummy and daddy all the time.  He particularly has a soft spot for daddy right now!!  Mark has just been home with us for three weeks as it was Easter holidays.  Every time that Mark has time off, he and Arthur get even closer it’s so nice to see! 
Mark went back to work this week and Arthur has been looking for him and saying ‘daddy’ all day till he comes home!!

I’m very happy to say that he is still such an affectionate boy.  He loves to give a cuddle or “cuggle” as he says (makes me melt every time!) and gives such cute little kisses!!

Bed time is starting to be pretty different!!!  These days Arthur is all about choosing the stories himself! He also is becoming the master of drawing bed time out!  He asks for more stories, runs around, basically anything to delay going to bed, he then gets upset when we start to tell him his lullaby which makes me sad as it’s what we’ve done with him for as long as I can remember. I hope that we don’t need to change that part of our bed time routine and this is just a little phase!!

This month coming Arthur will have my parents here for two weeks which I know he’s going to love!! They will spoil him rotten, give him way too much ice cream and run around like crazy with him…….he’s gonna have a blast! It’s been 9 months since they’ve seen him and so I’m sure they will notice huge differences in him!

I’ll be back next month with his 23 month update!!

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