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Month: June 2015

No bake peanut butter balls

Arthur is a little snack fiend…..more specifically he is most definitely a Cookie Monster! I wanted to satisfy his cookie cravings while knowing he wasn’t eating total garbage!  So the ‘no bake peanut butter balls’ were created!! My immediate thought was to use oats, filling […]

My Expat Family 11

Hello and welcome to My Expat Family 11 the eleventh ‘My Expat Family’ blog link up. A a big thank you to everyone who linked up last month if you missed it take a look there are lots of fab posts there to read! Last month […]

29 weeks pregnant

I’m 29 weeks pregnant, if you missed last weeks post check out my 28 week update. This week little boy bump weighs just under 1.2kg (about the same as a butternut squash) and is around 39 cm long! His lungs and muscles are continuing to […]

The toddler nap battle!

For the last few weeks I have noticed a change in Arthur.  He seems to be quite clingy, needing extra cuddles (always fine by me), but in general less willing to be independent. The biggest impact seems to be nap time.  He is struggling to […]