13 weeks pregnant

Now I am 13 weeks pregnant! Apparently this week, our little Seychelles baba is as long as a pea pod (around 7cm) and has it’s own fingerprints! Here I am this week, looking pretty much the same I’d say although I’m feeling bigger! I know I said I was going to have a better picture this time, but Mark is away in London doing interviews and took the camera with him, so it’s actually gone backwards to a grainy iPad mirror selfie….!!! 13 weeks pregnant bump Arthur is becoming more and more attached to my little bump and Lifts up my top (or more embarrassingly my dress) to have a feel and to give a little kiss!!  He says “baby” as he does it which literally melts my heart every time!!! No midwife appointment or anything this week, but I do have one next week, I think, hmmm I’d better check that!


I’ve had a bit more energy this week.  It’s a good thing too with Mark being away, I’ve needed all my energy to handle Arthur by myself!! Because Arthur has been keeping me so busy I’ve not had much chance to focus on being pregnant, but I have to say the last couple of days I have really started to feel pregnant….in a good way!  For some reason it’s kind of hit home that it’s real!  This is of course very nice 🙂 I’ve had a metal taste in my mouth for weeks now, it’s been driving me mad!  I think I forgot to mention that in last week’s update.  Anyway it’s really annoying, but apparently totally normal!  Here’s hoping it goes soon!!


Balsamic vinegar and red onion and salad cream yummy!!!  Unfortunately I’ve now run out of the vinegar and salad cream….must top up! Mark, rather rudely, text me a picture of him sat outside McDonald’s so of course all I can think about is having that.  Which of course, is not possible in Seychelles!!! Other than that it’s pretty much been about eating as much as I can, all the time….. I’m always hungry at the moment!


Ummmm, no real dislikes this week.  Meat is fully back on the menu now, which of course is awesome!!


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