12 weeks pregnant

I’m excited to share my first pregnancy update!
If you missed it, check out the little announcement we made earlier in the week!

So, I’m 12 weeks pregnant now. Actually, around 12 and a half but I won’t get too fussy!
Here’s a picture I took this morning of my “bump”
12 weeks pregnant
I found it was difficult to take a nice picture when you are still in that ‘looking a bit fat’ stage so I gave up trying and resorted to a boring mirror selfie, I’m not sure what that face is I’m pulling so ignore that!!! I’ll try to do better next time!

We’ve known about our little Seychelles baba for just over 6 weeks now.
We found out while we were in Sri Lanka when I was starting to feel pretty yucky, I took a test and there were two very clear lines! (With Arthur the line was SO faint it wasn’t until the doctor confirmed it a week or so later that we truly believed I was pregnant!)
But this test was a positive as it could be!!!
I spent the remainder of our holiday feeling worse and worse, so tired and gagging at everything and no appetite….and boy does it show in the pictures!!

I was excited when we got home to book in with the midwife. I was disappointed when I got there and told my appointment would be in a few weeks rather than immediately.
Again, with Arthur appointments started straight away and we were also scanned within a week or so!

Anyway, I have now seen the midwife a couple of times all has been totally fine. It’s a different lady now to when I had Arthur, she’s a lot younger and very nice. She doesn’t speak a lot of English and I don’t speak a lot of Creole but we seem to get by!

I had my first scan a week ago today and it was lovely to see the baby in there and be told that all looked good!! We heard the heartbeat which is just the best sound ever!!!
Arthur was not very happy in the scan and so we were kinda rushed out which was a shame, it also meant we didn’t get a scan picture. I’ll be more insistent next time!
I think we will also try to get a babysitter next time for Arthur…..one of the problems with living so far away from our families.


Since we have been back home in Seychelles, I have felt loads better. Only been sick a couple of times and now my appetite is back which is amazing!!

I am still really tired, but now I’ve hit 12 weeks I’m hoping that my energy levels are going to start picking up a bit!  I think we all hope this is the case, my moods have been all over the place and I’m sure most of it is down to being so tired!

The last couple of weeks have seen my skin go to the dogs!  Lots of spots and a horrible reoccurring dry patch of skin under my eye which looks disgusting!!  Roll on that pregnancy ‘glow’!!

Clothes are starting to be tight already and I’ve pulled out the trusty expander for my shorts!!  I am really looking forward to getting past this looking like I’ve just put a bit of weight on and getting a proper bump on the go!!!


Ive only had a couple so far!

  • Crumpets!!!!!!  I hate that you can’t buy crumpets here at the best of times but now I NEED them!  I’ve been given a recipe that looks fairly easy by a lovely twitter friend so will give it a go soon!
  • Jam and cream cheese.  This one was a bit odd, I was making Arthur a jam sandwich and all of a sudden I really fancied jam and cream cheese.  I didn’t indulge it and the craving was gone as quick as it arrived.


  • This has got a bit better now but for quite a while I couldn’t stand to eat meat.  Little bits were okay but a big piece was definitely not!
  • Water.  Okay, so this is a bit weird.  I love to drink water, and I usually drink loads.   I am really having to force my self to drink this time around.  I’ve been adding squash to make it more appealing, something I never normally do.


Okay, I’ll leave it there for now! I’ll start making these updates weekly and I promise they won’t be so long from now on!!

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