Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

For the last few weeks I have started going to Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin.  I’m just going once a week right now but I am loving it.
The location is incredible.
You come down these beautiful steps to the spa.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Then head into the yoga studio.  Take a look at that view!!  You can hear the waves crashing too, it’s amazing.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

The instructor is brilliant.  She has a great vibe about her without being a crazy yoga lady.  The class has varied each week, always good to keep it interesting!
The first class I went to was really relaxing with lots of stretching.  It was lovely, that night I was so relaxed I fell asleep on the sofa, even earlier than usual!
But my favourite classes are the ones where there’s been lots of strength building and I’ve been really aching afterwards!  I like to know that I’ve worked hard and this class has definitely left me feeling that way!

I’ve always loved yoga, but have tended to do it at home.  It’s been great to go to a class and experience it in such a different way.

Our instructor likes to use essential oils, it’s not something I would ever consider but it actually does add something special!

Another added benefit of actually going to a class is that it gives me a real break, some real ‘me time’.  I think it’s really important to be able to get that time to myself.  It’s also nice for Mark to get some time with the boys on his own too!

I started running again (more on that soon) in October, when Freddie was about 10 weeks old.  I’m finding that yoga really is the perfect companion to running in helping me regain my figure and my fitness after having Freddie!

I feel so lucky to have access to such a great class in a beautiful location.  Another amazing perk of our expat lives here in Seychelles.

15 thoughts on “Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

  1. Now that is my kind of yoga! I’ve been trying to work out how I can get to beach yoga here. It runs very early in the morning a few days a week but with hubby’s shifts it makes it really tricky to get there. I’m determined to give it a go though. I think it’s as much about getting some time to yourself as it is about getting the exercise.

    • Timings always seem to not be ideal it’s very annoying isn’t it! I totally agree about the time thing, I think you feel equally refreshed and new from both! Fingers crossed you can get some amazing beach yoga in soon! X

  2. Absolutely stunning! I’ve done yoga in a couple of stunning locations (by the beach in Sydney; in the Italian countryside) but at the moment I’m doing it in a sweaty yoga studio! Not the most beautiful atmosphere but it’s good to get back into it after about a year of not doing it at all. Very envious of your yoga view!

  3. I used to do something called yogalates – it combined yoga with pilates and was far more about strength building than ummmmming. I have started trying out various classes at our gym here, I want to try pilates next week but it’s so long since I have done it I know I will really struggle. I also used to run back home but haven’t been able to here except on a treadmill, which I find SO tedious! Glad you are getting some me time though, so important.
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    • Oh yes you definitely should!! I have a great app that has some really good videos on it, yoga studio it’s called. Doing it at home is definitely not quite the same but I still feel great afterwards even if it’s just grabbing 20 mins here and there!

  4. My husband and I are visiting the area at the end of June and as we both love yoga would really like to partake. Do you have to be a member, and if so are there any other classes around.

    • Hi Sue, no you don’t have to be a member, just contact Raffles Spa and check availability and times 🙂 if you take a look on their website there is a timetable with the days and times and types of classes available!! Hope you enjoy it, and perhaps see you at a class (i go on Tuesdays!)

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