Unawatuna: Sri Lanka with a toddler

After a fun couple of days in Colombo we headed down to our next stop, Unawatuna, a little town near to Galle. This time we stayed half board in a hotel.

We took a coach from Colombo down to Galle. This is a really cheap way to get down there, it cost us 1000 rupees (about £5) for the trip. If we had taken a taxi it probably would have cost around £50. The coach was air conditioned and our seats had plenty of space, I would totally recommend to travel this way.

We arrived at our hotel, I’ll be honest, my first impressions were a little “meh”. It all seemed rather dated, especially our little chalet. It was a lovely room but I will never understand why places keep dated pictures on the wall or use frilly mosquito nets round a 4 poster bed….not my thing at all!
However, the room was really clean, the bed was comfy and the bathroom was actually very nice which is always a way to win me over!!

Arthur had a lovely cot, again like Colombo, not just an old travel cot!!

It didn’t really take us long to come round to our new place. The staff there were so nice!
Arthur loved the swimming pool and the fish tanks, and the food was amazing.

A rather unfortunate thing happened to us while we were there though. While we were out one day, Mark had gone for a dive and so had taken his wedding ring off (it’s wooden so not good to wear in the water), we came back to the room and it had been stolen. The manager initially told us that it was sure it had just been lost but he would refund is the cost of the ring if it didn’t turn up. He later came to us, very apologetic and said that he had spoken to the cleaners and that he was certain it had been stolen. He had sacked the two on the spot. Apparently they were new staff. I almost didn’t write about this in this blog post because overall our memories of the place are positive ones but I’ve decided to include it but not write the name of the hotel. If the manager had not been so helpful clearly the reviews I would be giving would certainly name and shame! We are now in the process of ordering a new ring so hopefully it will all be forgotten by then!

While we were in Unawatuna we got up to loads of fun stuff.

Mark and I both went diving (separately obviously so someone was with Arthur) on shipwrecks. We have never done a ship wreck dive before and It was amazing!! I even had to face my ridiculous but very real jellyfish phobia as I had to descend and then ascend through a swam. I got stung but I was brave…I know that sounds pathetic, but honestly I’m very proud of myself!!!

Unawatuna diving

Unawatuna diving

Unawatuna diving

I got to go to a really lovely spa, called Sanctuary Spa I’d really recommend it!

We did a walk over to Jungle Beach (twice actually) once just to have a look and visit the gorgeous peace pagoda.
Unawatuna peace pagoda

Unawatuna Peace pagoda

Unawatuna peace pagoda

Unawatuna peace pagoda

We also had our first look at wild monkeys
Unawatuna wild monkeys jungle beach

The second time we went for a little swim and play on the beach!

Unawatuna jungle beach
We also took a couple trips to Galle fort, we loved it there a really lovely place to walk around. This first picture I really like as you can see a Church, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple all within walking distance of each other!




Walking round Unawatuna itself is also really lovely. The village has a really hippy vibe, very chilled out and very friendly.



So despite having Mark’s wedding ring stolen we still have wonderful memories of Unawatuna and would definitely go back!!

Again, the moby wrap was definitely the way to transport Arthur around. We found the push chair totally useless there although we did see a couple people using them I wouldn’t recommend it!

Next stop on our Sri Lanka Trip was Kandy for Christmas and Mark’s 30th birthday!

Come and follow me!

21 thoughts on “Unawatuna: Sri Lanka with a toddler

  1. You’ve taken some fab photos Chantelle! What an interesting destination and well done you with the jellyfish – I would have been terrified but I would have had to get over my fear of drowning or suffocating first!! XX #sharewithme
    Sam recently posted…Little things for 2015My Profile

  2. WOW what another amazing trip addition. I love reading about your travels. You guys definitely made the most of it. Beautiful. Love all your photos too. Very creative in your captures. I can’t believe he got his wedding ring stolen boo! 🙁 But glad you stayed optimistic about your trip. Look forward to reading about xmas and birthday celebrations next. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #2My Profile

  3. Fabulous account and photos lovely, though how horrible Mark’s ring was stolen! Good for you for not letting it ruin your stay.
    I have to say I can’t quite believe you managed to swim through the jellyfish – I am TERRIFIED of them and I think you were very brave indeed. Just reading that bit gave me the heebiejeebies….
    Looking forward to reading about the next installment of your trip. Xx
    Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork recently posted…The Anti-Resolutions (and a sort of vague pre-move preparation plan)My Profile

    • Thank you, I have a pic on my instagram somewhere his wooden one was actually a replacement for his original one he lost in the ocean here haha…if another goes walk about I’m getting it tattoed on him haha!
      You should definitely try a ship wreck dive if you ever get the chance!! X

    • He is definitely so lucky I am so happy we got to take him!! Same for your girls on your fab trip too!!! Thanks for stopping by lovely xx

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