Trips to the Park {The Ordinary Moments} #20

Something that became an ordinary moment for our little family this summer was trips to the park.

For the first couple of weeks the weather was mostly kind to us (despite the fact that Mark and I were freezing in the mornings and evenings…..wooly socks and hoodie freezing!!).

The first time we went he had a nice time wondering around, to be honest he wasn’t that interested in going on anything. He definitely didn’t like the swings! We have a swing for him at home and he’s yet to really warm to it! He was excited by the roundabout but didn’t like it too much when it was going round!!

By the time we had been there a couple of weeks Arthur was getting a lot more confident at the park and was really enjoying it there!
He had started to really like going up into climbing frames and was starting to show a bit of interest in slides but didn’t seem to like going down them particularly!

We then headed down to Plymouth and Arthur got to go to different parks! Mum and dad got him going down slides feet first on his belly which he loved!! Arthur was getting really confident with climbing up and around climbing frames (wooden ones). The weather was not as nice for us but we could bundle Arthur up warm and he still had a great time!


There is a little play area for kids at Mark’s school and I’m going to try to get Arthur down there as often as I can. He’s really enjoyed the little trips to the park and I’d love to keep that little ordinary moment going!


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