Our UK trip (pre trip panic sets in!)

So it’s only two weeks until our trip to the UK!  It’s all of a sudden feeling VERY close!  We have taken our suitcases out in our ongoing attempt to be organised with this trip.  This might seem a little bit too keen, but there’s a lot we have going on in the next couple of weeks…we have people coming out next week who will then be staying on and house sitting for us while we are away!!

I can see these next two weeks disappearing in a blur.  Of course I’m really excited which usually seems to slow time down to a crawl, I can already feel my pre trip panic setting in…..my brain goes into complete scatter mode and things come to me in random flashes at the most random times


Need to know what’s happening about the high chair for Arthur

Do I need to order a mattress for his travel cot we are borrowing?

What do we need to take back for people?

Should I preorder nappies to the house?

Will I pack toiletries for us or buy once we are there?

Can I do anything to help him suffer less with Jetlag?

Stair gates sorted?

Do babies get travel sick!?

Can I get cows milk for him to drink on the plane?

I’ll stop there, you get the concept…..I start panicking about small details, it drives Mark crazy!!!   I’m starting to wonder if this organisation attempt for our trip to the UK is what makes it worse!  It’s always the same, every time we go away anywhere (but obviously way worse now we have Arthur)!  I try to be on top of it all but I end up over thinking everything and driving everyone around me insane!!

Okay, so I actually feel a little better for getting that written down….the rum in my hand may have also helped!! So, maybe I should try to relax (and drink rum?) more about this whole trip to the UK??

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  • Cannot wait to meet you soon!! Soooo exciting! Although i love to be tres organised, i’m also pretty laid back, ‘c’est la vie’ ‘ que sera sera & all that’- ultimately all you need is the 3 of you, passports & some form of money (oh & insurances!!) Ha, this is what i tell myself anyway when all the organisation goes out of the window lol Xx
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  • Eek! Not long to go now-am sure you are excited for your trip!! Wish i was able to meet you luvvie-damn Irish Sea! 😉 Do what i do&get the rellies to gather up all the essentials for your arrival. It’ll cut down on your luggage weight! Enjoy all the preparations (and can i please volunteer for the house sitting job next year??) 🙂 xx

  • Try not to worry too much, if you forget something then you can just buy it here. I know it’s pretty easy to get stressed about a trip like this especially with children but I’m sure you’ll be fine and you’ll have a fabulous time 🙂 xx #Sharewithme

    p.s. I love that little worm that follows you down the side of the screen lol he’s so cute! xx
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  • I haven’t had to do air travel with young children (except once for 2 hours!) but I know my mind flits around like this if there is a big event coming up – I’m feeling a bit like this in the planning of EJ’s party!! Good luck hon – try and chill and it will all be fine 🙂 (I know, easier said than done!) X #sharewithme
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  • How exciting, like you I have to plan and be super organised, I definitely over think things but isn’t that what a list is for, write it down honey, scratch it off, why don’t you ask @LetsTalkMommy about how she found it, or others who have travelled. I would just take with you what you need for the flight and buy the rest here so you haven’t got to load yourself up. Maybe ask the airline if you can buy milk in the lounge before boarding? Or on the plane? Good luck honey. Where will you be in the UK?
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  • Oh I am so very excited for you! Not long now and it will come up and be here before you know it. And then once you are in travel mode it will all seem easier. The unknown of how it will go is the most nerve racking. I travel tons with my two though and it’s not as hard as you think. You forget something you can buy it anywhere it’s the uk. For highchair get a totseat they can go on any type of chair and fold up into your diaper bag super small. Or even get a portable one off amazon. If you are staying wtih family see if they know a friend that has one you can borrow. I am borrowing a friends at my moms house for MM. I have never used anything but the bottom that comes with the travel cot and a sheet over it. My kids have never had a problem but if you want it softer and save money. Fold a queen size blanket in half and tuck the corners completely under the sides then put the sheet over it. It’s padded and safe. People will understand you flown all that way to see them and it’s not cheap, you are limited on space don’t bring home things. If you must buy it at duty free so you can throw in it your carryon. People like little things that have the name of where you are living on it, something that’s unique to there since they don’t live there. If you need ideas. If you are staying with family or friends I preorder a tesco or any store grocery order with wipes, diapers and the first two days of food for you hubby and baby. You dont want to have to do that while you are settling in. get it delivered. easiest way. If it’s a hotel, they usually will keep wipes and diaper delivery for you but not food. Toiletries way a ton, I bring miniature everything and buy big ones when I get there from somewhere cheap like asda. With the jeltag, I do this but you don’t have to obviously, since my time difference is 8 hours I start two days before my trip and change their routine by two hours, the second day I change it by four hours and on the travel day it’s changed then by only another four hours. It does seem to help my kids as soon as we landed they went to bed at their normal time but on usa time had their naps normally the following day and we haven’t had a problem at all for them. Slowly doing it over a few days makes it so much easier when you land. Borrow stair gates if you can otherwise it might be a good investment to buy from asda. They aren’t expensive you don’t want accidents on your holidays. I bought them for my parents house. Babies can get diarrhoea from travelling so be prepared for that. Lots of water, extra diapers clothes etc. Buy bottled water dont use plane tap water EVER! It’s not suitable to drink. I have found that a lot of planes wont’ have cow’s milk for babies. You can buy it in any airport. They have little convenient stores or even ask at a restaurant for a glass of milk or I usually go to costa coffee or starbucks in the airport and ask for a cup of milk then just pour into their sippy cup. Airports you can find it but I haven’t got it on the plane yet. Saying this, they sometimes will store the milk for you if you buy it in the airport then don’t need it for a few hours. Just ask them to put in their fridge until you need it so it doesn’t go bad! Hope that helps ease your mind hunny. So excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
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  • So exciting, bet you can’t wait for the two weeks up fly by. When we go on holiday we always take the mini milk cartons as never find it on the plane (you can sometimes call them in advance but depends what airline and they don’t always have it) and I keep extra nappies on hand luggage and then just buy it from the shops when I land. Flying from uk is easier as I check in and then buy milk then just stick it all in hand luggage for the journey. Good luck with all your packing 🙂 hope it’s a really wonderful big long holiday x
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  • Wahoooo how exciting hun! Now. You do know in the UK we have these things called…shops?! Ha ha ha! Just pack your clothes, sort the cot and stuff and then buy everything here! Jenny put the most amazing help tips so I shall give you the tips of a hap hazzard mother 1) pack loads of choccys and presents for the plane 2) when you get where you are going just act with the time difference just act as if that day is as normal (does that makes sense) – if bedtime is seven where you are? Make it seven here. They may be a bit grumpy first day but will be fine 3) it will be fine! Kids scream on the plane. People know that but they eventually drop off. I repeat pack loads of choccy and pop. IT WILL BE FINE! I’ve done USA with a 10mth and a 5 hour one with the both. Will. Be. Aces xxxxx
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  • I am exactly the same as you, and the only way I can cope is to make lists. As soon as something pops into your head, write it down, then deal with it as soon as you can. I also start making lists of things to take for each of us WEEKS in advance. And if you save the lists on the computer, it’s already a job done for next time.
    Having said that, you will be absolutely fine. We’ve taken M on lots of plane journeys, long and short, and every time it gets easier. I’ve realised that if you’re going to stay with family or friends you will almost always find a way to improvise & compensate for things you forgot, if the baby is horrible on the plane you’re only p*ssing off people you don’t know & won’t see again anyway, and the routine will get back to normal within 2-3 days.
    Honestly, it’ll be grand. X
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  • Exciting……try not to let the all the planning and stress ruin your excitement of coming home! Probably easier said than done but you can get everything here so just take enough for the plane and make sure Arthur has his bed sorted then everything should be just fine! Count down time now YEY xxx Ax
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  • Ha! This was me at the exact same time last year as we flew back to the UK for a month mid-July. I ordered everything from Tesco to be delivered the evening we arrived at my mum and dad’s. Travel cots are notoriously uncomfortable with or without the mattress. I take a couple of blankets and place them under the top sheet. Much nicer that way. Other than that, don’t panic. It will all work out and whatever you forget, you can pop to the nearest 24 hour supermarket.
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  • Oh lovely I’m just the same!!! It’s all the last minute bits that I can’t pack in advance that stress me out- like toothbrushes, Boo’s monitor etc. drives me crazy!!!
    I hope the packing goes well and I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous trip once you’re there and can relax! Until then- bring on the rum!!! X
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  • How exciting for you. I would take the minimum of nappies and any food as you can just replenish your stocks when you get here easily enough, and it will cut down on the weight in your bags too. I have travelled long haul when my children were babies and they were really great on board, it is us that are fretting! In fact the rhythm of the flight is often really good for lulling them to sleep too. Good luck with the flight and have a wonderful holiday xx #ShareWithMe
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  • I think that I will worry if I am not worrying about something this big. So its okay if you are in a panicky mode. I wish that like you I can go home. But its not in my horizon even. I am looking forward to seeing your UK posts soon =) #PoCoLo
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  • I think organisation is good, especially when travelling with children. It is hard not to worry about all the details. I have not flown with my children, so I can’t give any advice, but good luck, I hope you have a good time.
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  • It feel better to write things down doesn’t it, I write a lot of lists especially before holidays and I don’t travel as far as you! You don’t need an extra mattress for the travel cot and as others have said order your toiletries, nappies etc to be home deliverer, it will be a lot easier to have them ready for your arrival. I hope you have a lovely holiday #sharewithme
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  • This all sounds very familiar with our recent holiday – and we were only going to France! Hope it all goes smoothly and you have a great trip. As long as you have yourselves and passports, you can wing the rest – that was my philosophy in the end and it all went okay!

  • Hey girl I have lots of travel posts including airline, getting over jetlag, being a houseguest, naps in small spaces, etc.

    Anyway… your photo is KILLING ME. I met a girl in an airpot in Dublin who lived in Seychelles and I’ve been so enamored ever since 🙂 Glad I found you via a comment on my blog. We expats gotta stick together, even if we aren’t on the same continent 😉
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