Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

So now we have been here for almost 2 years something I’ve realised is that it really is a great place for little kids, I mean, honestly little kids don’t need too much to entertain them…..days at the beach and swimming is perfect fun for them!!!

I thought I’d share some tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles.

Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

It’s really hot!!

1. There’s lots of lovely swimming to be had for a cool down, but not always shade! Get some UV swimwear for your kiddies!  It’s a great place to take your baby swimming in the Ocean, the water is always warm and more often then not very flat and calm.  Check out my post on the best beaches to take babies and toddlers in the Seychelles

2. You’re going to want to cover up your baby outside of the water too, think loose and light clothing, even when its cloudy!  The Seychelles is just south of the equator and so the sun is a lot more powerful than you think, it’s easy to get caught out!

3.  Don’t forget that you will almost certainly have air conditioning in your bedrooms wherever you are staying, so it will be wise to bring something a little warmer for your babies bed time.

4.  I would recommend bringing your own sunscreen with you (both for yourself and your baby), it is available here but not always that easy to get hold of.  It also often more expensive than you would pay at home.  It also means you can get a brand name that you are used to using.

When it rains, it pours:

5. Being a tropical island, you may also experience the rain as well as the lovely sun! It’s pretty torrential and is a spectacle in it’s own right! It can last anywhere from 10 minutes to all day. If the rain has set in, you’re not gonna be going anywhere so maybe bring a movie or some games you can play indoors to keep the little ones occupied!


6. Formula milk is readily available here however there’s very limited choices in terms of brands. You may want to bring you’re own if your baby is partial to a specific brand.

7. I have never been able to buy fresh cows milk. This is something that the big hotels will almost certainly be able to provide however if you are staying self catering or in a smaller hotel you may only be able to get long life milk. If your baby drinks cows milk, maybe try your baby on some of this before you get here so it’s not a shock for them.

8. If your baby is a fussy eater you may want to bring some of the food they like with you. Saying that, you can often get jars of baby food of familiar brands if you need them.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask. Just because a restaurant doesn’t have a specific menu for kids, ask, you will almost certainly be able to get something made up as a child’s portion!  We have never had any issues with this when we have been out to eat here, every one has been very accommodating.  Quite often you will find people in restaurants will offer to take your baby while you are eating too!!


10. I couldn’t do without our pushchair but I have to say it’s not very easy to use them here. There are a lot of roads that do not have payments so you may feel safer using a baby carrier while out and about.

11. You can’t take a pushchair on the bus (or luggage). As a side note, the busses are very regular and very cheap which is great but they don’t run at night.

And finally:

12. Most importantly I would say to remember you are coming to a tropical island, things may not be the same as you get at home, of even if you were going on holiday somewhere more “westernised” but Seychellois really love children, they will do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and happy being here with your baby!


If you are thinking about coming to the Seychelles with your baby or toddler and have any questions please let me know, I’ll do my best to answer any that you have!




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  • Yeah, it’s much the same in Ireland. I totes get the whole tropical temperatures and warm, calm sea thing. Totes. 😉 Once again, so jealous of your home C! Xxx

  • Should I ever book a trip to the seychelles (buying lotto ticket right now) these would be the kinds of things I would want to know before I arrived #sharewithme
    tracey bowden recently posted…ImaginationMy Profile

  • Fantastic travel tips hun for baby & toddler. I would love to visit one day! Sounds amazing. Funny how you would expect lots of sunscreen everywhere being hot but it’s great you forewarned us it’s not ready available. Things like that I bet people assume but makes sense if you live there you probably won’t need as much as someone that never sees the sun like us. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Love seeing your post each week. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 18My Profile

  • Great tips. Even at the age of 3 z is a complete milk monster and is always asking for some. When we go away it’s the one thing I always have to find out about as he’ll happily eat pasta and chips and fruit but always wants his milk. We never go anywhere without his stroller now, only because he tries to make a dash for it 🙂
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…Favourites (Loud and Proud)My Profile

  • Oh My I haven’t come across your blog before and I have blog envy!! Love the little worm on the hook – such a cute design! Anyway, how lucky to be living in the Seychelles, I would love to bring my family but unfortunately with four kids its a bit too expensive! I have however been to the Maldives pre children lol and would love to visit the Seychelles too! Maybe one day…… 🙂 Great tips xx
    Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours recently posted…Holidays BluesMy Profile

    • Ahhh thank you Carolynne that’s very sweet! Fingers crossed one day you get to visit it is a very lovely place!!! Maldives we haven’t been to, I’d love to go….think that would have to be a baby free trip haha! Xx

  • Great tips!!!
    We have been two times at the Seychelles and we’re planning our third visit next year, but this time it will be different, as our family enlarged with one member last year. I found your tips quite handy!
    Our son will be 1y 5months by then. We plan to stay 5 days on Mahe (to self-cater) and 5 days on Praslin (on a HB).
    Do you happen to be aware if we need some special vaccination precautions for our little one?
    Reading about milk tips was ok, he by then will also be on solids; also, reading about the pushchair was quite helpful, I didn’t think that we may actually be unable to use it. We already have a baby-carrier, but I was not sure that our son will be ok to be all the time in. We don’t plan to use buses.
    But what about the diapers? We are running on the disposable ones (Pampers) and I am unaware if we need to bring a bag with us, or try to find what is available on the spot (if any)?
    Thanks a lot for your reply!
    Lots of greetings from Germany,

    • Hi, thanks for your message!!
      How exciting that you are coming back to Seychelles and this time with your little one!!
      You shouldn’t need any special vaccinations for him, unless you will be flying via mainland Africa in which case you would need yellow fever (all of you!) jab!
      For your diapers you can almost always get pampers here, both regular and pull ups but what I would do is bring a decent amount with you in case it takes a couple days to find! We took a baby carrier (a moby wrap) to Sri Lanka recently (in fact Arthur was 1yr 5 months then too) and he was totally fine in it but of course you guys all need to be comfortable! It wouldn’t hurt to bring the pushchair, most airlines let you bring them at no extra cost anyway, they can be useful for naps by the pool etc!!
      Chantelle x

  • Hi,
    Just need some advise
    Will be moving to Seychelles, mahe soon
    Any nursery to look after a 4 months toddler?
    Thank you

    • I’m not 100% sure that you will get a nursery that will take a baby that young, but another option could be a private nanny, that can be a really reasonably priced option. Are you coming out for work? You may find your employer will be able to find someone/help you find people!

    • Hi there! Thanks I’m glad you found it useful! The water is safe, for drinking as it is we use bottled just as it tastes better but for tea, coffee, formula milk etc we use boiled tap water. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Hi there, it depends what kind of place you’re after and the age of your kids. Both Raffles and Constance Lemuria on Praslin are lovely and will be able to accomidate all needs, but are at the top end of the price scale. Coco de mar hotel on Praslin is a wonderful hotel and is very family friendly, much more mid ranged price. There’s also many great self catering places around too.
      I can’t really recommend places on Mahe there is another Constance hotel which is great and has great facilities but haven’t stayed there so can’t personally recommend. There’s a few big name luxury resorts on Mahe that I’m sure would all be great to stay at, but If your kids are older location may be more important to you!?

          • What do you suggest is better with kids ? A kid friendly hotel with club facilities – Four star.
            Five star properties are too expensive .

          • When people come to Seychelles they usually visit a few different islands (generally Mahe, Praslin and La Digue) as each offers something different. I am not sure of any 4 star places that have a kids club as such. I know that on Praslin coco de mar and paradise sun both offer good facilities and have things such as kayaks, paddle boards etc to use which is fun for kids. La Reserve on Praslin is also nice and has the biggest pool on the island but I’m not sure what star rating that is. I haven’t actually stayed in any hotels on Mahe only self catering places so would not be comfortable recommending anywhere personally for you. La Digue is the quietest of the three islands i have mentioned, but the nice thing about it is everyone goes round on bikes there…very fun for the kids! Lots of nice places to stay, generally smaller hotels and guest houses as opposed to any resorts. One thing I would say is that you will probably want to look at hiring a car because getting about on buses is not ideal and taxis are so overpriced.

  • Hi,

    I want to visit Seychelles with my 1,5-year douther but I read about Denga Filariozy Leiszmaniozy Schistosomatoza. Taing this into account – is it safe for such a young baby?

    Best regards

    • Hi Magda,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      It’s definitely a risk to take into consideration, however it is a very small risk. There are things you can do to help minimise risks such as long sleeves and trousers and mostly a mosquito net at night.
      I’ve never feared for the safety of my boys with this as we feel it’s a risk that is so minimal but I would never tell you that it’s totally 100% safe as that would be irresponsible of me.

    • It depends where you’re coming from and I’d always take the advice of your local gp but my understanding is that in general there are no special vaccines required to enter the Seychelles

  • Hello Seychellesmama,
    thanks for your helpful tipps! We’ll come to the Seychelles over Christmas (Praslin – selfaccomodation) and new year (Mahe – constance hotel) with our 10 month old son.

    Can you recommend something we can use against Mosquitos, especially for the baby?

    Is it maybe to hot for acarrierwrap and should we better take a carrier?

    We take the GB Pockit Stroller with us – do you think we can take that one in a bag on the bus?

    kind regards,

    • Hi Katrin, thanks for getting in touch! You will have a great time here I’m sure!! Personally i have never used anything on our kids for mosquitos and they very very rarely get bitten. The evening is the main time where they come out and you could purchase a travel mosquito cot cover, they are not expensive to buy and will give you peace of mind. I must say though that a ceiling fan also is pretty effective at keeping mosquitos away! Some people use Citronella spray, as its natural, I have used it on myself and don’t find it all that helpful but i’d say its as effective as regular mosquito spray! We have both a wrap and a carrier but we tend to use the wrap more, in the middle of the day it will be hot which ever one you use but if you maybe just put him in a little vest i’m sure it will be okay!
      In terms of the stroller, you may be okay you may not be….it really depends on the bus driver you get and how full the bus is (often they are VERY full). I know the rule is that you are not allowed to take suitcases and strollers on public busses but i have once seen someone getting on with a suitcase! If you are planning on getting a bus here id maybe bring an umbrella or some kind of sun shade as you can often be waiting half hour for a bus (bus time schedules do say to allow 15 mins either side of the time given!)

    • ps if you do want to drop me an email to ask anything else or want me to go into more detail click the contact button on my blog header and theres an option to do so!! All the best and hope you have a fantastic holiday!!

  • Hi seychellesmama
    Thanx for a really helpful blogpost! And all the answers to the comments. We’re flying out this Sunday and staying for 6 weeks with an 8 month old. I’m a bit worried about mosquitos, but happy to read that you have not had any trouble. I know we are coming in the rainy season, anything in particular for me to be aware of in this regard? Also, solida for my baby; I’m guessing there’s lots of good and fresh fish, fruit and veggies that she can eat?
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts as prep before we leave:)
    All the best, Ida (from Norway)

  • Great blog with tons of useful info. We are traveling this November with an 18 month old. What do people/tourists do for car seats if they take a taxi? Thx so much!!

    • Hi Scott, you won’t find car seats in any taxis here. So people will just put their kids on their laps. Honestly, most people here don’t have car seats at all (we do) its just not done here. I know that you can get some that are actually inflatable, good for traveling but i can’t think of the brand off the top of my head, although your 18 month old may be too small for these!

        • Hi Maja, usually yes but please do check with the company before you book the car. Also check with them the weight range for the carseat that that have because they might not necessarily have one that will fit your child. They almost certainly won’t, for example, have car seats for babies but more likely will have for slightly older kids! Hope this helps. Chantelle

  • Hello,

    It was so helpfull to come across your blog!

    Our little one has multiple food allergies (eggs, peanuts, nuts, sesame..) and I was wondering whether hotels cater for this? How easy/difficult will be to find something suitable for him to eat?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi there Monia,

      I would say that you are definitely best getting in touch with specific hotels that you are looking at to see how well they can cater for your little one as I’d hate to promise something that couldn’t be fulfilled!

      I will say though that my husband has a nut intolerance and he finds it easy to find things to eat. I’m sure you do this already anyway but just anywhere you go check menu options with the waiter in case that particular restaurant doesn’t list allergens in their menu.

      I am sure that hotels will do their upmost to be able to cater for your child’s needs as they must come across this on a reasonably regular basis!

      Sorry i can’t give a more specific answer to your question though!!

      Let me know if i can answer anything else for you!


  • What is the price of nappies and are they regularly in stock? We will be living on Mahe. Just wondering if it will be worth bringing over some reusable nappies as she is only 4 months old and thus still going through a lot and I don’t want to end up paying hundreds of dollars a month in the long term

    • Hi Victoria, I would totally recommend reusable nappies! Its what we use now and I have never looked back, I cant really remember the price of disposable now but you don’t get things like buy one get one free offers here so you’ll always be spending more than you would anywhere else! We switched to reusables when my eldest son was 18 months old and i’m sure we still saved money, we are now using them on my youngest so have really saved ourselves a fortune! We use baba&boo reusables and we love them!

  • Hi,

    We are coming with 3 children: 12, 7 and 10 month old baby. As we are coming for a month we would like a self catering place on the beach that isn’t expensive. I’m hoping we could get hired help for helping with the kids and housework. Do you have any recommendations? We are coming in August.
    Thank you in advance for your advice.


  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot for all these information. Can you also let me know whether there are Pampers to buy on Mahe and if so wheather they are much more expensive than in Europe? I believe branded jar food e.g. By Hipp or Alete is also more expensive?
    Thanks a lot for your feedback

  • Hi! We are planing to go to seychelles at the end of November from Abu dhabi, my baby will be almost 5 months old. Do you think is a good place to travel with a baby? Thank youuu!!

    • Hi Ainara, I think its a great place to come with kids, obviously a lot of it depends on if you are happy and relaxed with your accommodation, as long as you are then you’ll be great! People love babies here and will do all they can to help you feel comfortable!!

  • Hello! Can you tell me the situation with car seats? I have a 3 year old and very small 6 year old. Both are currently using convertible car seats here in the states. I will be getting a rental car. Are car seats common there? Thank you!

    • Hi Natalie! Car seats are often available with hire companies but be sure to check when you are booking! I’d say that most people do not use car seats here (we definitely do) in day to day life but I know you can book them through most companies! You can also buy them here too if you wanted to, although the range is limited at best!! Hope this helps 🙂

  • Hi,

    I am planning to travel Seychelles with my 5 month old baby girl in August. Please advise what all I should keep in my mind.


    • Hi there, medical facilities are available on both mahe and Praslin island. There is a small clinic also on La Digue. For anything ‘major’ you would be sent to Mahe Island. Hope this helps

  • Hello thank you for nice reading ☺ we are just coming to seychelles in JAN i have 3yo girl and 1yo boy. We stay in La digue self caterring..
    My doubt is now how to transfer – if take a ferry – which after 11hours flight and in JAN when sea might not be quiet can be challenging.. but is much financially affordable for us..or then take a domestic plane..but still waiting for transfer in praslin etc..
    What would you suggest can we make it with kids by ferry? ☺
    And what is your experience of the weather in january is there a lot of rain? -raining all day or just few showers? Thank you a lot!!!

    • Hi Lucia. If you are going straight to La Digue, I would recommend getting the boat. You can not fly to La Digue from Mahe (unless you get a helicopter which is obviously going to be very expensive!). You could fly to Praslin and then get the short boat to La Digue but the airport on praslin is on the opposite side of the island to the jetty so then you have the cost of a taxi to consider. You can get the Cat cocos from Mahe to La Digue (I’m pretty sure that always goes via Praslin but you don’t have long to wait there)

  • Hello,
    My name is Latifah Wright
    I will be Coming with my 2 year old
    And my 11 year old
    What Medicines I should tell the Doctor to provide if they was to get Sick.
    My son that’s a year old I will bring his Milk also I will bring a Every Medicine over the counter here in New York we have.
    But Do you think I should tell the Doctor to give me antibiotics just in case..

    Need your thoughts on that I have lived in China My Daughter grew up there she never got sick ever.

    But I don’t know how Sheyechelles is

    Please email me and let me know

    We are coming the first Week of April No Rain

    Is that a Good Week to come
    I dont want t

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this amazing website!
    We thought of traveling to Seychelles this coming August for about 10 days with our 1.10 years old baby:)
    However I have read that it is very windy and the sea may have strong currents. I wanted to know if that is really like that on the west north sides of the islands? Would it be dangerous for a baby to be in the shallow waters? I mean are there waves also in the shallows? Would it be cold for a baby?

    • Hi Shiran, I am so happy you have found my blog helpful 🙂
      August is definitely the most windy time of year but by no means is it dangerous levels of wind. However the sea is definitely less calm at this time of the year. The temperature drops a little but it is still lovely to swim in. Each beach is different, there will be some you would be advised not to swim at, but you would easily be able to make the judgement yourselves by jus looking…particularly if you are just talking about being in the shallows. There are many beaches that are still very nice and safe to swim at!

  • Please advise on the best island and hotels to stay at with 1 year 4 month old baby. Not looking to move around but rather be based at one really nice resort and do any traveling about during the day.

    • Any of the resorts here are amazing. The two Constance hotels here are wonderful, there is lemuria on praslin or ephelia on mahe. Fingers crossed the lockdown will end soon so that you can get back to planning your trip!

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