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Today I am writing about UncommonGoods, an online gift shop that I’ve recently discovered.

Living here, the shopping is limited at best. Online shopping is pretty much the only way I can buy gifts for friends and family both here and at home.  Mine and Mark’s wedding anniversary is coming up so I’m looking for something for that!  I loved reading their Uncommon Anniversary Gift Guide for a spin on both the traditional and modern recommended gifts for anniversaries

Shopping at


Shopping at

I always find shopping for men to be particularly hard.  I find that there are so many gimmicky gifts out there for men….what is it with the Moustache thing?  Do you know any men that would actually like a novelty moustache pillow or tie, I don’t!!  Phew, rant over!  Anyway, I don’t know what this says about me, or the men in my life, but I was particularly drawn to the huge array of different home brew kits they have.  Theres all different spirits, beers and wines available and they look SO nice!  There’s lots of foodie things on there too which I always think make a good gift for men!

There is also a lot of really beautiful jewellery on there, the handmade and personalised pieces are especially pretty, these are especially nice for special occasion gifts like milestone birthdays, bridesmaids, or anniversaries.

Why choose to shop at

The reason why I like UncommonGoods is that they promote and support small artisan businesses and people.  They aren’t selling products from big companies mass producing countless numbers of the same gifts.

I love their ‘Better to Give’ Programme.  Every time you shop with UncommonGoods you can select a non-profit organisation to receive a $1 donation from them, they have already donated over 1 million dollars through this programme alone.

For me (selfishly), the best bit about UncommonGoods is that they actually ship worldwide, and I mean really worldwide!  I can’t tell you how few places ship to places like Seychelles, and that is super annoying!  So, extra brownie points for the worldwide shipping!!


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Our UK trip {Leamington Spa}

I started writing this post on our last day in Leamington Spa before we headed down to Plymouth to see my side of the family but I decided to take a little break on the blog and really make sure I made the most of the time we had in the UK.  We have now been back in Seychelles for just over a week (although feels like a lot longer) and its nice now to reflect back on our Summer.

We were in Leamington for two and a half weeks and it was great!  Mark’s family hadn’t seen Arthur in a year (they came to visit when he was 6 weeks old) so it was really nice to them get to know each other!

After the success of our flight Arthur continued to be amazing, we were so pleasantly surprised by how well he took to all the new places we’ve been and faces he’s met!

So, what did we get up to while we were there?

We’ve had lots of trips to the park.



The Pet Show was a really fab day out, I’ve written a post about that here incase you missed it!

Arthur had some time with his Gran, Grandad and Auntie Louise while Mark and I had a night away for our wedding Anniversary! We went shopping in Birmingham had a lovely dinner out at a fab Indian restaurant in the evening. We stayed in the Rotunda right next to the bull ring (I thoroughly recommend by the way if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Birmingham!)

We had a day out in Stratford upon Avon where Mark’s sister took everyone to the butterfly farm (except me, I didn’t want any butterflies on me!!!) Arthur apparently loved it in there though so that’s good!  I was happy to sit outside and wait while admiring these pretty little fairy houses!

We then went over to the MAD museum which was brilliant.


Arthur experienced soft play for the first time. He went into a lovely little mini one at the garden centre and he went to a much bigger one with his little friend Henry. He really seemed to enjoy it, the best thing in both was the ball pool.

Something that was really lovely was catching up with friends.  We headed over to see some of our lovely friends that Mark used to work with and it was like we’ve never been away. Aside from all the big life changes we all had seemed to have gone through, conversations picked up where they had left off and new ones came just as easily as they ever had it was so nice to see everyone and to introduce them to Arthur.
We also went to a BBQ in the park with lots of Marks friends and their families too! There were two other little boys there both around 6 months older than Arthur but they all interacted together really nicely. It was so lovely for us to see that as Arthur hasn’t really had the chance to spend much time with kids his own age.

Another really special thing is that Arthur got to meet two of his great grandparents.  He met marks gran (his Mum’s mum) and Marks grandad (his dad’s dad).

A really fun afternoon out we had was mini golf! I wasn’t sure it would really be appropriate for Arthur but he really had such a good time!


Mark and I were really excited to do was to go over to Milton Keynes and go to Xscape where there’s an indoor snow dome.  We both love snowboarding and as you can probably guess we don’t get to do any of that in the Seychelles!!


We also got to show Arthur the snow which was amazing, being an island baby he’d obviously never seen the snow before so we were so happy we got to show him!  I’m not sure I can say he liked it or didn’t like it particularly, he just looked really confused!!!

Really I could go on forever but that was some of the highlights of that part of our trip.  I’ll soon right about the Plymouth part of our trip so keep an eye out for that!


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