Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Before Mark and I were Married and lived in the Seychelles he took me to Warwick Castle. He had worked there when he was younger. We had a really great time there.

Flash forward a few years to when we had Arthur it was exactly the kind of place we were excited to show him when we visited the UK. We resisted the temptation on our previous trip as he was a little young to appreciate it.

This time around though, we knew he would absolutely love it. We had already taken him to Kenilworth Castle and he’d had a great time there.  I thought I’d share our experience with visiting Warwick Castle with our young kids!

Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

This year Warwick Castle had added a big medieval style glamping ground. While this was pretty exciting and is definitely something we will consider next time around, it did mean that the car park was now a long walk from the main entrance to the castle, not ideal with two young kids!!

We had managed to get vouchers for the park from some Cadbury’s chocolate. We (okay, mostly me) even ate a big bag of buttons on the way so we could have another one…..I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, I am truly a hero.

It was a good thing we did have those vouchers because I was pretty shocked when I saw the entrance fees!

The castle is owned by Madame Tussaud’s (also owners of big theme parks like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers) and they have made some big changes since we had last been there. It definitely had a theme park feel to the place now.  Whether that is a good or bad thing, overall I’m still not totally decided either way!!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

When it rains

We were pretty unfortunate with the weather as it started absolutely tipping it down not long after we arrived. Like everyone else we then headed inside the Great Hall and the rooms to take shelter from the rain. It was nice to walk around here, but didn’t appeal all that much to the boys. We had thought that Arthur would really like seeing all the suits of armour, but unfortunately he was really rather scared of them!!!  Freddie seemed to be enjoying it all though!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

I was a little concerned at this point that the day was going to be a wash out because there really isn’t all that much to do inside there, that would be suitable for the little ones!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Luckily for us, the rain did eventually ease up and we headed back outside. We took some lunch at one of the stalls as opposed to trying to get inside anywhere as it was packed!

Towers and Ramparts

After having a wonder around the grounds we decided we wanted to go up to the top so we left Freddie with Gran and started our trek.  In true bad blogger style I can’t remember the name of the walk that takes you around all the towers…..but the main thing to note about it, is that there are A LOT of steps.  Seriously, there are hundreds!  Its also really quite narrow and not a lot of railings on the internal steps.  Anything that was outside though felt secure with extra railings etc!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Now obviously thats because its a real Castle and health and safety was not top priority back in those days!  But, obviously its something to consider when deciding whether or not to try and take small kids up there!  Arthur, at 3, was not able to walk the whole way and definitely was getting restless on the busy steps.  The problem is that once you’ve started there aren’t really any ways out except the actual exit so that could be a bit disastrous if your kid decides to throw a bit of a wobbly!!  Luckily, no wobblies from Arthur this time but he definitely did need some help from Daddy at some points!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Aside from all that though, it was really nice to do that and there are some amazing views to be had!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


After that we decided to let Arthur and Freddie stretch their legs a bit and took him to a kids park, Pageant Playground.  It was great in there with lots of different slides and walkways for Arthur to go nuts on!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

We then wandered round to the other new feature at Warwick Castle which is the Horrible Histories Maze.  This was something that we all really enjoyed, as we ‘got lost in time’

Arthur was playing it cool a little (read: totally posing for our new camera!) but he really enjoyed running around in there, finding all the different areas.

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


Let me tell you, this was definitely something all ages were enjoying!  There was no way we were going to leave without having collected all the stamps first!!!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


Arthur clearly is no Mastermind but you didn’t have to be to enjoy the Maze!  It didn’t matter that he didn’t understand the history, he loved the whole experience of exploring the maze!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


I don’t mind admitting that I was totally down with taking the chance to turn it into a little photoshoot!!!

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


Shows and activities

There are loads of daily shows and activities at Warwick Castle, along with special events at different times of the year.  All the adults were excited about the Knights Tournament and really wanted to see the Trebuchet be fired.

With Arthur already showing that he wasn’t keen on Knights shows at Kenilworth Castle I didn’t have high hopes for Arthur being on board with this one.  Particularly since I knew it would be louder and flashier at Warwick Castle.  We tried our luck anyway but it didn’t take long for Arthur to get a little overwhelmed by it all.  Perhaps the long walk up the towers had not been such a good idea because he was totally exhausted.  I put him in the pushchair, left Freddie with everyone else and took him for a walk.  It wasn’t long before he was totally out (which is quite impressive for a boy that no longer naps!)

Freddie on the other hand, was apparently totally mesmerised and loved the whole thing!!

The knights.  Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids


Should you visit Warwick Castle with Young Kids?

In an annoyingly non committal answer; it depends.

For our kids, Id say Kenilworth Castle  was a little more suitable for them.  But, that was mostly down to Arthur being overwhelmed by the noise, business and in your face-ness that came with Warwick Castle.  There were other kids Arthur’s age that were soaking in the atmosphere!

I think that picking your day weather wise is very important, as there really isn’t all that much to keep the little ones entertained in the wet.

From what I gather, there are vouchers available a lot of the time for Warwick Castle and I would definitely take advantage of that.  You can also save 30% by booking online which is great and saves potential wait time when you arrive!

Next time we are in the UK, Arthur will be 5 and Freddie 3 (oh my!) and I think that they will get a lot more out of the day then they did this time around.

All in all though we did have lots of fun at Warwick Castle and there are plenty of great memories for us and the boys from our trip there!

Visiting Warwick Castle with Young Kids

Have you been to Warwick Castle with young kids?  Would you recommend it?

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UK Trip Summer 2016

We have been back for a couple of weeks now and our UK trip already feels like a long time ago.


Jet lag has now worn off (We are seriously missing the jet lag induced 8am lie ins from the kids!)  and we are getting used to it being just the 4 of us in our house!


Mark is back at work and next week Arthur will be back at school (he will be doing full days now but perhaps thats for another post!).  Its been a while since I’ve had both boys by myself and I had definitely forgotten how much hard work that is!


I want to take the time to write about lots of different parts of our trip as separate posts as there really is so much to share!  We certainly squeezed a lot into our 6 weeks!

So look out for posts about our time in

Leamington Spa with Mark’s family

UK Trip Summer 2016


our trip down to Plymouth  (and Freddie’s first birthday!)

UK Trip Summer 2016

and a week away at a beautiful cottage in Cornwall with my family.

UK Trip summer 2016

We really had such an amazing time, it was great to catch up with everyone and to see the boys experience so many things that they don’t get to back here in Seychelles.  We were so lucky to be able to spend 6 weeks there.  It meant we got about 3 weeks with each of our families, which was a really good amount of time for everyone to have with the boys (because lets be honest, its them that people really want to see!!)

I have a couple thousand (eeeeek) pictures to go through before these posts get done.  We got a new camera and so we were even more snap happy than usual!  So I have lots to be getting on with!

I do love going through all the pictures though so its not a chore!  Its like living the trip all over again!



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Still here!!

As you may have noticed, things have been mega quiet on the blog recently.  I am still here I promise!  We’ve been away on holiday but now we are back from an amazing trip to the UK!

Still here!!  Trip to the UK

I had not planned to take a blogging break while we were away but we had such a fantastic time that I barely looked at the iPad the whole time we were gone.


Of course that now means I’ve got loads to write about and lots of pictures to share, which is always a nice feeling for any blogger!


We had a bit of a rough journey coming home with me being sick as a dog for the whole 30 odd hours of travel but I can’t really remember any of that now and most importantly we are all back safely.


We are pretty much unpacked now and starting to get back to real life!  The boys are settling back pretty well.   We still have two weeks before school starts (although mark and all the teachers will be back in work for one of those weeks) and so we can ease back into life here before the madness of Arthur being full time at school starts!


So, that’s it for now.  I just wanted to remind everyone that I am still here!!  In the next week or so I’ll get my blogging head properly back on and I’m really looking forward to it!


I hope everyone has had an amazing summer!




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Our UK trip {Plymouth}

So this post is pretty late in coming but better late then never right 🙂

After a lovely time in Leamington Spa with Mark’s family we headed down to Plymouth to see mine 🙂

The trip was about 4 hours in the car and Arthur was really good, that’s the longest by far he’s ever been in the car for! (We did take a break half way down for the obligatory gallon of Starbucks!!)

It was so nice to see mum and dad and to be back at their place again. Arthur of course, made himself at home right away and was charging about all over the place!! There were three floors to explore and he loved it!

A nice little treat for Mark and I was that mum and dad wanted Arthur in their room with them (fools!!!) so we got nice lie ins the whole time we were there!! Arthur was a bit of a monkey with getting up early but I think he was just very excited to play with his nana and grandfarji!!! He’s not used to being in a room with other people and whenever he is he tends to wake up earlier!  We also took advantage of grandparents babysitting again and went for a nice dinner out one night! I also took a night out with my best friend Hannah to a wine bar (very sophisticated of me I know!).

While we were in Plymouth Arthur had lots of time at the park and he became a bit of a slide fiend!!

A lovely day out we had was at Pennywell Farm. Arthur really loved it there and I was made up as I got to cuddle a micro pig!!!!! It was a really great day, loads of activities going on to keep kids entertained and lots of lovely animals!!

We went to Paignton Zoo, it’s a little bit obligatory to go there whenever we are in Plymouth….there’s kind of a story where I might of definitely did throw up around (possibly on) some goats, and a few other animals (yes I was very hungover and not the more acceptable excuse of being pregnant)…my dad even told that story on my wedding day (thanks dad). I can confirm that there was no throwing up this time by the way!!
Obviously the animals were amazing but a highlight was that SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH was there doing some filming for an upcoming show, however We created a conspiracy that he’s never actually left the UK and has done all his filming in the UK!!! Anyway he smiled and so I’d say we are definitely friends now!

Something really cute that day was Arthur and my brother in matching outfits!
We went to the National Marine Aquarium which was great, Arthur loved it but it was so so busy which was a bit annoying but that’s the school summer holidays for you I guess!!

The aquarium is on the Barbican, a place I absolutely love!
It then leads on round to the Hoe which is also really really nice, it’s so pretty and there’s so much history there! I was really looking forward to being there with Arthur and of course getting fish and chips (actually I have sausage in batter but that’s not the point!!)

Mark and I went down to the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe one day and met up with Hannah and her daughter. We had a really nice couple of hours there. You pay once and get a years ticket, it wasn’t expensive and you can see that the monkeys have a really good life there. They are mostly ex-pets (people are crazy thinking they could have a monkey as a pet!) or have been rescued from some dodgy circus of some kind so it’s lovely to see them having a much better quality of life!

We headed back down to Cornwall again and went to mount edgcumbe to play frisbee golf. I have to say I wasn’t sure about going as I’m rubbish at gold and frisbee so my prospects weren’t good but we had so much fun there I can not recommend it enough.   Check out their website here. It was a really fun day out, a great walk round the beautiful mount edgcumbe with a competitive element added and of course some exercise too! The guy that runs the place was super helpful, friendly and amazingly passionate and his love of the sport is truly contagious!
Perhaps my favourite day out was to Slapton Sands where we wrapped up warm and took Arthur to the lovely great big pebble beach….a little different to the beaches he’s used to but he loved it, after all he loves the water and he loves playing with stones so what’s not to love for him!!
Okay this is getting pretty lengthy now. Anyway I’ve got most of our big outings down here but also we had what felt like a lot of really nice quality down time as a family. And of course Arthur loved spending time with his Nana, Grandfarji and Uncle Will in Plymouth!

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Things I found strange – Our UK Trip

So it had been two years since we had left the UK and we were really excited to go back for the summer to visit friends, family and places we hadn’t seen in a long time.
Of course we had a wonderful summer, but, there were a few things I found strange while we were there!

Firstly, we left the UK as a just married couple and now, what seems like no time later, we returned with our 1 year old son…the two years passed so quickly!!

Driving from the airport to Mark’s parents house I felt like we had never left, it really was strange it’s like we slipped into our old lives right away. It was like we had two seperate lives, our UK life and our Seychelles one….

That is until we went to the shops, any shops whether it was the supermarket, clothes shops, toy shops even a halfords. Everything was MASSIVE and there was so much choice!!! We really aren’t used to that here, if we can get something at all there’s not going to be different brands to choose from. There’s certainly no offers like buy one get one free!! We found ourselves just stood in a shop and kinda freezing not really knowing where to start!

We were reminded just how much people live through their phones in the UK. A walk outside anywhere you will see people’s head buried In their phones. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing but you just kind of forget that’s how things are there….this is my phone now and I hardly use it, in fact days can go by where I don’t look at it, we see most of friends on a daily basis even if it’s just in passing and so most things are organised that way! **I will say that I have my iPad at home and I would be lost with out that!!**

Smoking is still pretty popular!! Not so many people smoke here and so you don’t really come into contact with it very much!

I noticed a few things that affected me too:

I realised just how humid it is in the Seychelles as back in the UK I had that feeling of being completely dried out, my skin and my nose….that kind of feeling you get from a ski trip!

As a contrast to that my hair reverted immediately to how it was before we moved away….I had to wash it every day to avoid it being greasy, very annoying!!! Here I do every other day sometimes even a couple of days!

Another realisation was how much make up people wear. On a day to day basis here I wear no make up but I instantly felt the need to throw on at least some mascara before leaving the house when we were back in the UK to avoid feeling like some sort of leper!


These were all things that I found strange and definitely not expected!  Are there any things that you find strange when you go back ‘home’ ?

Seychelles Mama
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Trips to the Park {The Ordinary Moments} #20

Something that became an ordinary moment for our little family this summer was trips to the park.

For the first couple of weeks the weather was mostly kind to us (despite the fact that Mark and I were freezing in the mornings and evenings…..wooly socks and hoodie freezing!!).

The first time we went he had a nice time wondering around, to be honest he wasn’t that interested in going on anything. He definitely didn’t like the swings! We have a swing for him at home and he’s yet to really warm to it! He was excited by the roundabout but didn’t like it too much when it was going round!!

By the time we had been there a couple of weeks Arthur was getting a lot more confident at the park and was really enjoying it there!
He had started to really like going up into climbing frames and was starting to show a bit of interest in slides but didn’t seem to like going down them particularly!

We then headed down to Plymouth and Arthur got to go to different parks! Mum and dad got him going down slides feet first on his belly which he loved!! Arthur was getting really confident with climbing up and around climbing frames (wooden ones). The weather was not as nice for us but we could bundle Arthur up warm and he still had a great time!


There is a little play area for kids at Mark’s school and I’m going to try to get Arthur down there as often as I can. He’s really enjoyed the little trips to the park and I’d love to keep that little ordinary moment going!


linking up with Katie for The Ordinary Moments


Joining Jamie for Magic Moments


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Our UK trip {Leamington Spa}

I started writing this post on our last day in Leamington Spa before we headed down to Plymouth to see my side of the family but I decided to take a little break on the blog and really make sure I made the most of the time we had in the UK.  We have now been back in Seychelles for just over a week (although feels like a lot longer) and its nice now to reflect back on our Summer.

We were in Leamington for two and a half weeks and it was great!  Mark’s family hadn’t seen Arthur in a year (they came to visit when he was 6 weeks old) so it was really nice to them get to know each other!

After the success of our flight Arthur continued to be amazing, we were so pleasantly surprised by how well he took to all the new places we’ve been and faces he’s met!

So, what did we get up to while we were there?

We’ve had lots of trips to the park.



The Pet Show was a really fab day out, I’ve written a post about that here incase you missed it!

Arthur had some time with his Gran, Grandad and Auntie Louise while Mark and I had a night away for our wedding Anniversary! We went shopping in Birmingham had a lovely dinner out at a fab Indian restaurant in the evening. We stayed in the Rotunda right next to the bull ring (I thoroughly recommend by the way if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Birmingham!)

We had a day out in Stratford upon Avon where Mark’s sister took everyone to the butterfly farm (except me, I didn’t want any butterflies on me!!!) Arthur apparently loved it in there though so that’s good!  I was happy to sit outside and wait while admiring these pretty little fairy houses!

We then went over to the MAD museum which was brilliant.


Arthur experienced soft play for the first time. He went into a lovely little mini one at the garden centre and he went to a much bigger one with his little friend Henry. He really seemed to enjoy it, the best thing in both was the ball pool.

Something that was really lovely was catching up with friends.  We headed over to see some of our lovely friends that Mark used to work with and it was like we’ve never been away. Aside from all the big life changes we all had seemed to have gone through, conversations picked up where they had left off and new ones came just as easily as they ever had it was so nice to see everyone and to introduce them to Arthur.
We also went to a BBQ in the park with lots of Marks friends and their families too! There were two other little boys there both around 6 months older than Arthur but they all interacted together really nicely. It was so lovely for us to see that as Arthur hasn’t really had the chance to spend much time with kids his own age.

Another really special thing is that Arthur got to meet two of his great grandparents.  He met marks gran (his Mum’s mum) and Marks grandad (his dad’s dad).

A really fun afternoon out we had was mini golf! I wasn’t sure it would really be appropriate for Arthur but he really had such a good time!


Mark and I were really excited to do was to go over to Milton Keynes and go to Xscape where there’s an indoor snow dome.  We both love snowboarding and as you can probably guess we don’t get to do any of that in the Seychelles!!


We also got to show Arthur the snow which was amazing, being an island baby he’d obviously never seen the snow before so we were so happy we got to show him!  I’m not sure I can say he liked it or didn’t like it particularly, he just looked really confused!!!

Really I could go on forever but that was some of the highlights of that part of our trip.  I’ll soon right about the Plymouth part of our trip so keep an eye out for that!


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