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Short Breaks With Kids in and around the UK

We are coming up to our next UK Trip and we are getting super excited about our visit. As the boys are getting older we feel like we can adventure more and more and visit new places.  We have already booked a short trip to […]

Visiting Warwick Castle With Young Kids

Before Mark and I were Married and lived in the Seychelles he took me to Warwick Castle. He had worked there when he was younger. We had a really great time there. Flash forward a few years to when we had Arthur it was exactly […]

UK Trip Summer 2016

We have been back for a couple of weeks now and our UK trip already feels like a long time ago.


Jet lag has now worn off (We are seriously missing the jet lag induced 8am lie ins from the kids!)  and we are getting used to it being just the 4 of us in our house!


Mark is back at work and next week Arthur will be back at school (he will be doing full days now but perhaps thats for another post!).  Its been a while since I’ve had both boys by myself and I had definitely forgotten how much hard work that is!


I want to take the time to write about lots of different parts of our trip as separate posts as there really is so much to share!  We certainly squeezed a lot into our 6 weeks!

So look out for posts about our time in

Leamington Spa with Mark’s family

UK Trip Summer 2016


our trip down to Plymouth  (and Freddie’s first birthday!)

UK Trip Summer 2016

and a week away at a beautiful cottage in Cornwall with my family.

UK Trip summer 2016

We really had such an amazing time, it was great to catch up with everyone and to see the boys experience so many things that they don’t get to back here in Seychelles.  We were so lucky to be able to spend 6 weeks there.  It meant we got about 3 weeks with each of our families, which was a really good amount of time for everyone to have with the boys (because lets be honest, its them that people really want to see!!)

I have a couple thousand (eeeeek) pictures to go through before these posts get done.  We got a new camera and so we were even more snap happy than usual!  So I have lots to be getting on with!

I do love going through all the pictures though so its not a chore!  Its like living the trip all over again!



Still here!!

As you may have noticed, things have been mega quiet on the blog recently.  I am still here I promise!  We’ve been away on holiday but now we are back from an amazing trip to the UK! I had not planned to take a blogging […]

Our UK trip {Plymouth}

So this post is pretty late in coming but better late then never right 🙂 After a lovely time in Leamington Spa with Mark’s family we headed down to Plymouth to see mine 🙂 The trip was about 4 hours in the car and Arthur […]

Things I found strange – Our UK Trip

So it had been two years since we had left the UK and we were really excited to go back for the summer to visit friends, family and places we hadn’t seen in a long time.
Of course we had a wonderful summer, but, there were a few things I found strange while we were there!

Firstly, we left the UK as a just married couple and now, what seems like no time later, we returned with our 1 year old son…the two years passed so quickly!!

Driving from the airport to Mark’s parents house I felt like we had never left, it really was strange it’s like we slipped into our old lives right away. It was like we had two seperate lives, our UK life and our Seychelles one….

That is until we went to the shops, any shops whether it was the supermarket, clothes shops, toy shops even a halfords. Everything was MASSIVE and there was so much choice!!! We really aren’t used to that here, if we can get something at all there’s not going to be different brands to choose from. There’s certainly no offers like buy one get one free!! We found ourselves just stood in a shop and kinda freezing not really knowing where to start!

We were reminded just how much people live through their phones in the UK. A walk outside anywhere you will see people’s head buried In their phones. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing but you just kind of forget that’s how things are there….this is my phone now and I hardly use it, in fact days can go by where I don’t look at it, we see most of friends on a daily basis even if it’s just in passing and so most things are organised that way! **I will say that I have my iPad at home and I would be lost with out that!!**

Smoking is still pretty popular!! Not so many people smoke here and so you don’t really come into contact with it very much!

I noticed a few things that affected me too:

I realised just how humid it is in the Seychelles as back in the UK I had that feeling of being completely dried out, my skin and my nose….that kind of feeling you get from a ski trip!

As a contrast to that my hair reverted immediately to how it was before we moved away….I had to wash it every day to avoid it being greasy, very annoying!!! Here I do every other day sometimes even a couple of days!

Another realisation was how much make up people wear. On a day to day basis here I wear no make up but I instantly felt the need to throw on at least some mascara before leaving the house when we were back in the UK to avoid feeling like some sort of leper!


These were all things that I found strange and definitely not expected!  Are there any things that you find strange when you go back ‘home’ ?

Seychelles Mama
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Trips to the Park {The Ordinary Moments} #20

Something that became an ordinary moment for our little family this summer was trips to the park. For the first couple of weeks the weather was mostly kind to us (despite the fact that Mark and I were freezing in the mornings and evenings…..wooly socks […]