Arthur is 33 months old

Arthur is 33 months old.  The double three this month is a big reminder that we are on the serious countdown to Him turning 3 years old!

Arthur is 33 months old

I have loved this month with Arthur, he has been an absolute pleasure to be around.  I really can’t say enough good things about him.  He seems to have developed loads of new interests, becomes funnier every day but is still our sweet natured gorgeous little boy.


His speech is developing at a rapid rate which is amazing and in turn, helping to reduce tantrums a little!


He loves playing in Freddie’s cot, takes all his soft toys in there and ‘puts them to bed’ tucking them all in with his blanket.  He’s also started to ‘change’ them by wiping their bums (or that general area depending on the toy!) it’s super cute!!  The best bit is that he always wants Freddie in there with him!


Arthur plays more and more with his toys, current favourites aside from the soft toys, are his cars.  I love watching him get lost in his own little world playing!


He shows less interest in TV all the time, and will very rarely now watch for more than 30mins before getting bored, whereas he used to happily sit through a film!  The exception being that he’s just developed a fascination with “racing cars”, much to Mark’s delight as it means we can now have the F1 on without there being a tantrum that it’s not Peppa Pig!!  He loves to tell us the different colour cars and that “they are fixing the cars” every time a car is in the pits!  They are apparently constantly crashing too, even when they are not!!  When there is an actual crash he thinks it’s the best!  The cutest thing about this though is that he has to get his cars out at the same time and they race too!


Another interest that’s emerging this month is cooking!  I bake bread at least twice a week and usually cookies at least once a week and Arthur loves to help me.  I pull up a stool to the kitchen counter and he sits along side me.  He loves when I explain everything that goes into what I’m making and repeats it all back like he’s storing it to memory!  I LOVE that he’s showing an interest in cooking and it’s something I definitely plan to encourage as much as possible!


With Arthur getting closer and closer to going to school I needed to start focusing on getting him to wear clothes, something this little island boy is not a fan of!  My first goal is to just get him to keep some pants on!  This little island boy likes to be au natural so it’s definitely a challenge, I think this might be a whole blog post in itself soon!


We are now in Easter holidays and so Mark is home with us for 2.5 weeks, Arthur absolutely adores having his Daddy home and I know there will be lots of fun for us all in this time.
I am very aware that after the Easter holidays there is only half a school term left before Arthur starts going to school, at least for a couple mornings a week.  I intend to cherish every second I have with our gorgeous messy haired little guy until then!!

33 months old


27 months

Arthur is 27 months old!
Arthur is 27 months old

This month we have had Nana and Farj here with us (my mum and dad!).  They were here not that long ago in May and when they pulled up at our house without prompting Arthur ran over and said “nana, farj” even though he’d never said it before… can imagine how delighted mum and dad were!!
We all had a great time with them and it was their first time meeting Freddie!
Arthur had sleepovers with them, trips out, lots of sweets and ice cream, and was generally spoiled rotten!

While mum and dad were here I got a little braver with potty training and started going out and about without nappies, he’s done so well!  We have also started having dry nappies at nap time and even some overnight too!!   One problem though is that Arthur already doesn’t like nap time but now when I put a nappy on him he knows that signals nap so I think I might need to stop putting them on him at nap time too
I will write a post about our potty training journey at some point!!

Arthur really is a little parrot at the moment and is picking up new words all over the place!  He is putting words together more and more, particularly when he is re-telling a book or something he’s seen on TV (mostly a peppa pig episode or thomas the tank engine movie!)
He can say all the numbers 1-10 now and can always do 7,8,9,10 in the right order, he loves counting everything!
Something that makes me really laugh is that he’s starting to use words to distract us, at nap time he starts telling me what all his different teddies are “snake, twit twooo (owl), pakka (makka pakka)…..” He also told me he needed a poo as I tried to put his pants on him the other day, so I stopped and then he just wondered off – outwitted by a 2 year old,  brilliant!

Right now Arthur is really in to Thomas the tank engine. He would watch it all day if he could!! Perhaps a trip to Thomas land is in order next summer when we visit the UK!

He still absolutely loves being a big brother, the start of every day it’s Freddie he’s most excited about seeing not me!!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen we’ve had another new arrival in our family!  We have got a puppy!  His name is Koopa (yes, as in Koopa Troopa from Mario!)
Koopa and Arthur are great little buddies and spend lots of time marching around the garden, chasing each other around and generally just having lots of fun.
Arthur and Koopa, toddler and puppy

My parents left a week ago now so now we are starting to figure out and settle down into our routine. It’s something I’ve been worried about but so far we seem to be doing pretty well. By the time I write next months update I’m hoping to be feeling more confident about it all!

Twinkly Tuesday

25 months old

Arthur has just turned 25 months old.

25 months old

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since his second birthday, that’s absolutely flown by!!

His speech is continuing to improve with what feels like new words appearing every day!!!
A new word that has definitely hugely influenced how he communicates with us is “show” as in ‘show you’.  He grabs us by the hand and says “show show”

Our nap battles have been continuing.  I can’t bring myself to give up trying.  He definitely still needs sleep and will still go to sleep often enough for me to still have some hope!!!  The days he doesn’t nap he often crashes out somewhere late on in the day, usually the car!

Tantrums continue, I do feel that as Arthur can comminicate better they are easier to resolve.  The days where Arthur doesn’t nap are always worse because he’s tired and grumpy!

This month Arthur has been absolutely loving painting.  It’s been pretty much every day this month!  We’ve had his lovely little easel outside so mess has (mostly) been contained to out there!
25 months old painting

We’ve also seen Arthur really enjoying sorting out colours.  I’ve been trying to help him learn his colours with this.

We’ve been making towers
25 months old colour sorting

Sorting foam letters into the right colour boxes.

25 months old colour sorting

Arthur has also enjoyed taking lids on and off the paintpots and putting them back on the right colour!

Potty training is going well, we’ve still not gone out the house without nappies aside from the odd trip home in the car from the beach!   We decided with such big changes coming soon we wouldn’t push our luck!

This month, unbeknownst to Arthur, has included some lasts for us!
The one that got me the most was halfway through Mark’s last day of school, I realised that this would be the last day just me and Arthur at home.   I got really sad when I realised this, and I’m ok to admit that I’m all teary writing this now too!  Of course, I’m beyond super excited about our little boy bump arriving in our family, but I still worry all the time about how he (okay, I mean we) will cope with our world turning upside down again!!

Since Mark finished work for summer we’ve been having an amazing time, we’ve had loads of time at the beach, at the pool, in the garden and just generally enjoying our time together!!

25 months old family time at the pool

With one week until we go to Mahe, and just over 2 weeks until little boy bump arrives the next update for Arthur will definitely be an interesting one….it will definitely have been a busy month for him, and us all!