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Moving Overseas? Make packing easier!

When you’re moving long distance, especially if you’re moving to another country completely, packing can be a complete headache. What do you take? What can you leave behind? How are you going to get it all done? These are just some of the questions that […]

Top 10 tips to help lessen the stress of moving abroad

Moving abroad is hardly an everyday event. There’s loads to do, plenty to plan, and life still goes on in the mean time! A sure fire way to take the stress out of your big move is to take up these ten tips to ensure […]

Tips for being organised when emigrating

. We just moved house this weekend and while we are so happy with our new house, it was definitely stressful.  Being pregnant and having a toddler definitely added to these stresses! The move brought back the memories of getting ready to move over here […]