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Arthur is 34 months old

Arthur is now 34 months old. This month has gone by like a flash. The first half we had Mark home with us as it was school Easter holidays, Arthur always loves it when Daddy is off work!! Daddy is big favourite to Arthur right […]

Arthur is 30 months old

As is becoming the normal for me these days, this post is a little late!   At least this month I’ve had Christmas as an excuse!  So anyway, Arthur is 30 months old,  2.5 years.  Crazy. For most of this month, we’ve had Mark home […]

29 months

Arthur is 29 months old.

29 months old

I feel like Arthur has changed and developed so much in this past month.

Something I’ll get out the way first is we had our first incident with Freddie this month.  I mentioned it briefly before, but Arthur bit Freddie.  It was twice in the same day.  Not hard, but enough that Freddie was upset.  I’ll be honest and say that I was probably more upset than Freddie.
Both times we put Arthur on the naughty step.  This is something we’ve started to try this month.  It seemed to have worked, we’ve not had any other incidents like it since then anyway.
Arthur absolutely adores Freddie, that is without doubt.  He understood that he’d made Freddie sad and he didn’t like that.

Moving on, Arthur has figured out this month that he can make Freddie smile and he thinks that’s amazing!!

Arthur’s speech is getting so good, I’m so proud of him.  He was definitely a little late getting started with it but he’s making up for it now that’s for sure!  He’s a total chatterbox!

We had a great trip out on a catermaran this month, Arthur had an absolute blast, he was a little unsure when we first got on board but within a couple of minutes he was in his element and now constantly asks if we are going on a boat whenever we go out anywhere!

Arthur had a few days this month where he refused to nap.  I had almost resigned myself to a life without him napping when he started again, much to my relief.  We definitely have to have a busy morning for him to go down though.

Arthur and Koopa are still having lots of fun together.  They tire each other out running round the garden.  We’ve had lots of rain this last month but it hasn’t stopped Arthur getting out in our garden, even when it’s completely underwater!

I have been on a bit of a anti-TV kick recently.  Not completely stopping it, but having more structure to when he can watch it, this has helped Arthur understand when I say it’s finished that it’s not going to go back on!  This has really helped with tantrums, in regards to the TV anyway!

Having structured TV time has kind of led into more reading time, which I love.  We have always read EVERY night before bed but not always during the day as well.  We are now, and it’s lovely.

We are really seeing Arthur’s imagination sparking this month.  He’s really enjoying playing with trains, cars and trucks.  I love playing these with him, or just sitting watching him in his own little world it’s really amazing!

Arthur has definitely learnt what the “terrible two’s” are all about.  He can ignore, refuse, do the opposite of what we say, and throw a epic tantrum like a pro.  But, this boy still makes me smile and laugh every single day.  He is such a softie and still loves a  great big “cuggle”.  He continues to surprise me every day and we wouldn’t change a thing about this cheeky little monkey!

29 months old.  bouncy castle

What Arthur’s loving this month 

So here is a round up of some of the things Arthur is loving this month!

This months favourite on the TV is Shrek, particularly the second one!

Stickers!  Arthur has this Peppa Pig sticker book and he’s loving playing with it.  He can never leave the stickers alone once he’s stuck them down so there’s lots ripped stickers and ones that have lost their stick, but he doesn’t care, he has lots of fun! Perfect for a beach loving Peppa fan!

Currently his favourite book is The Highway Rat.

Another amazing book by Julia Donaldson, we really recommend it!!

Arthur is really into playing with trucks, trains and cars.  He loves his cozy coupe, and loves pushing Koopa around in it too.  I’m sure he will have Freddie in it soon too!

I think thats about all for this month!  I’ll be back next month for another Arthur update!

Arthur is 28 months

Arthur is now 28 months old. It kinda dawned on me this month that Arthur really is 2 now, I know that probably sounds a bit weird seeing as his birthday is in June and it’s now almost November, but he is no longer “only […]

The toddler nap battle!

For the last few weeks I have noticed a change in Arthur.  He seems to be quite clingy, needing extra cuddles (always fine by me), but in general less willing to be independent. The biggest impact seems to be nap time.  He is struggling to […]