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Arthur and Freddie March 2017

Arthur and Freddie March 2017 It has been far too long since I’ve written a post about Arthur and Freddie. I have no idea why I stopped doing their monthly updates because I absolutely loved it.  At the start of the year I promised myself […]

31 months old

Arthur is now 31 months old. This month has been all about getting back into routine after the Christmas holidays. Mark is now back at work and I was worried about how we were going to get on now that Arthur is no longer taking […]

Freddie’s first swim

This is a little late in coming, but here is a little about Freddie’s first swim!  We took Arthur swimming for the first time when he was 6 weeks old, so Freddie followed in his big brothers footsteps and went at 6 weeks too!!

Of course we don’t have any indoor swimming pools or anything here so Freddie’s first swim, like Arthur’s, was in an outdoor pool at a hotel.

It wasn’t at the same pool as Arthur’s first swim but this place is the closest to where we live now, it takes us all of about 2 minutes to walk there!  We go at least once a week.  We usually get a couple of drinks, this place does great milkshakes and iced coffees!  Quite often on a Friday Mark will call me as he’s leaving work to say lets go to the pool!  A perfect way to start the weekend and a definite plus of expat life in the Seychelles.So heres Freddie’s first swim!  His very very first impressions were not all that great!!


Arthur was delighted that Freddie was in the pool swimming with him!


He was very quick to reassure him that swimming was actually great fun!!

P1050034 Within a minute Freddie realised that swimming was actually pretty great and really enjoyed it!!  Our boys were clearly born to be in the water!


Freddie definitely was loving the water and that made this mama very proud and happy.  Honestly, quite relieved too….it would be pretty tough if we had a baby that didn’t like being in the water living here!





We managed to squeeze in for a family selfie.  As what I think will become the normal now with two kids, it’s not a ‘perfect’ family shot but I love it all the same….if only I had my glasses on to hide those giant suitcases under my eyes!!!

Freddie's first swim Family selfie Seychelles

After about 20 minutes we got Freddie out, while he was still happy!  I think he would have stayed in longer but we didn’t want to push our luck after such a successful first swim for our little fish!

In true island style Freddie dried off enjoying the late afternoon sun!  Perfection.


Freddie's first swim
Twinkly Tuesday

Freddie Ocean is 2 months old

Freddie Ocean is 2 months old! This month, Freddie had his 6 week check up at the doctors.  I was told he was very strong and that he will be tall (not taking after me then!!!) He weighed 4.695kg which means he had gained 1.6kg! […]

Pregnancy fitness questions answered by Dr Joanna Helcké

As part of my review for the Dr Joanna Helcké pregnancy fitness programme I was given the chance to ask Jo some pregnancy fitness questions. It was great to be able to ask Jo questions and get answers from a real expert!  I thought I’d […]

Just the two of us {The Ordinary Moments 15} #7

On Tuesday Mark left to go to London to do some interviews for new teachers at the school.

This ment that Arthur and I would be by ourselves for 5 nights!

Now this might now seem like a big deal for many, after all a partner working away is not all that uncommon!  However, for us, this was the first time!
Since Arthur has been born I think Mark has been away for 1 night.  That’s it!  So 5 nights for us has been a pretty big deal!

I’ve been very anxious about it on the lead up to it!
It’s now Sunday morning, Mark is home in a few hours and if I do say so myself, we have done pretty good!!

Arthur and I have been swimming every day, both at the pool and at the beach!  He is such a water baby, he goes absolutely crazy, I love it!  I need to start taking the camera when we go swimming again and capture some of those moments! It’s been nice just to enjoy them first hand though and not worry about any of that stuff!!!

I have to say though, it’s been exhausting and I’ve really missed my team mate!!  Thursday in particular was really rough, Arthur was in an awful awful mood ALL day.
He threw tantrums left right and centre!
Looking back now though they are already kinda funny….
We went to the shop and they had strawberries (a special treat here) so I bought them for Arthur as he loves them.
We get home and I cut some up for him.  He went to the fridge to say he wanted a snack and when I gave him the strawberries he FREAKED out (because they hadn’t come from the fridge what a diva!!) I then made the mistake of trying to give him a drink…..
My lovely next door neighbours came to the back door to check all was ok and to give me a break.  Arthur saw them and their cat Smudge and was instantly all smiles and laughing.  So yeah, that felt good 🙁

Throughout the week we took silly selfies for Daddy, something we should do more!
Just the two of us
We’ve also had lots of snuggles, he’s been extra snuggley and loves to give cuddles to baby bump too!!

My friends have been amazing in making sure I’ve not felt isolated or too lonely I can’t thank them enough for that!

So it’s almost time for Mark to be home! Arthur and I are very excited! We’ve had a fun week just the two of us but I’m excited to get back to our family of three (plus bump of course!)




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