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Seychelles: Just visiting! Guest post Sophie from Ida and Ernest

As I am currently on Mahe getting ready for the arrival of our little boy bump I am handing over to Sophie to share a little about her two, very different trips to the Seychelles! Sophie is a mum of two and an expat based […]

A perfect afternoon!

With Mark having finished work and being on major countdown to going to Mahe and then the arrival of the baby, we wanted to make sure we got in lots of wonderful family time before everything got crazy! We’ve had lots of time at the […]

Sandcastles {The Ordinary Moments 15} #3

This weekend, as we often do, we took a trip to the beach. Just a couple of hours sat under a tree in the shade. Enjoying watching people go by and the waves crashing.

It wasn’t a day that Arthur could swim really, so instead we played in the sand.

We built sandcastles.
Well I say we built sandcastles. What I mean is Mark built sandcastles, Arthur took unbelievable delight in smashing them down and demanding more, and I sat there laughing at them both!!

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

This was the first time Arthur has shown such an interest in sandcastles (well, at least the destruction of them!). He’s smashed a couple before but this time he was literally squealing with delight about it! I think he would have had Mark build sandcastles for the rest of the day if he could!!

To me, playing in the sand and building sandcastles is one of the best childhood memories for a kid! Such simple, yet endless fun!!

The beach we were at is called Anse Lazio, it’s actually the furthest beach for us to drive to on our island (takes about 30 mins) but I love the fact that you can sit under the shade there at any time of day. It makes it perfect for Arthur to run around without the worry of him burning!

This is how our ‘Seychelles time’ looks with an 18 month old! I know it’s super cheesy, but, it was one of those ‘ordinary’ moments that was exactly how I dreamed our life would be as expat parents!




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Country Kids by Fiona at Coombe Mill
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Diving (Seychelles Time)

Living somewhere where you can go diving regularly is amazing we are really lucky to have that, now Arthur is a little older it’s something I’ll be able to take advantage of again! When you go diving here you consistently get to see really pretty […]

Boat Trips from Praslin island

We have been lucky enough to get to go on some amazing boats and have had opportunities to do some fantastic boat trips.  The boys absolutely love to go out on a boat, for them it’s the best day out! Going on a boat trip […]

Seychelles Time

Not so long ago I wrote a post about an average day for me. It led me on to wanting to write down the things we do outside of our daily routine. These things me and Mark call ‘Seychelles Time’. It could be anything from going to the beach, going for a walk, swimming, diving, lunch, dinner. Anything where we are taking advantage of the fact we live in the Seychelles.

It is surprisingly easy to forget that we live in a beautiful place and daily life can often get in the way of that, even here! We make sure that at least one day a week, although preferably more depending on how busy things are for Mark at work, we take some Seychelles Time.

I thought I would do these as kind of a mini series of posts!

So watch this space for updates and take a while to enjoy some ‘Seychelles Time’ with us!