25 weeks pregnant

I’m 25 weeks pregnant!
If you missed last week, check out my 24 week update!

This week our little boy is around 35cm long and weighs around 660g which is as much as a swede!  (which reminds me I don’t think I’ve had swede since we moved to the Seychelles….and of course now I want some!)
Apparently he’s starting to grow hair, I can’t wait to see if his hair is the same as Arthur’s!

This weeks bump measurement: 40.5 inches (+0.5 inches since last week)
Here’s me this week (excuse the wild woman hair, just back from the beach And couldn’t be bothered to wash it!):

25 weeks pregnant

I’ve got my mum and dad here this week and it’s been great having them here helping out with Arthur, it’s been good timing as this week Mark has been super busy with work too!  They also made this pregnant mama happy by bringing loads of sweets, chocolate and even pop tarts…..the pop tarts are definitely not being shared!!!  (Of course Arthur has been spoiled rotten too but that’s for another post!)

My hips and lower back have been sore this week, especially by the end of the day.  I think carrying Arthur is starting to strain, I know I shouldn’t carry him but he’s not even two yet, it’s unfair to expect him to not need cuddles and to be carried sometimes!!

I feel big this week too, like I’m noticing my bump getting in the way of things, which is quite strange since my bump has only grown by half an inch!

Sleep has still been really broken although I have had a couple of nights that have been better!  This little boy certainly does like to kick as soon as I lie down though, it makes me laugh!!

Think that’s all for now 🙂 I’ll be back next week!!

24 weeks pregnant

I’m now 24 weeks pregnant.

If you missed last weeks post, take a read of my 23 week update!

Little baby boy is around the length of an ear of corn (mmmm corn on the cob!) around 30cm!  This seems big all of a sudden!!

Apparently his taste buds are starting to develop this week!!!

Here’s me this week (I’m aware bump looks like he is being impaled by the Gruffalo Trunki, but I can confirm bump is fine!!)

24 weeks pregnant

Bump Measurement: 40 inches (eeeek 40!!! That’s +1 inch this week!)

The dizziness of last week has appeared to have gone this week which is definitely a relief because that was no fun!
In fact, in general I’ve been feeling pretty good this week.

Just tired, really tired…..

My sleep is still not good.  I’m hoping this isn’t it now, because the lack of sleep is making me very grumpy!!  I think a lot of it is down to not being able to get comfy and of course moving around with this bump is getting harder and harder!
Another cause is that this little boy is a night time wriggle monster!!!  Seriously, as soon as I get into bed that’s it he’s kicking up a storm all night (I hope that’s not a sign of things to come once he’s here!!)

I’ve been enjoying my antenatal fitness video this week, it’s been my favourite one so far!!  I’ve felt that it’s actually improved my energy levels as opposed to making me more tired, which is nice!!

When we moved house we put Arthur straight into his big boy bed.  We then put the cot into our bedroom to get Arthur used to it being in there.  This week he’s started climbing into it!  I told him that his baby brother is going to sleep in there and so now he says baby every time he is there!

I think that’s all for this week!  Mum and Dad are arriving soon (fingers crossed!!) so it will be nice to have some help with Arthur for a couple of weeks!!

Ill be be back next week with my 25 week update!

22 weeks pregnant

I’m now 22 weeks pregnant.
I totally forgot to do my pregnancy update last week!    But if you didn’t catch my 20 week update check it out!

This week baby boy is apparently the size of a spaghetti squash (nope, I don’t know what that is either!) but he is around 28cm head to toe and weighs about half a kilo!

Here’s me this week:

Bump Measurement: 37.5 inches (only +1 inch in three weeks which shocked me as I feel so much bigger!!)

Weight: 59.4kg (+3.2kg in one month Wow!!!!!)

Getting lots and lots of movement still from our little guy which is still amazing!  I love watching my tummy move from his kicks!

I had a midwife appointment this week and all was normal!  Nothing exciting to report there, booked in to see her again in a months time!

We’ve been out and about lots the last couple of weeks as Mark has been off work!  It’s been great to be doing lots of walking around and of course it’s good to have the energy to do that too at the moment!  It’s good timing before tiredness kicks in again in the third trimester!
One day last week we went to the island of La Digue and probably walked a little too far but I slept very well that night and was fine the next morning!
It’s been good to remind myself that I can (and should be) still be walking good distances!!
I’m also about to start an online pregnancy fitness programme which I’m really excited about!  I’ll be blogging more about that soon!!

April is the hottest time of year in Seychelles and it really has been hot!   It can be hard when it’s like this to drink enough water when you’re not pregnant so it definitely is harder to keep on top of it being pregnant (and running after a toddler)

This week I had my birthday so I took the opportunity to dress up a little which I never do these days so here’s me and the bump a little dolled up!

I thought I’d got over the cravings stage but this week I have not been able to get enough of grapefruit and lemonade together!  So yummy!!  I find it interesting that all my cravings have been for sharp tasting thigs!!

Still no name decisions have been made!!!

I’ll be back next week with my 23 week pregnancy update!

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

20 weeks pregnant (halfway there!)

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant!  Halfway woohoo! This post is a day late, I totally lost track of days with Mark being off for Easter holidays!!
If you missed last week, check out my 19 week update!!

So up to now measurements for little boy bump have been done crown to rump but from now on measurements are done head to toe!!

Our little guy is around 26cm long head to toe, around the size of a banana!!

Here’s me this week:
20 weeks pregnant bump shot

My tummy is feeling nice and hard now, I’m definitely looking pregnant!
I’m still clinging on to a couple pairs of my pre-pregnancy shorts with the help of the waist expander mum sent me when I was pregnant with Arthur!  So I’m living in those and stretchy vest tops!
I’d love to have access to lots of fab maternity wear, I have a few things I was sent last time from my parents and marks parents.  To be honest though, life here is definitely no fashion show and it’s way too hot to be in anything more than shorts and a vest top!  I’m also loving light and floaty beach dresses!
With Mark being off for Easter holidays we’ve had more beach and pool outings then usual and I love being pregnant in a bikini, It’s kinda liberating!  When I was pregnant with Arthur I was wearing bikinis until the day before I went into hospital to have him so I’m hoping to feel confident enough to do the same again this time!

We are absolutely loving being able to refer to our little bump as ‘he’ now, although we are still no closer to a name for him!!!

My energy levels have been good this week.  I’m sure that having Mark home for Easter holidays are having a lot to do with that!!!

I am still loving baby kicks, they are becoming more frequent throughout the day and so I need to start keeping track!

I think I’m past the craving stage now but I am loving diet coke! So happy it’s available here right now (there are often times when we can’t get it!)

No real major pregnancy niggles this week, I’ve not had a night without waking up at least once for a while now but I’m kinda used to it and it doesn’t tend to take me too long to get back off again!
Still getting pain in my leg too but it’s not every day which is a huge relief!

Think that’s it for this week! I’ll be back next week with my 21 week update!

19 weeks pregnant and the big reveal!

I’m now 19 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it check out last weeks update!

This week Seychelles baba is as big as an heirloom  tomato (whatever that is!) which is more than 15cm crown to rump!  Also baby can apparently now start to hear my voice which I love!!

Here’s me this week:

19 weeks pregnant bump

Bump Measurement:

36.5 inches (+0.5 inches from last week)

This has been a big week for our little Seychelles baba!!

The kicks are getting crazy, I mean like kicks we can actually see them!  it’s amazing!!  

Yesterday we had our anomaly scan!!  Great news is that our little one is nice and healthy in there!!!

We also got to find out the sex

Drumroll please……….

It's a boy!  19 weeks pregnant

Yes, Arthur is going to have a baby brother!!!
We are really excited to have two little boys!  I hope that they will be best buddies!  
Mark has a sister and I have a brother and so I kind of assumed we would he having a girl so I was shocked when the Sonographer said it was a boy!
Mark has been saying all along that “he KNOWS it’s a boy” so he’s feeling pretty smug haha!

Arthur was as good as gold at the scan yesterday so we are very proud of him too!!

We are so happy to be able to start saying “he” now instead of “it”!  Feels like we can really start to bond with our little guy!
Now we just need to think of a name!!!!!!

I’ll be back next week with my 20 week update!


18 weeks pregnant

I’m now 18 weeks pregnant!
Apparently little Seychelles baba is around the size of a bell pepper (over 14cm long crown to rump!) and is doing lots of arms and legs movement!!
If you missed last week take a read of my 17 week pregnancy update

Here’s me this week:

18 weeks pregnant


Bump measurement:36 inches (+0.5 inches from last week)

Weight: 56.2 kg (plus 1.2kg) 


I’ve been feeling lots of movements this week which is so lovely!  I’m so happy to have reached this stage because feeling those kicks is just the best thing in the world!  It totally makes up for the less nice things about pregnancy!!

I’ve also been having a bit of pain in my c-section scar.  I’ve done some reading and spoke to my midwife (as well as some lovely people on twitter!) and all seems pretty normal, it’s just down to my growing bump! 

We are really excited as at my midwife appointment yesterday I was given my scan date,   it’s next Thursday!  We can’t wait to see our baby again and hopefully find out that all is well in there and fingers crossed be able to see if we are having a boy or a girl!!

I had a bit of a realisation yesterday too that I need to carry Arthur less!  We were out and about a lot yesterday and it ment lots of picking him up for me and by last night I was aching all over it was not nice!!!

We’ve not thought really any more about names.  We thought all along that we’d wait to look until we knew if we were having a boy or a girl!  I’m excited to start looking properly again next week!

That’s it for now! I’ll be back next week with my 18 week pregnancy update and the results of the scan!!


17 weeks pregnant

I’m 17 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it, check out my 16 weeks pregnant post!

So this week Seychelles baba apparently weighs as much as a turnip (140g) and is around 13cm crown to rump!!  Also it can move all it’s joints and the little skeleton is hardening into bone from cartilige!  (I can’t wait to be able to say he or she!)

Here’s me this week:

17 weeks pregnant

Excuse the toddler mess on the floor!!  I realise looking at this, that I also really should put a bit of make up on before sharing these bump shots haha!


Bump measurement:

35.5 inches (+1 inch from last week)

We have started to look at names!!!  We were planning on waiting until we know whether we are having a boy or a girl, but we found the baby name book we had for Arthur in the move!
We have really not got anywhere with it but it’s really exciting to start looking!


Movement!!!  Definitely!  Last week I was pretty sure I was starting to feel it, and this week it’s getting really strong!  Particularly after I eat chocolate, if that’s not an excuse to eat more I don’t know what is!!

Last night it was really really strong, I know this seems way too early for this to happen but Mark could actually feel it which was amazing!

I still have been getting pain in my leg, BUT, I actually had a couple nights without it this week which was amazing

I have a lovely “mask of pregnancy” blemish on my face, in exactly the same place I had it with Arthur!  Ahh the pregnancy glamour continues!!!!

Arthur continues to be wonderful with my bump, it really is so cute how excited he gets about it!!

No real cravings or dislikes this week!!

I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and I should be getting my date for my next scan which I’m really excited about!
I’ll be back next week with my 18 week pregnancy update.