Koopa the outside dog

Koopa, like Freddie is 6 months now.  Since we moved house last month there has been some big changes in his life and so I thought I’d write a little update on our furry little friend!

Koopa the outside dog

When I first introduced Koopa on here he was very definitely here to be our guard dog.  Well, at least to alert us to intruders.  I mean look how cute, this little guy was never going to do any damage to anyone was he!!!?
Koopa the outside dog
With Mark’s allergies, a newborn and a landlord that said no dogs allowed in the house (everyone here keeps their dogs outside) the odds were stacked.  Koopa was destined to be an outside dog.

In our old house I could ‘police’ one patio door fairly well but Koopa was always very determined to get in.  I’m pretty sure he thought he’s one of the kids and that if they’re allowed in, why wasn’t he?
Whenever Koopa did make it into the house he’d go crazy running around like a loony with excitement.  He then started to learn the ‘stealth’ trick, where he would sneak in and then lie down right next to the sofa in the hope you wouldn’t see him, and when you did he’d look super cute!!

When we got to our new house it was clear straight away that the tide had turned.  There’s not a lot of windows in our new house, but lots of big doors.  You have to have it all open to get light and any little bits of breeze in!!
Therefore it was going to be impossible to police.

On moving day when we pulled up to the house, Koopa knew straight away.  He ran straight in and strutted about like he owned the place!!  That evening when he was still inside he couldn’t believe his luck!

These days you will still find Arthur and Koopa running round the garden together like always, but you will also see him at my feet whenever I’m sat on the sofa
Koopa the outside dog

or cuddled up with me when I’m sat on the floor playing with Arthur and Freddie

Koopa the outside dog

He is always getting in on Freddie’s playtime too!
Koopa the outside dog
He was still sleeping outside at night (so we could still partly claim him to be an outside dog!) until last week when we were told that he was barking ALL night every night; as we sleep at the back of the house we couldn’t hear him.  So, last week Koppa the outside dog officially became 100% an inside dog!!

He couldn’t be happier!

I’ll write a post soon on how we are dealing with Marks allergies; he’s not been struggling with Koopa being inside – phew!

A new family walk

Since Koopa got introduced to the beach on his first walk we’ve been loving taking him there! It’s becoming a real special time for us all.

We jumped in the car one day last week and drove down the road to a beach near to where we used to live.

It was the end of the day, it was cooling down outside and the beach was lovely.  Mark had Freddie in the wrap and off we went!

family walk on the beach praslin seychelles

Arthur and Koopa are so cute, they were off in their own little world exploring together.

Family walk. Toddler and Puppy on the beach. Praslin Seychelles

How cute is this picture of Arthur’s footprints and Koopa’s paw prints in the sand!

Family walk on the beach. Footprints and paw prints. Praslin, Seychelles

Along the way Arthur stopped to throw some stones into the Ocean, definitely one of his favourite things to do!

Family walk. Throwing stones in the ocean

We walked until we found some trees that had fallen down.

Family walk Praslin Seychelles

We had so much fun playing around, climbing running and hiding in them.

Family walk on the beach Praslin Seychelles. Daddy and baby. Baby wearing Family walk on the beach, praslin seychelles Family walk on the beach. Praslin, Seychelles Family walk on the beach praslin seychelles family walk on the beach praslin seychelles

Arthur thought it was great and Koopa did too! It was lots of fun watching the two of them chasing each other around, enjoying each other’s company.

We were having such a lovely time that we hadn’t realised it was way past Arthur’s dinner time and we had to head home.

Family walk. Praslin Seychelles

Of course when a small boy is having so much fun, just going home is not always as easy as all that!!
Our little master of distractions found anything to take as long as possible to get home!!  He threw stones and seaweed into the sea, splashed around and generally just slowed right down to do anything but go home.

The thing is, he looks so cute while he’s doing it, it’s pretty hard to get angry!

In the end the only thing for it was a mama piggy back!!

Family walk on the beach. Piggy back. Praslin Seychelles

It became one of those magic moments.  Those unplanned, simple yet oh so beautiful moments.  The ones where we sit back and think yep, that’s why we live here!!  This is definitely a special place for us now and a lovely place to go for a family walk.

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Life Unexpected

Koopa’s first walk

Koopa's first walk

Surely one of the best bits about having a dog is taking it out for a walk!   We were super excited about taking Koopa for his first walk!

We bought a little harness and lead for him from a shop near by, weird that they sell them really as generally people don’t walk their dogs, they just kinda roam around free!
Anyway, we adjusted the harness to the smallest position, it was still a little big for our little guy, and got ready to go!

I was expecting him to fight it but he seemed more than happy on his lead!!

Koopa's first walk

Unfortunately Arthur had woken up from his nap n a bit of a grump.  We probably should have waited for him to cheer up a bit but we figured seeing Koopa out with us would do the trick.

We walked to the part of the beach closest to us, it takes about a minute.  It’s not the most amazing beach but ideal for a walk especially since it’s so close.   Arthur insisted on being carried, thanks to his grumpy mood so I was thankful it wasn’t far to go either, Mark had Freddie in the wrap.

Once we got onto the beach it didn’t take Arthur too long to cheer up.  The beach is definitely this boy’s happy place.  He was delighted that Koopa was with us too!

Koopa was a little nervous at first.  He stuck very close to us and was having a good old sniff around.

koopa's first walk

He was definitely enjoying it though.
Koopa's first walk

Koopa's first walk

Koopa's first walk

Koopa's first walk

Rather annoyingly my camera ran out of battery after a couple of minutes down on the beach.  We didn’t stay too long anyway, it was more about introducing Koopa to the beach!!

We were really happy to have carried out the first of hopefully very many beach walks with the boys and Koopa!

It can be easy, even here, to pass a day without spending enough time outside so little Koopa will always be a perfect excuse to get out and get some fresh air down on the beach.