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Pregnant abroad? 7 great tips to help you cope

Life doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant – and you may indeed have great fun going abroad during the nine months. Indeed, most airlines will let you fly up until 36 weeks. But it can be a daunting thought, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. Ive […]

My big fat pregnant Saturday night!

Saturday nights. Ahh the memories, or perhaps the lack there of.  Crawling in (sometimes literally) at 3am.  Staying in bed till midday on Sunday, feeling like death warmed up, watching loads of trash TV. This Saturday, I was up at 3am, feeling like death warmed […]

27 weeks pregnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant!
If you missed last weeks update, check out my 26 week update!

This week our little guy is around 37cm long and weighs around 900g (about the weight as a head of cauliflower apparently!!)
He will have started opening and closing his eyes and will be starting to wake and sleep at regular times!

This weeks bump measurement: 41 inches (+0.5)

Here’s me this week:
27 weeks pregnant

This week my parents have gone so it’s back to reality.
It’s been a kinda quiet week really, however I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with Arthur.  I mean that literally, that boy is lightning fast and my speed is definitely decreasing by the day!!

However, my energy levels have still been pretty good which is nice, it means I’ve still been getting my online fitness classes in! By the way if you missed my post with answers to pregnancy fitness questions I asked Dr Joanna Helcké, check it out!

I have really been noticing the heat this week and how much it zaps those good energy levels!!  Luckily today it’s raining and so feels nice and cool compared to a usual day here in Seychelles.

Sleep has still been reasonably broken although I think overall it’s been pretty good this week.

Kicks have been getting REALLY strong, some have actually hurt!! They are getting really high up too!  Also getting those alien type movements where he’s obviously turning or rolling around and my whole tummy moves!  It’s those kind of movements where you are reminded that there really is a baby in there!!

I feel like this stage has come round very quickly!  All of a sudden I’m at the end of the second trimester…how has this happened!!?

No midwife appointments this week but I did take a trip to the dentist for a check up.  No problems which was good!  My next midwife appointment will be next week.

Think that’s all for this week!  I’ll be back next week!

25 weeks pregnant

I’m 25 weeks pregnant! If you missed last week, check out my 24 week update! This week our little boy is around 35cm long and weighs around 660g which is as much as a swede!  (which reminds me I don’t think I’ve had swede since […]

24 weeks pregnant

I’m now 24 weeks pregnant. If you missed last weeks post, take a read of my 23 week update! Little baby boy is around the length of an ear of corn (mmmm corn on the cob!) around 30cm!  This seems big all of a sudden!! […]

23 weeks pregnant

I’m 23 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it, check out my last update
This week our little guy is the size of a large mango, mmmm yummy!!
He’s weighing over half a kilo now and is around 29cm long!
An exciting development this week is that his hearing is getting better and can hear more and more of the world!

Here’s me this week:
23 weeks pregnant

Bump Measurement: 39 inches (+1.5 inches in a week, biggest growth so far!)

This week with Arthur being poorly I’ve hardly had a minute to think about being pregnant!!
Luckily, little kicks are there to remind me!

I’m struggling with sleep this week.  I’m sure some this will be down to be worried about Arthur but Mark has reliably informed me it was about this time last time that sleep went down hill…..feels like a long way to go with rubbish sleep but I guess it’s preparing me for when little man arrives!!!!!

I’ve been getting dizzy spells the last couple of days.  I don’t remember having this before and it’s definitely not something I’m prone to outside of pregnancy.  I hope it’s not a symptom that sticks around it’s really not nice!

It could of course be down to it being SO hot here at the moment.  I mean really hot, and humid….. Not nice for a big pregnant mama!!!  You may have seen me moaning about that on twitter this week!

A couple of weeks ago I said that I thought the pregnancy cravings were over.  My Balsamic vinegar is still in full swing.  This week I made a paste out of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to clean a stain on the sink (a Pinterest suggestion) and it took all my willpower not to eat it!!  I think it was just the smell of vinegar was so strong!….. The stain didn’t remove either by the way, very annoying!
I also had to refrain from drinking balsamic straight out the bottle!!

I have started my Online pregnancy fitness and I’m really enjoying it!  I’ll have a post up this week with some more info about it!

I’ll be back next week with my 24 week update.

Making the most of Arthur!

Today I spent a lot of time thinking just how soon Arthur will not be an only child any more. My pregnancy is flying by, I’m almost half way already.  This is, at least partly I’m sure, due to the fact that I have Arthur […]