Pregnant abroad? 7 great tips to help you cope

Life doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant – and you may indeed have great fun going abroad during the nine months. Indeed, most airlines will let you fly up until 36 weeks. But it can be a daunting thought, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. Ive got seven great tips to ensure you and your bump have a stress-free, enjoyable trip.

7 great tips to help you cope with being pregnant abroad

1. Take regular breaks

When you’re travelling, be it by car, train or plane, make sure you allocate sufficient time so you’re not having to rush. It will only cause you unnecessary stress. Plus, you’ll need plenty of toilet breaks and taking time to walk around is good for your blood circulation.

2. Pack all the essentials

When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to have essentials within easy reach – so pack your bag well and take a decent supply of what you think you’ll need. Pack more of what you won’t be able to easily get elsewhere and tailor it to your own requirements – for example, I’d definitely add some more snacks to the suggestions in this graphic.

7 great tips to help you cope with being pregnant abroad
Source: The Complete Guide to Travelling When Pregnant

I’d also suggest taking a good book as the perfect remedy to any hormone rollercoasters and to distract you from any dodgy tummy issues.

3. Choose your destination wisely

You’ll probably find it a lot easier to relax on holiday knowing there are good facilities nearby – shops for any last-minute purchases and good medical facilities, for example.

What’s more, when you’re pregnant, your limits change somewhat. Whereas on previous holidays, you might have explored cities all day and checked out the local nightlife later, you might want to take it down a notch. Create an itinerary of the must-sees and don’t be afraid to say you need extra breaks.

4. Expect some attention

If you’re in your second trimester and have an obvious baby bump, people are bound to come and chat to you. Particularly in Mediterranean countries, pregnant women will be the centre of attention – so don’t worry if they’re addressing your bump, not you.

It will also work in your favour as the bump is internationally recognised and can make it easier to express your condition – including receiving any extra help you might need.

5. Check in with your doctor

Before you set off, it’s a good idea to make sure your midwife is comfortable with you travelling. Also, as Parenting says, some airlines might require a note from your practitioner that states your due date, and that you have clearance to fly. Make sure you check beforehand.

6. Be cautious of food and water safety

As Gadling explains, pregnant women are more susceptible to food poisoning than the average person, as the immune system is suppressed so it doesn’t reject the fetus. So make sure you stick to bottled water and eat in restaurants where the food is freshly prepared. Check out reviews and opt for popular places.

7. Relax

Let’s face it, there won’t be a lot of time for relaxing when your baby arrives. So make the most of your trip and take the time to chill out. You deserve it.


Did you travel when you were pregnant? Share your top tips below.

My big fat pregnant Saturday night!

Saturday nights.
Ahh the memories, or perhaps the lack there of.  Crawling in (sometimes literally) at 3am.  Staying in bed till midday on Sunday, feeling like death warmed up, watching loads of trash TV.

This Saturday, I was up at 3am, feeling like death warmed up.  But had there been the reward of an all night party first….no.

Welcome to my big fat pregnant Saturday night!
My big fat pregnant Saturday night!

Prepare to be jealous*

*you won’t be jealous at all!

We had watched back to back the last two episodes of game of thrones season 5.  That was pretty wild, not gonna lie!  Even stayed up past 9pm, pretty good going for a lady in her third trimester if you ask me!

I went to bed with a bit a headache, not too dissimilar to those old Saturday nights!  Thanks in part I’m sure to the god awful music playing at the fair down the road.  (The fair was in aid of Constitution day which was Thursday, it’s usually held on Mahe but this year it was on Praslin)
But, I was asleep by 10, living the dream!!

I then woke up at 12, and then 2.  Headache getting worse and worse and with outrageous heartburn. Finally at 2:30 I dragged myself out of bed and took some paracetamol and got back into bed waiting for the painkillers to kick in, they didn’t.
Headache and heartburn then joined by hot and cold flushes.
The heartburn was so bad that I couldn’t actually lie down.

Pregnancy really is all glamour, all the time isn’t it!?

At 3am I took a shower, it didn’t help.

So by 3:30 I found myself downstairs, chugging water and watching storage wars on the history channel in a haze feeling very sorry for myself like a former drunk me back in the day, but very grumpy and generally, being a big fed up pregnant lady!

At 6ish, Mark came down and found me asleep, I couldn’t have been asleep for long, I’d seen inside a lot of storage units!!  I went back up to bed.
Mark got up with Arthur and I stayed in bed till 8.

I spent the rest of the day very tired, grumpy and wishing I was in bed watching trash TV.

Instead I played trains, stacking cups, watched too much Peppa Pig for any sane person, been climbed all over by Arthur and been given many kicks by baby boy bump.
Oh and I got to hear that god awful music as the fair has continued all day today too!!

So, as you can tell, I’m not bitter or grumpy about my Saturday night at all!!
How did yours compare?