37 weeks pregnant

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, that means I’m officially full term which is really exciting!!  If you missed my 36 week update be sure to check it out!

Weight 67.7 kg (that’s +1.1kg in one week eeek!!)

Here’s me this week

37 weeks pregnant bump shot

I’ve had my final midwife appointment on Praslin this week, all went fine.  I will have one final check up near to where we are staying on Mahe and then that will be it before I check in to hospital to meet baby boy!!

With going to Mahe this Sunday I think this may be my last bump update!!  I’m not so sure of our internet access there, if I can get one in next week then of course I will!  If not I’ll probably still write it and publish it when we get back to Praslin.  That will definitely be weird since we will have our little guy by then but it will be nice to look back on it later on!!

Bags are partly packed to go now, I’ve not packed anything for myself yet though!!   This week is rolling through so fast, I feel like I’ve got more time then I really do!!
We are going to get all toiletries for baby and me on Mahe so it’s one less thing to fly over with! But, as usual it’s pretty much been left to a last minute thing!!!

I am ridiculously uncomfortable most of the time now, and my energy is totally zapped!  I don’t know how I’d be coping if mark wasn’t home right now!!

Sleep is continuing to be really broken which is not ideal but I guess it’s preparing me for night feeds!!

I’ve had some really painful Braxton hicks contractions where they’ve literally stopped me in my path.  I never had anything like this with Arthur, I guess because he was breach where this little guy is head down so there’s more pressure!?
Anyway I try to remain calm when it happens, but I’m not gonna lie, I freak out a little each time!!

Arthur has been giving loads of kisses and cuddles to my tummy mostly accompanied with “ahhhhh baby” which is so cute!
He’s also been saying “touch” as in touch the baby because we’ve been telling him that the baby will be here soon and showing him where he will sleep and all the little clothes!!

So, here’s this week’s countdown to our Caesarian and meeting baby boy!!
37 weeks pregnant!  Countdown to Caesarian section

It’s actually closer to one week now, we are so excited!!

So, hopefully I can do one last bump update next week if not I’ll be back…..with a baby!!!


My big fat pregnant Saturday night!

Saturday nights.
Ahh the memories, or perhaps the lack there of.  Crawling in (sometimes literally) at 3am.  Staying in bed till midday on Sunday, feeling like death warmed up, watching loads of trash TV.

This Saturday, I was up at 3am, feeling like death warmed up.  But had there been the reward of an all night party first….no.

Welcome to my big fat pregnant Saturday night!
My big fat pregnant Saturday night!

Prepare to be jealous*

*you won’t be jealous at all!

We had watched back to back the last two episodes of game of thrones season 5.  That was pretty wild, not gonna lie!  Even stayed up past 9pm, pretty good going for a lady in her third trimester if you ask me!

I went to bed with a bit a headache, not too dissimilar to those old Saturday nights!  Thanks in part I’m sure to the god awful music playing at the fair down the road.  (The fair was in aid of Constitution day which was Thursday, it’s usually held on Mahe but this year it was on Praslin)
But, I was asleep by 10, living the dream!!

I then woke up at 12, and then 2.  Headache getting worse and worse and with outrageous heartburn. Finally at 2:30 I dragged myself out of bed and took some paracetamol and got back into bed waiting for the painkillers to kick in, they didn’t.
Headache and heartburn then joined by hot and cold flushes.
The heartburn was so bad that I couldn’t actually lie down.

Pregnancy really is all glamour, all the time isn’t it!?

At 3am I took a shower, it didn’t help.

So by 3:30 I found myself downstairs, chugging water and watching storage wars on the history channel in a haze feeling very sorry for myself like a former drunk me back in the day, but very grumpy and generally, being a big fed up pregnant lady!

At 6ish, Mark came down and found me asleep, I couldn’t have been asleep for long, I’d seen inside a lot of storage units!!  I went back up to bed.
Mark got up with Arthur and I stayed in bed till 8.

I spent the rest of the day very tired, grumpy and wishing I was in bed watching trash TV.

Instead I played trains, stacking cups, watched too much Peppa Pig for any sane person, been climbed all over by Arthur and been given many kicks by baby boy bump.
Oh and I got to hear that god awful music as the fair has continued all day today too!!

So, as you can tell, I’m not bitter or grumpy about my Saturday night at all!!
How did yours compare?