Our new garden {The Ordinary Moments 15} #10

We have been in our new house for over a month now and we really do feel settled, it’s amazing how quickly it has become ‘home’ I think that this is definitely in part to how quickly Arthur has settled in!

There are many things I love about our new house, but what I love most of all is our new garden!

In our old house we had no garden as such, in that the whole area was open, nothing fenced off.  There were only about 6 houses along the path but it meant that cars would come up and down.  This meant I could never fully relax with Arthur being out there once he could walk.  We really enjoyed being outside don’t get me wrong but as Arthur has got older it became a lot less practical!

In our new house, our garden is our own!  We are fenced in and so it’s really safe for Arthur!  We are all loving this space that he can run around and explore independently!
Our new garden

We have this lovely big tree which gives shade in the garden all day!  This is of course a huge bonus for us as without this there are definitely times of day where it’s just too hot to be outside!  This tree means he can always be out there any time of day!
There’s a lovely swing on there, and for when he’s a bit bigger a tree house.
Our new garden
The tree house.  Both of Arthur’s Grandads are VERY excited about this!  What is there right now is very basic and not really that safe!  I think they both have grand ideas about what they want to make it into!!!!

The branches of the tree mean that it really is perfect for a tree  house, they all go out at 90 degrees and then up 90 degrees again.  They’ve almost made a room themselves!!

We also have a couple of old tree stumps dotted around the garden that Arthur loves climbing up on to!

Growing in our garden we have a local tree called a Jamalack.  The fruit are kind of a mix between an apple and pear.
We’ve just planted chillis and our gardener has very kindly given us a lemon tree with fruit already on (here lemons are more like limes but smaller again and perfectly round they are good!) and also a little tiny grapefruit tree although that one is a long way of fruiting unfortunately!!
He has also promised us some banana plants yum yum!!

We are all really loving our new garden, it’s amazing how something so ordinary can make such a huge difference!!  We are spending more and more time outside! The paddling pool is getting more use then ever!  We even eat all our meals outside now as we have our dining table out on the veranda!

Our new garden

Basically, we love our new garden!!
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The Paddling Pool {The Ordinary Moments} #7

Its Sunday so I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments again!

On Friday Mark came home from work with a paddling pool for Arthur.  I was so excited as I’ve been desperate for him to have one!  I know we are spoiled with having access to a swimming pool two minutes away but there is something very special about a paddling pool, I think so any way!

I have such happy memories of being in the paddling pool when I was little and so I was so excited for Arthur now having his own.

On Saturday I was Skyping my dad who has been working on a boat for the last two months.  We hadn’t been able to chat for a while as the wifi on board isn’t very reliable (they are in the middle of the North Sea so you can’t expect it to be great!).  Half way through the call we had a power cut 🙁 so we couldn’t finish talking which was sad.  It got really hot in the house really quick so I jumped at the opportunity to get Arthur in the paddling pool!!

I only filled it up a little but he had SO much fun splashing and crawling around in the cool water.

Paddling Pool fun!

Paddling Pool fun!

Im not sure whether part of the excitement of the paddling pool for me being little was that it was only the odd day you could use it as its obviously a weather dependent activity!!  However I hope that Arthur will continue to have fun in his and I know we will get lots of use out of it :). Arthur is a very lucky boy to have a life where playing in a paddling pool really can be an ordinary moment!

Happy Sunday