35 weeks pregnant

I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  Check out my 34 week update if you missed it!

This week our little guy is around 46cm long and weighing around 2.4kg (around the same weight as a honeydew melon!)
His little kidneys are now fully functioning!

Here’s me this week:
35 weeks pregnant bump shot
Wow, this week has been a total blur.  It was Mark’s last week of work.  There was no letting the foot off the gas for the last week for him, it was crazy which of course ment that it was crazy at home too!!!
Couple that with Arthur not napping most days this week, makes for one tired pregnant mama!!

My baking urge has continued on.  It’s definitely making us all happy having lots of yummy food to eat, especially since we have all been so busy!

Braxton hicks are continuing along with heartburn (ouch!)

I have been thinking about what needs to be done before we head to Mahe as well as what I need to pack to take to Mahe with us.

First of all the house needs a really good clean and tidy up, we have to go through all of Arthur’s baby clothes to see what we need for this little man.  We also need to rearrange our bedroom a little to see where the cot, changing table etc will go!

For Mahe, I kinda need to double pack, for the week we are there before and then the for the 4-5 days I’m in hospital as well.  Luckily we won’t be on Mahe for as long as we were last time.  I definitely overpacked for the hospital last time and I’m keen not to do that again.  I want to take as little as possible and make it as easy to access as possible!

I’ve had no midwife appointment this week but I’ll be back next week (hopefully with my usual midwife this time!).  I also have another scan to check that our little guy is growing okay as he was a little small at our 32 week scan…..I’m not worried, we had the same with Arthur!

This weeks countdown to baby is a pretty exciting one as now we meet our little guy in
35 weeks pregnant countdown to Caesarian section 4 weeks

It’s starting to feel now, which it knew it would once Mark finished work!  We have just over 2 weeks until we go to Mahe too!  I’m trying to stay calm but I’m pretty notorious for my pre-trip panics and add having a baby in there and my poor brain goes into a bit of a meltdown!!

I’ll be back next week, hopefully feeling more organised and to share how my midwife appointment and scan went at 36 weeks!

Packing for Sri Lanka with a toddler in tow

Packing for Sri Lanka with a toddler in tow

Going to Sri Lanka is a pretty big deal for us. Mark and I have never been to Asia, never done a holiday where we travel to different places, and perhaps the biggest thing is that this is our first proper family holiday with Arthur.

We went back to the UK in the Summer, but that was staying with our families where we were totally looked after, and had access to way more for Arthur than we are used to here.

We are now getting organised….mmm, attempting to get organised, so here we go: packing for Sri Lanka with a toddler in tow!

The weather is going to be cooler then we are used to here. Some parts of our trip will be colder than others.

Also we are traveling between the city, the beach and the mountains!

So with all this in mind, we need to pack for the variable weather conditions, and we need to pack light so we can carry everything from place.

I have definitely reached the stage of pre-trip panic. So I’m writing this all down to help assure myself we are reasonably organised

We have borrowed backpacks from our lovely neighbours so that’s going to help us a lot as it allows us to be hands free. One we can definitely take but we are not sure the other is big enough, so if not we have a separate bag on stand by!

For Arthur we have borrowed a really lightweight umbrella folding pushchair from a lady who loves near by. Her son is 3 now and they don’t use a lot any more. This little chair is, let’s say, “well loved” so I need to do a few little patch ups on it. In a way it’s a good thing as she’s said she doesn’t even want it back afterwards so if it just lasts the trip, so be it!
Packing for Sri Lanka with a toddler in tow
We are also taking the Moby wrap we borrowed from another friend. Both Mark and I love this and we know it will be so useful to us in Sri Lanka!

All the places we are staying in have washing facilities, so we need to be sensible and pack as light as possible, knowing we will be able to wash clothes when we are there.
Honestly, I struggle with this, I like to have options! I’m going to have to be very strict with myself!

We’ve been warned that in the temples shoulders and knees should be covered, especially for women. With that in mind, I’ve borrowed some nice pashminas I can throw on over my shoulders (also borrowed from my neighbours), I am also going to buy myself a couple of pairs of ‘hammer pants’ (definitely some with elephant patterns on!!) that I’ve been assured are available literally everywhere!! I’ve actually wanted some crazy patterned trousers forever and these will be perfect as they are super light, so can comfortably wear here after the trip!

Having lived in Seychelles for 2.5 years now, we never wear mosquito repellent. Not because we are lazy (well, maybe a bit!), but because we don’t get bothered by them anywhere near as much as we did when we first moved here.
However going to a different place, where we will become ‘fresh meat’ again, we will take some with us to help keep the Mosquitos at bay!!

Okay, I think I’ve got the major things covered! Oh of course, we have a trusty travel guide to take with us too!!

Only a few days until we go now, so very excited!!
What do you think of my list so far, anything glaringly obvious I’ve missed?

Organisation {word of the week}



This week has had to be all about Organisation. We’ve had guests staying with us (they are going to be house sitting for us while we are away) and of course we have the big trip to the UK coming up.

Mark and I have been staying in Arthur’s room so we had to try and move stuff out of our room. Poor Arthur has had his room changed into bedroom for three/packing area.

Having 5 people living in our house has been a little bit cozy, our house really isn’t that big so I’ve been trying to stay in top of everything as much as possible (I find that difficult enough when there’s just the three of us!).

I’ve used a broom for my picture as that is truly the Seychellois best friend in keeping a tidy, organised house.   houses here all have hard floors and hardly any one uses a vacuum cleaner.  It’s all about the broom, and my how I’ve needed it.  The house gets swept every day (amazing how much sand and dust comes in the house in just 24 hours) anyway but this week it’s been twice a day….that’s a lot of sweeping!

I have to say that I’ve been impressed with our organisation this week.

As we leave to catch a flight to Mahe island on Monday, Organisation will have to continue to be the word that sums us up this week……Packing WILL be a calm and organised affair, (packing is usually where my pre-trip panic usually truly sets in!!) and we will head of to Mahe on Monday fully prepared for our trip.*

I’m joining up with Jocelyn over at the reading residence for the first time.

The Reading Residence

*if I say this enough will it make it come true?!

Our UK trip (things are coming together)

Okay so it’s now one week till we are in the UK (eeeeek!!). Things seem to be coming together now and currently I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it all!

We had a busy weekend with some commitments at the school but we also did a big clean up of the house and loads of washing.
The people who are looking after the house for us while we are away arrived yesterday. They are staying with us until Thursday and then they are in a guest house until we leave.

Until Thursday, Mark and I are in with Arthur. He woke up at 5 which he hasn’t done for quite a while and then wouldn’t go back to sleep because he was very excited we were in his room haha!

On Monday evening we fly to Mahe and stay in a little guest house near the airport. Our flights for that have now been booked so that’s one less thing to worry about. Our flight is Tuesday morning so being close to the airport is ideal!

Digging out suitcases made us realise just how many “just in case” warm clothes we brought over here with us, so we are taking the opportunity to take to all back with us and get rid because it really isn’t needed…ever!!

We have booked our seats on the plane which is a big relief too. I was really impressed with the Emirates website it was really easy to book seats, see meal arrangements etc.

In terms of things for Arthur that seems like it’s all coming together too. I had a lot of lovely comments last week reassuring me that I didn’t need to worry to much about that anyway as I can buy everything I could possibly need there!!!

Packing (apart from the warm clothes) hasn’t really progressed but that’s fine I’ll get that sorted from Thursday when there’s a little more space in the house again.

Now, don’t let this sense of calm I’m portraying fool you, the pre-trip panic will, without doubt, return. For now, Mark is ensuring there is a good rum supply in the house in an attempt to keep it at bay!!