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35 weeks pregnant

I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  Check out my 34 week update if you missed it! This week our little guy is around 46cm long and weighing around 2.4kg (around the same weight as a honeydew melon!) His little kidneys are now fully functioning! Here’s me this […]

Packing for Sri Lanka with a toddler in tow

Going to Sri Lanka is a pretty big deal for us. Mark and I have never been to Asia, never done a holiday where we travel to different places, and perhaps the biggest thing is that this is our first proper family holiday with Arthur. […]

Organisation {word of the week}



This week has had to be all about Organisation. We’ve had guests staying with us (they are going to be house sitting for us while we are away) and of course we have the big trip to the UK coming up.

Mark and I have been staying in Arthur’s room so we had to try and move stuff out of our room. Poor Arthur has had his room changed into bedroom for three/packing area.

Having 5 people living in our house has been a little bit cozy, our house really isn’t that big so I’ve been trying to stay in top of everything as much as possible (I find that difficult enough when there’s just the three of us!).

I’ve used a broom for my picture as that is truly the Seychellois best friend in keeping a tidy, organised house.   houses here all have hard floors and hardly any one uses a vacuum cleaner.  It’s all about the broom, and my how I’ve needed it.  The house gets swept every day (amazing how much sand and dust comes in the house in just 24 hours) anyway but this week it’s been twice a day….that’s a lot of sweeping!

I have to say that I’ve been impressed with our organisation this week.

As we leave to catch a flight to Mahe island on Monday, Organisation will have to continue to be the word that sums us up this week……Packing WILL be a calm and organised affair, (packing is usually where my pre-trip panic usually truly sets in!!) and we will head of to Mahe on Monday fully prepared for our trip.*

I’m joining up with Jocelyn over at the reading residence for the first time.

The Reading Residence

*if I say this enough will it make it come true?!

Our UK trip (things are coming together)

Okay so it’s now one week till we are in the UK (eeeeek!!). Things seem to be coming together now and currently I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it all! We had a busy weekend with some commitments at the school but we also […]