Koopa the outside dog

Koopa, like Freddie is 6 months now.  Since we moved house last month there has been some big changes in his life and so I thought I’d write a little update on our furry little friend!

Koopa the outside dog

When I first introduced Koopa on here he was very definitely here to be our guard dog.  Well, at least to alert us to intruders.  I mean look how cute, this little guy was never going to do any damage to anyone was he!!!?
Koopa the outside dog
With Mark’s allergies, a newborn and a landlord that said no dogs allowed in the house (everyone here keeps their dogs outside) the odds were stacked.  Koopa was destined to be an outside dog.

In our old house I could ‘police’ one patio door fairly well but Koopa was always very determined to get in.  I’m pretty sure he thought he’s one of the kids and that if they’re allowed in, why wasn’t he?
Whenever Koopa did make it into the house he’d go crazy running around like a loony with excitement.  He then started to learn the ‘stealth’ trick, where he would sneak in and then lie down right next to the sofa in the hope you wouldn’t see him, and when you did he’d look super cute!!

When we got to our new house it was clear straight away that the tide had turned.  There’s not a lot of windows in our new house, but lots of big doors.  You have to have it all open to get light and any little bits of breeze in!!
Therefore it was going to be impossible to police.

On moving day when we pulled up to the house, Koopa knew straight away.  He ran straight in and strutted about like he owned the place!!  That evening when he was still inside he couldn’t believe his luck!

These days you will still find Arthur and Koopa running round the garden together like always, but you will also see him at my feet whenever I’m sat on the sofa
Koopa the outside dog

or cuddled up with me when I’m sat on the floor playing with Arthur and Freddie

Koopa the outside dog

He is always getting in on Freddie’s playtime too!
Koopa the outside dog
He was still sleeping outside at night (so we could still partly claim him to be an outside dog!) until last week when we were told that he was barking ALL night every night; as we sleep at the back of the house we couldn’t hear him.  So, last week Koppa the outside dog officially became 100% an inside dog!!

He couldn’t be happier!

I’ll write a post soon on how we are dealing with Marks allergies; he’s not been struggling with Koopa being inside – phew!

Arthur is 32 months old

Arthur is 32 months old.
32 months old
This month has been a busy one.  We have not only moved house, but we also had a week without Mark when he went to London to interview new teachers.

I was a little worried about how Arthur would deal with the house move this time around.  We spoke about it loads in the month leading up to it and we were lucky enough to have the key for that month so we could visit lots (and spread the move over time which helped loads!). That meant Arthur had lots of time to get used to and explore our new house.  He’s been so happy here right from the start.  He loves his new room and slept great right fro, the start.
Every morning he’s been waking up and saying “nice new house”.  It makes me so happy!!
We have also had a little sleep revalation since we’ve moved.  Arthur now sleeps, or at least is happy to stay in his room until about 7am every day!!  For anyone that knows us, or regularly reads my blog you will know what a dream that is!  Arthur has always been an early riser (like 5am early) and so for me to be able to get up have a shower and a cup of tea before he’s up has changed our whole day let alone morning!!

His later wake ups mean I’ve been getting a chance to get myself sorted and prepared for my little whirlwind when he gets up!!

I’ve also been giving him breakfast as soon as he wakes up, that’s cut out early morning TV time and asking for cookies every morning!!

I can’t express enough how much of a difference this has made to our whole day.  Everyone starts the day less grumpy and it really does set the tone for the whole day.

Not sure if it’s connected but Arthur is showing less and less interest in the TV, he does like it on but he rarely sits through anything any more.

Arthur does have time on the iPad every day.  It’s the same time every day and it’s always taken away after the same amount of time.  It’s not connected to the Internet and only has the apps allowed by us.  He is always really good when it’s time to take it off him.  There are some that will be quite judgemental of us allowing him to play on it but now he’s not napping it’s the only truly quiet time  I get during the day.  It gives me a bit of time to reset and get some stuff done and so for us it’s all good.

He is showing much more interest in his toys each day.  He plays so nicely and it’s really lovely to watch as well as jumping in and getting involved with him.

One of Arthur’s favourite games to play with me is ‘picnic’.  The best thing about this is that we use nothing to play it except our imaginations!  We sit down and munch away on whatever Arthur fancies ‘eating’ at the time, it quite often involves sweeties and chocolate cake but just as often some juice and apples (just like his real life requests!)
He also loves to sit down and read stories both with us and alone.  I love listening him to while he “reads” any of his stories it’s so cute!

I am being increasingly aware of the fact that Arthur will be starting school soon. He will be going in for the last half term of the school year, I think just for mornings and maybe only a couple days a week depending how he gets on! He will be starting properly in September. I’m trying to soak in all the moments I can with him right now. Don’t get me wrong there are times when I’m totally ready for him to, like mid tantrum; but in general I know I’ll miss him lots when he starts!!

A peek at our new house!

Mark has been made head teacher (proud wife alert!)  The current headteacher is retiring at the end of this term and Mark will be taking over from then!

As part of his new job we got to move to a new house.  It feels like no time since we moved into our last place, it was in fact less than a year!  Regular readers of my blog will know some of the negative things we experienced since living there, but also we have some truly wonderful memories from that house.  It is the first house we brought Freddie home to, Arthur started sleeping in his big boy bed here and potty trained too!  I also will have lovely memories from our great garden there.

We are very excited about our new house.  It’s 4 bedroom 2 (amazing) bathrooms, a big wrap around veranda and a beautiful garden!

Arthur and Freddie are settling in here beautifully, Arthur loves it and keeps proudly proclaiming “new house” with a big grin on his face!

Koopa is beside himself happy, as the house is so open we’ve decided to give up on trying to keep him outside and as I write this he’s lying by my feet next to the sofa!
I’ve shared a few pictures on Instagram, but here’s a few more!  Take a peek at our new house!

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

A peek at our new house

These are some of my favourite bits, but there’s still lots to get sorted so I’ll share more pictures when we are fully settled in!   I love that there are a few quirks in this house, it’s not new and I love that!  There’s lots we can do to make it our own.

The kitchen sink might just be my favourite thing of all, the kitchen in general has a real industrial feel to it!

The house is huge and it’s definitely going to be a lot to keep on top of.  Our cleaner has stopped working for us as she got pregnant and it was too much for her to do (understandably, I struggled cleaning my own house when I was pregnant let alone someone else’s!) so we are in the look out for someone new to help us out!!  In the meantime I’ll tie mops to the kids feet, I’m kidding….I think!


The big boy bed {The Ordinary Moments 15} #8

So as you know we moved house last weekend!
We decided it was a good time to move Arthur to his ‘big boy bed’

Since we will need the cot again in August, we wanted to make sure that we moved Arthur well before that to give him as much time as possible getting used to his new bed before his baby brother or sister arrived.  We didn’t want him to feel like he was being kicked out of his cot!

So anyway, last Saturday night was Arthur’s first night in his new bed.
We don’t have any special guards for the side of his bed so we put a mattress on the side and one at the bottom of the bed in case he fell out.

It was weird.  It felt like it should have been a huge moment in our lives, and I guess to look back on it, it is a big milestone.
At the time though, it didn’t really feel so huge.  We did Arthur’s bed time routine exactly the same as we have done since he was teeny tiny.  He got into his new big boy bed and we did his bed time stories, the same as we always do.   He snuggled up with Bunny and Blanket the same way he always does.
It was the same.

Except of course it wasn’t.

Our teeny tiny baby boy, was in his big boy bed.

We went in to check on him a few more times than usual.  Since we have an upstairs now we weren’t sure if we would hear him if he had woken up.

When we went to bed we opened his bedroom door as we always have done, he was fast asleep.

He slept all the way through without any problems, he didn’t fall out, he didn’t cry.
I heard him get up at around 6am, he played with his toys for a little while and then he came to find us and start his day!!  He was happy to be in his new house and happy to see his Mummy and Daddy.

We didn’t take any pictures that first night.  I didn’t write about it on twitter.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps we didn’t want to ‘jinx’ anything.  In case this first night was a fluke and it all went downhill after that.

Nap times haven’t even been that different.  The first couple of days when I took him to his bed he stayed up and played for a while before falling asleep but aside from that he’s still getting his two hours.  I’m still ensuring I get my sleepy cuddles with him before he wakes up properly.  Except now I can get into his bed with him to snuggle.

I took a little snap of him during nap time the other day, it’s not a particularly great picture but it does show how tiny he looks in his new bed. That perhaps he’s not such a big boy yet after all!
Big boy bed

It’s been a week now.  Arthur has taken the move to his big boy bed completely in his stride.
We’ve been in his room a few times and found him on one of the mattresses on the floor but still asleep so we’ve just scooped him back up and put him into his bed.  One night he must have rolled off the mattress on the floor and woke up, I put him straight back to his bed and after a little cuddle he went back off to sleep no problem at all.

We are so very proud of our special little guy for doing so well.  He has always surprised us with how adaptable to change he is.  I know that a lot of this is down to the fact we’ve had such a good routine with him for so long (which sounds kind of contradictory I know!!).

We have been so lucky that he’s made it so easy for us.  But there is a part of me that’s sad.  The part that’s not ready for our baby to become the ‘big’ boy he’s so rapidly becoming, the part that can’t quite believe that this little boy is going to be a big brother, and definitely doesn’t think he’s big enough for his big boy bed.

The part that still sees this teeny tiny boy

Big boy bed.  I still see this tiny boy


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