I have lost the nap war

It’s official, Arthur is no longer napping during the day.  I have lost the nap war.

I have lost the nap war, how it happened and what I'm gonna do about it

I have written about previous nap battles in the past.  We’ve had struggles, but in the end I’ve always ‘won’ and nap time would continue.  Little blimps have occurred here and there but Arthur would always end up napping again.
I suppose it was always inevitable that despite him losing these battles, Arthur would always win the war.

A long time ago I remember reading somewhere that kids need to nap until they were three.  I would always remember that during times when Arthur would resist going down for a nap.  It would be my motivation to keep trying to get him to sleep.  Now Arthur is 2.5 years and I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on an extra 6 months of nap times, I guess like all parenting advice out there, we’ve learned to take it with a pinch of salt!


How we knew it was time to let it go.
Arthur was always great at nap time, we could put him in his bedroom and we would know he’d be asleep within a couple of minutes.
Over the last few months it’s been taking him longer and longer to go down for a nap.
I initially put his nap time back by an hour and this did help for a short while.  Even then it was not long before he started taking ages to go down, I’m talking over an hour.

When he would eventually go to sleep, I’d give him his couple hours and then go and wake him up.  He’d then be in an unbelievably bad mood.  This wasn’t too bad when we could snap him out of it within 20 mins or so.  The problem came when it started taking him around an hour to get out of a serious grump.
When I’m talking about a grump, I don’t just mean in a bit of a bad mood – I can relate to being in a bit of a bad mood when I get up.  I mean a foul horrible mega tantrum filled mood.

We tried a few different ways to try and solve these issues.  Waking him up nice and slowly with lots of cuddles.  Waking him up quickly and leaving him to it.  Pretty much everything in between.
We tried shortening his nap.  We tried running him ragged until he without doubt definitely needed a sleep.

In the end when it was generally taking more than an hour for him to go to sleep and then around the same time to get him back to his usual happy self.  We decided that it wasn’t worth the upset for us all. We would try and struggle through and see how we go.

You might think that I’ve given up to soon, with this.  Believe me that’s not the case, I am going to seriously miss Arthur’s nap time.  Those two hours were my time; to do some blogging, to eat my lunch in peace, to do nothing in particular!
It’s been Christmas holiday’s and Its been really nice having Mark home but I’m honestly a little worried about how I will cope when he goes back to school.

Obviously there’s Freddie to entertain too and I feel bad that he now won’t be getting any solo time with me.


What we are gonna do about it

So looking forward, my plan is to try and ensure that I’ve got lots of activities planned for Arthur, to keep him from being bored, because if there’s one thing that’s worse than a tired toddler, it’s a tired and bored toddler!!
It would be easy for me to just stick the TV on but I’m trying to limit that!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way frowning on TV, I’m not sure how I’d get through the day without it at all but I know we function better when there’s some structure to TV time (Arthur knows when he can have it and when he can’t and so it limits whining!)
I am also going to test out some “down time” for Arthur where he’s in his bedroom without sleeping, if anyone has any tips for this please let me know!!

Arthur will be starting at school, in June.  It will be a blink of an eye until he’s there.  I will do my best to remind myself of this on the tougher days and try to enjoy every second with my little guy!

In just a couple of weeks we have already noticed Arthur’s night time sleep adjusting.  He has always been a really early riser, getting up around 5am ish. 6 would be a mega lie in for us!  However, we are now getting 6am as the normal and have even had some 7-7:30am wake ups.  This is a definite bonus of losing nap time!  There have been a couple times, when we’ve had really busy days that Arthur has crashed out on the sofa or fallen asleep in the car.  Not for any considerable amount of time and he doesn’t seem to be quite as grumpy when waking up from these.


Have you lost the nap war yet, or are you still living the nap time dream with your little ones?
Any tips on quiet time/down time for toddlers I’d love to hear them!

35 weeks pregnant

I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  Check out my 34 week update if you missed it!

This week our little guy is around 46cm long and weighing around 2.4kg (around the same weight as a honeydew melon!)
His little kidneys are now fully functioning!

Here’s me this week:
35 weeks pregnant bump shot
Wow, this week has been a total blur.  It was Mark’s last week of work.  There was no letting the foot off the gas for the last week for him, it was crazy which of course ment that it was crazy at home too!!!
Couple that with Arthur not napping most days this week, makes for one tired pregnant mama!!

My baking urge has continued on.  It’s definitely making us all happy having lots of yummy food to eat, especially since we have all been so busy!

Braxton hicks are continuing along with heartburn (ouch!)

I have been thinking about what needs to be done before we head to Mahe as well as what I need to pack to take to Mahe with us.

First of all the house needs a really good clean and tidy up, we have to go through all of Arthur’s baby clothes to see what we need for this little man.  We also need to rearrange our bedroom a little to see where the cot, changing table etc will go!

For Mahe, I kinda need to double pack, for the week we are there before and then the for the 4-5 days I’m in hospital as well.  Luckily we won’t be on Mahe for as long as we were last time.  I definitely overpacked for the hospital last time and I’m keen not to do that again.  I want to take as little as possible and make it as easy to access as possible!

I’ve had no midwife appointment this week but I’ll be back next week (hopefully with my usual midwife this time!).  I also have another scan to check that our little guy is growing okay as he was a little small at our 32 week scan…..I’m not worried, we had the same with Arthur!

This weeks countdown to baby is a pretty exciting one as now we meet our little guy in
35 weeks pregnant countdown to Caesarian section 4 weeks

It’s starting to feel now, which it knew it would once Mark finished work!  We have just over 2 weeks until we go to Mahe too!  I’m trying to stay calm but I’m pretty notorious for my pre-trip panics and add having a baby in there and my poor brain goes into a bit of a meltdown!!

I’ll be back next week, hopefully feeling more organised and to share how my midwife appointment and scan went at 36 weeks!

The toddler nap battle!

For the last few weeks I have noticed a change in Arthur.  He seems to be quite clingy, needing extra cuddles (always fine by me), but in general less willing to be independent.

The biggest impact seems to be nap time.  He is struggling to get off to sleep.  Well perhaps “struggling” is the wrong word, more like refusing.  He is definitely tired but massively fights falling asleep.  So, I’m facing the toddler nap battle!

The toddler nap battle!

I’ve had a few times where I’ve ended up going in and cuddling with him until he’s asleep.
This is a habit I REALLY don’t want to get into.  Arthur’s sleep has always been kind of an obsession for me, almost certainly too much so.  We worked really hard on him self settling and he has always in general, always slept well.For the longest time (really ever since we dropped down to 1 nap a day) he has had his nap 11-1.  Having his lunch when he wakes up.

I’m not sure what this new nap battle is all about.  These are the possible causes that are currently rattling round my head (and driving me insane)

  • He’s 2 this month so perhaps it’s just part of the “terrible two’s”!?
  • Maybe it’s something to do with me being pregnant? (Cue pregnancy guilt!)
  • He should be going for his nap later (but then how do I fit that in with his lunch lunch?)
  • He’s hungry (really, I know this isn’t the case as he has breakfast and a snack before he goes to bed, this boy definitely eats enough!)
  • He’s distracted by toys in his room
  • He feels like he’s missing out on stuff if he naps
  • Maybe it’s somehow related to us starting potty training? (he now only has nappies on when he sleeps or if we go out the house)

I see this written down and I realise that I have definitely become a crazy over analysing mum.

Then when I’m really tired the possibilities get just a little irrational

  • Arthur can sense my tiredness and thinks “she needs a rest, she’s not getting one!”
  • He truly thinks I won’t be there when he wakes up (I have literally never spent 24 hours away from him!!)
  • He is already jealous of his unborn brother spending more time with me.

Okay, yes definitely crazy.

Anyone else experience this when their little darling turned two?  Or when they were pregnant?  Or for any of the other reasons rattling round my brain?!

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