Reduce the stress of moving house: 5 ideas you should try

Reduce the Stress of Moving House:

5 Ideas You Should Try

Making a large move from one house to another can hardly be easy. It takes lots of courage and planning to make the big decision. And once the decision is made, it takes plenty more preparation to ensure the transition happens without any major hiccups.
It would be prudent to consider and research well before moving. Think well and then make your decision. It’s quite easy from there on. Want to reduce the stress of moving house, follow these 5 tips:

Reduce the stress of moving house

  • Planning is the Key

Once everything is ready, plan your move. Begin weeks earlier by packing, shipping and selling the stuff you’ll not be taking along with you.  Inform everyone who needs to know about your move. If you wish to take your pets with you, be responsive and learn all about their requirements from the official sources.


  • Organise your tasks and make a budget

Fretting about it or making castles in the air will hardly help you. If you really wish to plan the move, then it’s time to get real. Sit down and make a game plan. Make a schedule and plan a budget; list down everything that needs to be taken care of. List down all the tasks that you need to complete, divide them into weeks, to allow yourself enough days to complete them.


  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Some people shy away from asking others to help them out. However, it is a good idea to take help from people who have been through the moving or relocating process as they can help you simplify the process. Reach out. Ask your close relatives or friends if they can spare a few hours to help you sort out, pack and move. If you are relocating to a faraway location, this could be one of the best ways to spend some memorable time together.


  • Mentally prepare yourself for a little chaos

During this period you may feel that your life has become a little chaotic -boxes everywhere and things going out of control. However, if you mentally prepare yourself for a little chaos and maintain your cool while you follow your list of tasks to be completed, it will help you a great deal. And remember, even after the move, it may take a little time for this new space to feel like your own.


  • Hiring the Services of a Moving Company

Moving to a new house requires an individual to plan everything out beforehand. The first thing on their list should be to book a moving company. Hauling everything, from furniture, kitchen supplies, to toys, will not be an easy task, to another location is a task best left up to professional movers. It is always better to hire a professional moving company that has the expertise to make your relocation hassle-free and much more convenient.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of packing and unpacking larger furniture pieces, you can ask the moving company if they provide a service to do that for you. Once you have secured professional movers to help you relocate to your new house, you need to choose a day to move.



If all the above tips are kept in mind, your relocation will be hassle free and without any trouble

Happy Moving!

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Arthur is 32 months old

Arthur is 32 months old.
32 months old
This month has been a busy one.  We have not only moved house, but we also had a week without Mark when he went to London to interview new teachers.

I was a little worried about how Arthur would deal with the house move this time around.  We spoke about it loads in the month leading up to it and we were lucky enough to have the key for that month so we could visit lots (and spread the move over time which helped loads!). That meant Arthur had lots of time to get used to and explore our new house.  He’s been so happy here right from the start.  He loves his new room and slept great right fro, the start.
Every morning he’s been waking up and saying “nice new house”.  It makes me so happy!!
We have also had a little sleep revalation since we’ve moved.  Arthur now sleeps, or at least is happy to stay in his room until about 7am every day!!  For anyone that knows us, or regularly reads my blog you will know what a dream that is!  Arthur has always been an early riser (like 5am early) and so for me to be able to get up have a shower and a cup of tea before he’s up has changed our whole day let alone morning!!

His later wake ups mean I’ve been getting a chance to get myself sorted and prepared for my little whirlwind when he gets up!!

I’ve also been giving him breakfast as soon as he wakes up, that’s cut out early morning TV time and asking for cookies every morning!!

I can’t express enough how much of a difference this has made to our whole day.  Everyone starts the day less grumpy and it really does set the tone for the whole day.

Not sure if it’s connected but Arthur is showing less and less interest in the TV, he does like it on but he rarely sits through anything any more.

Arthur does have time on the iPad every day.  It’s the same time every day and it’s always taken away after the same amount of time.  It’s not connected to the Internet and only has the apps allowed by us.  He is always really good when it’s time to take it off him.  There are some that will be quite judgemental of us allowing him to play on it but now he’s not napping it’s the only truly quiet time  I get during the day.  It gives me a bit of time to reset and get some stuff done and so for us it’s all good.

He is showing much more interest in his toys each day.  He plays so nicely and it’s really lovely to watch as well as jumping in and getting involved with him.

One of Arthur’s favourite games to play with me is ‘picnic’.  The best thing about this is that we use nothing to play it except our imaginations!  We sit down and munch away on whatever Arthur fancies ‘eating’ at the time, it quite often involves sweeties and chocolate cake but just as often some juice and apples (just like his real life requests!)
He also loves to sit down and read stories both with us and alone.  I love listening him to while he “reads” any of his stories it’s so cute!

I am being increasingly aware of the fact that Arthur will be starting school soon. He will be going in for the last half term of the school year, I think just for mornings and maybe only a couple days a week depending how he gets on! He will be starting properly in September. I’m trying to soak in all the moments I can with him right now. Don’t get me wrong there are times when I’m totally ready for him to, like mid tantrum; but in general I know I’ll miss him lots when he starts!!

We have moved house!

We have moved house! We have moved house!  Good bye old house! For a little while now we have been considering moving house.  Then a few things sealed the deal.

  • Mark has been promoted to deputy head starting after Easter holidays (wooo)

Moving house in the Seychelles is definitely a different experience to moving house in the UK. For a start there are no letting agencies or estate agents! I think I’ve seen a “for rent” sign once in the almost three years we’ve been here and that was scribbled on a bit of wood and nailed to a tree! Here it’s ALL about word of mouth! Living on our little island of Praslin with a population of just 6,500 means that there’s not a whole lot going on in the housing “market” houses don’t come up all that often! We were delighted when we found out about the place we have moved in to now.  We couldn’t wait around to look at other properties, who knows when something else suitable will be next available, so we jumped in and agreed to rent it! So, I got in touch with the landlady and within a couple of weeks contracts were agreed on. The school pays for our accommodation and so contracts had to be agreed by them. This Saturday (28th feb) was moving day. Honestly, it was super stressful!  Having Arthur and being pregnant meant I was mostly sidelined and had to watch!  We are lucky that we don’t really have any furniture of our own right now, all that had to be moved was Arthur’s cot changing table and a single bed we had for him to use.  The rest was boxes and suitcases. Considering we moved here just under three years ago with very very little ‘stuff’ it was amazing to see how much we have accumulated.  A lot being Arthur’s I have to say!! Anyway, after a LONG day we were totally moved out of our old house with keys returned!  We are now in the process of getting our new place feeling like ‘home’ We have moved house!  Hello new house! I’ll write again soon with a bit more about our new place!