Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

For the last few weeks I have started going to Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin.  I’m just going once a week right now but I am loving it.
The location is incredible.
You come down these beautiful steps to the spa.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Then head into the yoga studio.  Take a look at that view!!  You can hear the waves crashing too, it’s amazing.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

The instructor is brilliant.  She has a great vibe about her without being a crazy yoga lady.  The class has varied each week, always good to keep it interesting!
The first class I went to was really relaxing with lots of stretching.  It was lovely, that night I was so relaxed I fell asleep on the sofa, even earlier than usual!
But my favourite classes are the ones where there’s been lots of strength building and I’ve been really aching afterwards!  I like to know that I’ve worked hard and this class has definitely left me feeling that way!

I’ve always loved yoga, but have tended to do it at home.  It’s been great to go to a class and experience it in such a different way.

Our instructor likes to use essential oils, it’s not something I would ever consider but it actually does add something special!

Another added benefit of actually going to a class is that it gives me a real break, some real ‘me time’.  I think it’s really important to be able to get that time to myself.  It’s also nice for Mark to get some time with the boys on his own too!

I started running again (more on that soon) in October, when Freddie was about 10 weeks old.  I’m finding that yoga really is the perfect companion to running in helping me regain my figure and my fitness after having Freddie!

I feel so lucky to have access to such a great class in a beautiful location.  Another amazing perk of our expat lives here in Seychelles.

Learning French

A few months ago I wrote about starting french lessons! The classes are enjoyable and I feel like I am making progress but the problem is that I can only make one out of the two classes a week and sometimes not even that if mark had to work late.
Of course if I want to really learn a language I need to be practicing a lot more consistently then that and preferably get more help then just once a week!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet asking about wanting to learn a new language and I replied. Much to my excitement I have now been given the opportunity to try out the Rosetta Stone language course. The company is very well renowned and with lots of really positive reviews! I could choose any language I wanted, but of course I chose French! It’s nice to be able to practice french at home and I will be able to chat with a French speaker regularly as part of the package which is bound to be very helpful!

I’m really excited to see how I get on with the course. I’ll continue to go to my french lessons at the school once a week, and I’m hoping that the two combined together will really do a lot to improve my French! Of course the ultimate goal would be that I can speak enough French to help Arthur speak French too!

Learning french

To help me keep track of my progress I’ll do a monthly post letting you know how I’m getting on!

Wish me luck!


Disclosure: I have been given the use of Rosetta Stone french online course for free for the purpose of review but all the opinions given are honest and my own



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Yoga mama {The ordinary moments} #22

Okay so usually my Ordinary Moments posts are all about Arthur. This week I’m switching things up a little because this one is about me!

We’ve been back in the Seychelles for just over a month now, since being back I’ve really got into my Yoga again. I’m becoming a Yoga mama!!

I used to go to a class when we first moved here that was done at the school,but had to stop after being put pretty much on bed rest at 7 weeks pregnant.

Later into my pregnancy, when all was safe and well, I downloaded a pregnancy yoga DVD and did it every day. Despite it being pretty dated, the woman on there being totally crazy, some rather weird chant-y stuff and way too much soft focus, I found that I actually quite enjoyed it. It was nice to have some pregnancy safe exercise.


I’ve been having some issues with my back and hip and saw a physio when we were in the UK this summer. I Decided that as well as doing cardio I needed to make sure I was looking after my back, and well, my body as a whole. I found a yoga app and the reason I downloaded it was because some of the videos on there were specifically designed for runners. (It’s called Yoga Studio if anyone’s interested).

So anyway, on to my ordinary moment……

Arthur has his nap around 11 and sleeps for a couple of hours. It’s at this time I roll out my yoga mat.

I do a video from between 20 mins and an hour long depending on what else I’ve got to do. There are lots of different ones (not just for running) and I’ve been loving it. I try to do a harder one during the day, like a strength building one, and I feel so good afterwards.

In the evenings I also quite often do a shorter one that’s focused on relaxation, which is always nice after a busy day.

Im kinda loving becoming a Yoga mama, I’m feeling stronger and after I do a video I always feel really good for it and more relaxed (always useful when spending the day with a wild 15 month old!). I feel like I have more energy too (again useful!!!).

So that’s my ordinary moment for this week, a little bit of me time for this Seychelles mama, aka yoga mama!!

As it wouldn’t quite be an ordinary moments post without Arthur in there somewhere here is my little yoga baby doing his “downward dog” pose!!


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Me time

  I’m the first to admit that when it comes to Arthur I have been a little obsessive. I guess with being here and everyone I know here working (at the school mostly) and not having family here, I kinda gave myself this 100% 24 hours a day attachment to Arthur.  Little to no me time included! Now i know thats not a bad thing as such but I think it came to a point where I was losing my identity a little bit. This was all totally self inflicted, Mark would tell me to go visit friends, go diving or whatever but I didn’t feel like I should be leaving him. I had a couple of trips out here and there but we are talking less than once a month and never for more than a couple of hours. I felt really bad for Mark as he was feeling like I didn’t trust him with Arthur but that wasn’t the case at all. My thinking was that if Mark was free I wanted us all to be spending time together as a family not me going off by myself! By the time Mum and Dad got here Arthur was 9 months old and I don’t know if it was anticipation of my parents coming but all of a sudden something clicked and I felt ready to start doing some stuff without Arthur, some things where I could be Chantelle again not just Arthur’s Mum. So, what have I been doing? Well, over Easter I did lots of diving. I’ve started running again, I’ve been going pretty much every other day. just short distances but it feels good to be getting into it. I’m hoping this weekend to try a little longer distance and see how I get on. I’m starting French lessons tonight, once a week. I’m excited about this, although, I was really terrible at French at school (I’m going to blame my French teacher though, he was mean!) Other than that its just some little things, taking some time out to look after myself a little bit using some nice products on my hair, using some nice moisturisers…..really simple things that take two minutes, I would never have dreamed of not doing before having Arthur but I just stopped once I had him. Anyway! Having had some me time, I realised that it was not only good for me, but probably good for everyone! I definitely become nicer to be around when I’ve had some time doing something thats for me!  It’s been great for Mark and Arthur too as they’ve got to spend some really nice time together, just the two of them! What do you do for your me time?

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