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Arthur is 34 months old

Arthur is now 34 months old. This month has gone by like a flash. The first half we had Mark home with us as it was school Easter holidays, Arthur always loves it when Daddy is off work!! Daddy is big favourite to Arthur right […]

31 months old

Arthur is now 31 months old. This month has been all about getting back into routine after the Christmas holidays. Mark is now back at work and I was worried about how we were going to get on now that Arthur is no longer taking […]

Freddie is 3 months old

Freddie is three months old!  We fall more and more in love with this amazing little guy every day! He has well and truly stolen our hearts!

3 months old.
Weight: 6.2kg

Freddie is seriously the most smiley happy baby I’ve ever come across.  His smile is amazing, I don’t know if we can officially call it a laugh yet but he really does get so excited and it totally does sound like he’s laughing at us!!  Here is our little smiler at Halloween this year.  Can’t believe Arthur was in that same little skeleton costume 2 years ago, it’s gone by so fast!!

Freddie is 3 months old

We are using cloth nappies in the day time all the time now, he looks so cute in them!  Its nice to be using so much less disposables.  I’m sure we will switch to cloth at night time soon as well.

This last month Freddie has generally been waking up once in the night. We have been so impressed with his sleep.

He had his three month check up.  He’s putting on weight like a little trooper the nurse was super impressed with his size! Such a amazing feeling to know that my milk is doing him so much good.
He had to have his first injection too (well since the one he had at a couple days old in hospital).  It was not nice at all, poor little guy really screamed.  The good thing was that he didn’t seem to suffer too badly following it.  His fever was never really bad, something I remember Arthur had quite badly, but he was quite grumpy.  We kept him dosed up and his sleep wasn’t disrupted which was a relief!  It also didn’t take long to get our happy little man back!

Freddie was a super lucky baby this past month and had his first boat trip!  Not a bad first experience on a catamaran sailing on the Indian Ocean!!  I’ll be writing more about that soon!

Seychelles catamaran boat trip

Freddie and Arthur get closer each day, check out this months update on their relationship if you missed it!

I am so proud of how Freddie is fitting in with our little family it really is like he’s always been here. I’ll be back with another update next month!

Arthur’s Second birthday | island style

As you may know, Arthur has just turned two years old! We did a lovely little tea party with our friends for his first birthday last year and wanted to make sure that we did something special for him (and us!) for his second birthday […]

Arthur is 2 years old

This little gorgeous boy is now 2 years old!! These two years have certainly flown!  In a total parent cliche this day feels just like yesterday We have definitely squeezed in lots though!  They have been filled with love, “cuggles”, firsts, learning, adventures and plenty […]

How I know my son is an island baby!

How I know my son is an island baby! How I know my son is an island baby We are lucky enough to be raising Arthur in the Seychelles. Since he was born here this life is all he knows, but we know just how lucky he is!! I think if we had to move back to the UK tomorrow, there would be some fairly big differences in Arthur compared to other kids his age! So I thought I’d put together a little list on how I know my son is an island baby!

  • Amongst his first words are: Bat, beach, boat, fish, as well as his own special version of the word swimming.  If this doesn’t make him an island baby I don’t know what does!?
  • He is a little fish.  We’ve taken him swimming since he was 6 weeks old, at least once a week but usually more!  He is so confident and happy in the water.  Apart from when we took him to the UK to visit the grandparents he has only ever swam outside!
  • He walks around all day in just a nappy…..frankly anything more is too hot!!  Hell, if I could get away with walking around like that all day I would too!!
  • The closest he’s ever got to being cold was British summer time!
  • His hair is sun kissed and he has a perpetual tan despite my best efforts with the sun cream.  In fact his tan is better than mine!
  • He’s never been to any special baby class, there aren’t any!
  • His best friend is our neighbours cat!
  • Rain is a novelty to him and he’s very excited by it!
  • He hardly ever gets bitten by Mosquitos, when he does it doesn’t bother him at all!!  Everyone we know (including us) when they come to the Seychelles for the first time gets munched on by Mosquitos and the bites itch too!!
  • He’s happiest when he’s outside, preferably at the beach!!  Playing in the sand is the best!  We took him to the beach for the first time when he was 1 week old!!
  • Toys aren’t really that interesting to him….give him some stones, sticks or water to play with and he’s made up!!!
  • Arthur thinks his grandparents live in my iPad!  Thanks to the wonder that is Skype!!
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