Freddie’s first walk

We recently went for a walk in the Vallee De Mai.  Not an unusual event for us, we go at least once a month!  It is without doubt our favourite place to go for a walk.

If you don’t know, the Vallee De Mai, is famous for being the home of the Coco De Mer, the largest seed in the world!  It really is huge, apparently weighing up to 30KG at full size!!

Freddie’s first walk

This visit to the Vallee De Mai though, things were a little different!  This time we ALL went walking!  It was Freddie’s first walk, as opposed to being in the baby carrier!  This kinda blows my mind, It seems like just a minute ago it was Arthur’s first time walking around there!!

We had such a great time.  With Freddie walking around too, the whole dynamic changed so much, but only in a good way!

Arthur was absolutely delighted to get to run around with Freddie in there and Freddie was so excited to finally be able to get down and really explore the place as opposed to just being in the carrier!   It was amazing to see them exploring together!

Walking amongst giants, my boys look tiny in there.  Perhaps thats why I love going so much! This is one of my new favourite pictures!


Arthur took great pleasure in being Freddie’s personal tour guide.


They both are becoming so confident and independent, it’s amazing to see them running around without a care or fear.

freddie's first walk


As always, we stopped at our favourite spot, to look at the river, of course throw a few sticks and stones in, and to look for crabs!

It was also a big trip for another reason as it was the first time Arthur walked round the whole way without needing to be carried.  As you can see, he was very proud!!


I have blogged about coming here before, and I am certain I will blog about it again!  So, apologies if it seems a bit repetitive, but it really is such a special place to go.  If you are visiting Seychelles it is an absolute must (with or without kids!)

I am so happy to have such an amazing place for our kids to explore.  We are so lucky to have so many amazing memories (and pictures) of the boys having the best time here.  They are true explorers, and I hope that they will forever love the outdoors as much as they do now!

Family walk


Now Arthur is walking we were excited to take him to the Vallee de Mai for our first proper family walk together!

It’s an amazing place to go and we are so so lucky that we get to go there for free with our residents card.  The Vallee de Mai is a Unesco World Heritage Site and its a ten minute drive for us to get to!  Apparently when the first people arrived at Seychelles they thought they had discovered the real garden of eden and that the coco de mer tree (the tree that grows the worlds largest nut… looks like a bum, no really have a look )  was the tree of knowledge!

On Friday we went up to the Vallee and had our very first little walk!

We have been to the Vallee de Mai quite a few times before with Arthur but he has always been in the baby carrier. We took it with us this time expecting that after a short time Arthur wouldn’t want to walk any more but he was such a little champion. He walked with us for about 20 minutes holding our hands, stopping to look at lots of things along the way.


We thought his little legs were looking a little tired so we attempted to put him in his carrier……well, let’s just say that didn’t go down to well!! We found a bench and let him chill out for a little bit. We decided to head back to the car and Arthur was happy to be carried (just not in his carrier!)

Mark and I couldn’t keep the smiles of our faces it was the most special little moment.  Our first real family walk, Arthur absolutely loved it too!  A new ordinary moment, one I can’t wait to do again really soon!


Happy Sunday