Splish Splash Splosh

You may have seen on my Instagram that we’ve had a fair bit of rain here recently!  I thought it was only right that I wrote a little post about it!

Rain babies

Arthur has always loved the rain!  He absolutely loves to be out in it.  He’s been like that since he was so small.

As soon as it starts to rain, he runs out and splashes in the puddles.   Now he’s even started to know that it might rain when it goes all dark and cloudy, so the excitement begins even before the drops start to fall!

In the last month or so, Freddie has started to show lots of interest in the rain too.  He is ALWAYS outside anyway but he’s starting to figure out that the rain is lots of fun!

We definitely do have two little rain babies!

Splish Splash Splosh

Last week was half term so Arthur was home from school.  We had quite a lot of rain, it started the afternoon that school finished!!

Arthur being a true nature boy, generally likes to take all his clothes off to be out in the rain but this time I managed to persuade him to keep his T-Shirt on!  Freddie, totally not fussed went out as is!!

splish splash splosh

This was the first time Arthur had actually used his umbrella in the rain.  Usually he likes to take it out and about when its dry, but not when it’s raining.  You know, because it was stopping him getting wet and what’s the point of going out in the rain if you’re going to be dry right?

splish splash splosh

On days like this, even with an umbrella you’re going to get soaking wet!

This was the first time that the boys had really had the chance to be out in the rain together!  It was so much fun to watch!

Splish Splash Splosh! Rain in Seychelles

You can definitely see that they were enjoying each others company out there and it really did add to the fun for them both! It was so amazing to watch them both having so much fun together.   Arthur was teaching Freddie to go “splish splash splosh” in the puddles!!

Splish Splash Splosh! Rain babies, loving the rain

Freddie discovered an extra bonus, the rain drops are even bigger running off the roof!
splish splash splosh

We are so lucky that it is so warm here because we don’t have to worry about them being cold in the rain!  If we lived somewhere else it would be a nightmare trying to get them to get dressed before they ran out the door!!


All together now!

Arthur was not going to let me off just sat taking pictures.   Yep, Mama had to go out in the rain too!  We all ran around like crazy and got soaking wet, Daddy had to join too of course! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately!) we were all too busy having fun at this point to take photos so you’ll just have to take my word that we really did all get out there!

This was repeated several times over the half term!  I hope that it continues to be something that they love to do together, and with us for a long long time!!


Do you have little rain babies too?

splish splash splosh



Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby bumps, twists, and turns around the globe

You may remember me telling you that I was involved in the writing of the fantastic book Knocked Up Abroad, well I’m really excited to tell you that there is a follow up book that has just been released!  I thought I’d share a little about the book.  I’m not in this one but there are some fantastic people with some amazing stories involved!

Read on to hear about Knocked Up Abroad Again, the contributors and how you can get your hands on a copy!

knocked up abroad again launch

What is Knocked Up Abroad Again about?

Knocked Up Abroad Again is the second anthology in the Knocked Up Abroad series, and features stories from 25 different countries as written from the diverse perspectives of 26 women. Each mother, with her unique voice and from her perspective, describes the highs and lows of motherhood as she straddles the distance between what was once familiar with the reality of the challenges posed by her foreign environment.

This heartwarming, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking collection of stories illustrates that the more we see, the more we learn about ourselves as human beings.
The adventuresome spirit of someone who leaves their home country is carried into how they end up expanding their family. Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby bumps, twists, and turns around the globe will take readers on an exciting journey and will keep both experienced travelers and those who prefer to explore from the comfort of their couch entertained and wanting more.

Knocked Up Abroad Again provides a glimpse of the wide range of experiences women face when giving birth and raising their children in a foreign culture, language, and environment. Regardless of the cultural or medical approach, parents everywhere in the world worry about the same thing: the health of their unborn baby. In each of the unique stories in Knocked Up Abroad Again, the concepts of family and love translate into every language and are uniquely celebrated around the world.

Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby bumps, twists, and turns is currently available only on Kickstarter in paperback and ebook formats.

About The Contributors

knocked up abroad again book contributors

The contributors of Knocked Up Abroad Again are all talented writers whose essays can be found on The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Babble, Scary Mommy, ParentCo, Salon, BLUNTMoms, Mamalode, and more. They have tapped into emotional depths to bring readers their personal pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, and parenting stories while living in a foreign country.

About The Editor And Contributing Author

knocked up abroad again editor and contributor lisa ferland

Lisa Ferland is a US citizen who has lived abroad in Sweden since 2012, working as a writer, editor, publisher, and public health consultant. She is currently raising a Lego lover and a Pippi Longstocking fanatic who enjoy behaving like Swedish children with the added bonus of American Thanksgiving holidays.

The Launch

Available only on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/knockedupabroadagain
Dates: September 19—October 19, 2016
Website: knockedupabroad.eu


Knocked Up Abroad Again Kickstarter Video


Knocked Up Abroad Again Book Trailer


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Arthur and Freddie {February 2016}

This has been a very busy month for Arthur and Freddie.  We have moved house and have had a week without Mark while he went to London to interview new teachers for the school.

We have been so proud of how they have dealt with such a big month.

Now Freddie is babbling and starting to sit up they are interacting even more.  Arthur has a special voice he uses only when he speaks to Freddie, it’s so sweet.  I continue to be so impressed with how gentle and tolerant of Freddie he is.  Freddie is also very tolerant with Arthur, because sometimes Arthur is a little over zealous with his affection to him….Freddie will definitely grow up tough!!

Arthur and Freddie {February 2016}

I say it all the time, but these two really are such great little buddies.  Arthur wants Freddie to do everything he’s doing, and Freddie definitely wants to be doing everything Arthur does.

Arthur and Freddie in the garden Arthur and Freddie in the garden


I love watching these two together. Every laugh, cuddle and kiss they share makes me so happy. It always makes me laugh at myself for all the worry I had about how Arthur would react to having a little brother, they are such a great little team!!
As always I look forward to seeing what the next month will bring for my two little guys!

The Me and Mine Project

raising awareness: expat stuck parent

About a month ago I was browsing through my Twitter feed and I came across a retweet of @ExpatStuckParentint
I took a look at the account thinking it might be a new expat family blogger!
It wasn’t, in fact it was kind of the opposite! It is a site dedicated to helping ‘stuck’ expat parents. I had never heard of this before, I clicked through to their website and read on.
After reading, I really wanted to help them raise awareness so offered them a guest post on the blog. So now I’ll hand you over to learn a little more about something I hope none of us will need!!


Hello expat parents: we’re excited to be guest blogging for Seychellesmama and to tell you about us… in the hope that you will never need us!

raising awareness: expat stuck parent

www.expatstuckparent.org is for mums or dads who find themselves trapped in a foreign country because the other parent forbids them to leave with their child/ren. It is also for parents who are forced to leave without their children because of this. You may already know a family in this situation, or may come across one in the future, so we are writing this in the hope that you will be able to offer help by pointing them in the right direction.

What does it all mean? Well, you may not realise this, but if your relationship doesn’t work out and you wish to go home with your child/ren, it’s not that easy. You can’t just up and go, even if you are subject to abuse, or your child is, even if you don’t have a visa to remain in the country after a divorce, or any means of supporting yourself: there is an international law, called the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, which will generally insist that custody issues are settled in the country in which the child has ‘habitual residence’. Unfortunately, the term ‘habitual residence’ is a grey area and can come into force within a few days or weeks, or after a year or more.

To get a better idea of what this really means, here are a couple of imaginary scenarios for you (we have used examples where the mother wishes to return ‘home’ as our statistics show that 97% of parents wanting to return home are mothers, while 92% of them have suffered from abuse, mental health or drug/alcohol problems with the other parent, although of course fathers can also find themselves in such situations):
1.​Andy and Joanna move to New Zealand as Andy has been offered a job there. Joanna is a stay-at-home mum, looking after the couple’s toddlers; she does her best to make friends and settle in to their new home but it’s just not the same… and then Andy has an affair. Joanna decides to get a divorce and plans on going home to Liverpool with the children. She doesn’t tell Andy much about her plans as he has already moved out and is living with his new partner. She returns to Liverpool after less than a year in NZ … what happens next?
2. Shelley left the UK to study in the USA. She met someone and moved in with him but he turned out to be abusive: the police were called several times until she finally gave up and left him. She then realized that she was pregnant but managed to continue with her studies. She has very little contact with the father of her child, who is not interested in his baby. A few years later she is offered a job in France and moves there with her baby… what happens next?
Unfortunately, in both these scenarios, and in many others, the parent in the country where they all were can invoke the Hague Convention and the courts are very likely to insist that the children must return to where the ‘left behind parent’ is and where they had lived, even if it was only for a short time. Shared custody is likely to be the court’s solution, meaning that, in the examples above, the mother then has to remain in that country if she wants to be close to her children. She may not have any support there, no job, perhaps not even a visa that allows her to work or to access any benefits, and this may ultimately result in her deportation. However, the courts are only concerned with where the child is and not with the child’s continued relationship with both parents or indeed with the child’s relationship with their primary carer.
What can we do to help? We were set up in 2012 by mums who have been through it, come out the other side but have not forgotten! We have a lively Facebook page called ‘Expat Stuck Mums’, a twitter feed – @ExpatParentInt and our website. We aim to:

  • Prevent parents from falling into this trap by offering our Pre-emigration contract which helps parents to plan in good time what will happen should the move not work out for them both: http://www.expatstuckparent.org/pre-emigration-contract
  • Raise awareness to prevent this situation through working with the media; contacting decision makers; attending migration fairs and publishing information
  • Support parents through email and Facebook; sharing experiences and linking up parents so they can form local support networks
  • Campaign to change the law so that expat parents wanting to return home are not put into the same category as abduction cases. We are currently writing a new campaign and would welcome your input!
  • We are also really excited about this year because we are applying to become a registered charity (so keep a look out for a relaunch of our site with our new name!). Often people assume that we are paid, have premises and oodles of resources BUT actually we are volunteers doing this in our spare time, whilst working demanding jobs and looking after our families! Wherever you are, if you would like to volunteer please get in touch.

If you need help or support, for yourself or for a friend, or just want to know where to look for confidential advice, you can reach us by email: expatstuckparent@gmail.com / website: www.expatstuckparent.org / Facebook: expat stuck mums / twitter: @ExpatParentInt