Using cloth nappies: 1 year on


Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

We’ve been using cloth nappies for just over a year now.  Arthur was 18 months old when we got them.

In that time Arthur has now fully potty trained (including night time) and now Freddie is in them!

I remember spending so long researching and being nervous about taking the plunge to use cloth nappies.  I’d started looking at it even before I’d had Arthur!  I, like most people I imagine, was nervous about investing a large amount of money in them and then them not working as well as disposables!

I can honestly say that since the day we got our fluffy delivery in the post, we have never looked back!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year later

Both Mark and I find them so easy to use.  We use Baba & Boo pocket nappies.  We have microfibre and bamboo liners that we use for them.  One of the biggest worries, especially for Mark, was that they would be…how can I put it nicely – messy!  They just aren’t!!

When we started out we had 15 nappies, which each came with 2 microfibre inserts, we also ordered an additional 6 bamboo liners, for night time use.

Because I am a worrier, I initially used more liners than I needed and then as my confidence in the nappies grew and I learned the capacities of the different liners I began to use less.

When we had Freddie we got an additional 5 nappies and an extra 10 bamboo liners.   We had the extra bamboo liners so that we could use them during the day as well, they are less bulky and more absorb ant then the microfibre liners.  Freddie was in his full time by 3 months old, this was only because he didn’t fit in them before that.  I’d forgotten just how many nappies teeny babies get through and it was shocking how much our rubbish increased just from disposable nappies!

I have never found our cloth nappies inconvenient when we are out of the house.  If we are going to be out for a while we just shove a plastic bag in our nappy bag.  You can buy proper little bags to put them in, we use a large one for in the house to store dirty nappies in between washes. I would definitely recommend getting one of those!

In regards to washing, we wash our nappies every other day.  The nappies themselves along with the microfibre inserts are very quick to dry.  The bamboo inserts take quite a bit longer.  On a normal day here (pretty hot) they can all be dry in around 4 hours.  If it’s a bit cloudier I tend to leave them out all day.
We also have a washing line that’s under cover for rainy days, if I do my wash first thing in the morning they can all generally still be dry by the end of the day, occasionally I leave overnight.

Aside from all the benefits of money saving and waste reduction, cloth nappies just look SO cute!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

I am so pleased we decided to make the switch to cloth nappies, I can’t imagine it being any other way now!

Freddie is 3 months old

Freddie is three months old!  We fall more and more in love with this amazing little guy every day! He has well and truly stolen our hearts!

3 months old.
Weight: 6.2kg

Freddie is seriously the most smiley happy baby I’ve ever come across.  His smile is amazing, I don’t know if we can officially call it a laugh yet but he really does get so excited and it totally does sound like he’s laughing at us!!  Here is our little smiler at Halloween this year.  Can’t believe Arthur was in that same little skeleton costume 2 years ago, it’s gone by so fast!!

Freddie is 3 months old

We are using cloth nappies in the day time all the time now, he looks so cute in them!  Its nice to be using so much less disposables.  I’m sure we will switch to cloth at night time soon as well.

This last month Freddie has generally been waking up once in the night. We have been so impressed with his sleep.

He had his three month check up.  He’s putting on weight like a little trooper the nurse was super impressed with his size! Such a amazing feeling to know that my milk is doing him so much good.
He had to have his first injection too (well since the one he had at a couple days old in hospital).  It was not nice at all, poor little guy really screamed.  The good thing was that he didn’t seem to suffer too badly following it.  His fever was never really bad, something I remember Arthur had quite badly, but he was quite grumpy.  We kept him dosed up and his sleep wasn’t disrupted which was a relief!  It also didn’t take long to get our happy little man back!

Freddie was a super lucky baby this past month and had his first boat trip!  Not a bad first experience on a catamaran sailing on the Indian Ocean!!  I’ll be writing more about that soon!

Seychelles catamaran boat trip

Freddie and Arthur get closer each day, check out this months update on their relationship if you missed it!

I am so proud of how Freddie is fitting in with our little family it really is like he’s always been here. I’ll be back with another update next month!

TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review

The lovely people at TotsBots kindly sent us one of their award winning Easyfit v4 reuseable nappies to review.

Totsbots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review

We have the ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ design which is based on the nursery rhyme and it is very cute!!

Tots bots have the liner attached already and they come with an additional booster liner for extra absorbency use that pops on, very easy!  (A little more about the liners in a moment!)
TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy reviewPUTTING THE NAPPY ON

Putting this nappy on is super quick and easy!

There are poppers to adjust the height/length of the nappy.

At 22 months (and around 12kg) Arthur is big enough that we do not need to use any of the poppers (so he’s on the biggest setting)
The width of the nappy is adjusted with hook and loop (Velcro) and stretches and wraps round to give a lovely fit.  This makes doing it up as quick and easy as a disposable nappy, in fact TotsBots describe this nappy  “as close as cloth gets to disposable”.

The hook and loop fastening is much stronger than the tabs on disposable nappies though making it harder for your baby to remove their nappy (Arthur used to love taking his disposables off especially at night which can have messy consequences!!!)

Most of the time I’ve used the nappy just with the attached liner.  I’ve added the additonal liner a couple of times.  Obviously, with the additional liner in the nappy is bulkier.  I found it a little harder to get as good of a fit with the extra liner in but I think this would just be down to practice!

The TotsBots Easy fit v4 is a really lovely nappy and I love the design of the one we have been sent!  Makes me sing the nursery time every time I put it on Arthur!!!

The stretch and wrap means that the fit is really good which also ensures there’s no excess bulkiness!
They are generally more compact then our baba&boo nappies which adds to the lack of bulk of them, it could be a problem for particularly tall or big babies but at 22 months there’s still room to grow in them for Arthur so can’t see that it would be too much of an issue for most babies!!

Arthur is definitely super comfy running around in his nappy!

TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review TotsBots Easyfit V4 reusable nappy review

I think my favourite feature of the TotsBots Easyfit V4 is their new ‘binky’ liners!  They are a combo of mega absorbent bamboo and soft fast drying minky!!
It’s nice to have these combined and they are very good!

So far I’ve only used our easy fit during the day so can’t comment on it’s overnight absorbency but I’m sure with the additional liner that comes with the nappy it would be totally fine!
Being as it’s so hot here Arthur sleeps just in a nappy 99% of the time.  With the fastening being Velcro style I’d be a little nervous of Arthur taking the nappy off in the middle of the night.  Obviously, this wouldn’t be a problem for most people as they’d have pjs on their little ones!!

There are little tabs on the Velcro fastening to make sure to make sure that it doesn’t stick to other things in the wash….they work great!
The nappy washes up perfectly.  The ‘Binky’ liner dries nice and quickly too!

So all in all I think that this is a really great nappy. For us, as I mentioned above, we will probably stick with it as a day time nappy, but it definitely is perfect for that!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent this nappy by TotsBots for the purpose of review, however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

So it’s been about four months now since we received our gorgeous Baba&Boo cloth nappies, and since it was our first time using cloth I thought I’d do a review!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

*please note Ive not been paid or compensated in anyway in return for this review all opinions are my own!*

What I loved about Baba&Boo right from the very very beginning was how helpful and approachable everyone was.
Having never used cloth before I had lots of questions.
I was referred to the lovely Sue, who couldn’t be more reassuring, helpful and just lovely!  She made me feel really comfortable with making my selection.
Since the nappies would be coming such a long way to us here in Seychelles this was incredibly important to me, I really wanted to feel confident in what I needed to order!

For me personally, I think this made so much difference in taking the leap into starting with cloth nappies!

We were told that around 15-20 nappies would be good for full time use and to try a few bamboo inserts for night time boosting!

We ordered 15 nappies (each comes with two microfibre inserts), 6 bamboo inserts (for night time use) and 1 large nappy bag for storing dirties until wash time!  I loved that each nappy already came with inserts it made it very simple to order!

When our nappies arrived (baba&boo ship worldwide!) we were instantly excited!  The colours and patterns were so bright and funky we couldn’t wait to start using them!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

As much as I wanted to get going straight away I was sensible and pre-washed them to help with absorbency.  I think I pre-washed them 4 times, back to back cycles and then line dried them.

So I was a little worried about getting this bit right.  Honestly I massively over complicated it all in my head before they arrived!
It was not difficult at all though.  There are lots of poppers on the baba&boo nappies but don’t let that scare you, you really don’t have to do too much!
There are essentially two stages:

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review how to use

Baba&boo cloth nappies review

When I put them on for the first time I realised when I got Arthur down off the changing table they were a little loose around the top so adjusted them quickly and really easily and he was good to go!!
This was a big reason I wanted to switch to cloth in the first place…..I found that all disposables, even ones that claimed you could readjust the tabs never worked as well if you didn’t get it bang on first time and then you had a poorly fitting nappy that would leak in no time!

I like that these are all poppers as it means you are going to get the same fit every time!!
Arthur is big enough now that we don’t pop any of the ‘height’ poppers shut.

As soon as Arthur had his nappy on, we were in LOVE!  He looks so so cute in them!!
Living here, Arthur pretty much lives in just a nappy year round and so it’s so nice to see him in a funky and fun nappy rather than an ugly disposable!!!
I really think that Baba&Boo have the best looking cloth nappies around!!

Baba&Boo cloth nappy review

Something I wasn’t sure about was whether he would still fit in his size shorts (when he does wear them!) or if we would have to go the next size up due to bulk!  We have not found this to be the case at all!
Actually we don’t really notice any difference as at the moment during the day Arthur just has one liner in and so they really are no more bulky then a disposable.
Even with two liners in we can’t really notice a difference under clothes!

I found that right from the first time we used them the nappies were a lot more absorbent then I thought they would be!  The bamboo liners took a little longer to reach their full absorbency but Sue had told us that this would be the case so we were prepared!
We found that after around 8-12 washes all our liners were great!

I think we waited around a week before we decided to take the plunge and try our Baba&Boo cloth nappies over night!  This was mainly due to having some disposables left over, but also as I was nervous about disrupting Arthur’s sleep!!

For a night time nappy we use one microfibre insert and two bamboo inserts!  It does 12 hours no problem!!!

I have been so pleased with how our Baba&Boo nappies wash up, they are still looking brand new!
Of course we are at an advantage living somewhere as warm as we do, however, they do dry nice and quick on the line!
To wash Baba & Boo nappies you take the liners out and chuck them all in the machine! Having the liners seperate to the nappy helps with the drying time!
With 15 nappies we are washing every other day which works totally fine for us.

So that’s my review of Baba&Boo nappies! As you can tell I’m pretty much in love with our Baba&Boo nappies!

Our new cloth nappies {The Ordinary Moments 15} #2

So I wrote a post a little while ago about wanting to switch to Cloth nappies.   After lots of research and recommends from some lovely bloggers, we took the plunge! We ordered our nappies with Baba & Boo and they arrived this week!

It has been a few days of using them now and I am honestly so happy we have switched to cloth…I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner!  In a way, it already feels like we have been using them forever!

First of all, and of course most importantly, Arthur seems really really comfy and happy in them. This was the main reason we wanted them. We’ve has problems with disposables for a while now due to the heat, so we are so happy that the switch seems to be helping!  We went down to the beach to have a little run around, they even appear to be splash proof!!!!

Baba&Boo Cloth Nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Second of all, he looks ridiculously cute in them!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Thirdly, we don’t need to worry about whether or not we will be able to get the disposables we want (it has been an issue for us here!)

And lastly, they are not scary, at all!! They are super easy to use and to wash. I was honestly a bit scared about dealing with a dirty one but it’s totally fine, really!! We’ve even done over night, and no leaks (phew!).

As regular readers of my blog will know, Arthur pretty much lives in just a nappy and so I’m so happy that now he will be in these little beauties instead of just normal disposables! I love our new cloth nappies!!!

This is definitely a very ordinary moment, because let’s be honest, we are talking about nappies here!!! But, at the same time I think it is going to make a huge difference to us!!


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Cloth nappies

Using cloth nappies is something I’ve gone back and forth in my head about since before Arthur was born.

Now almost 17 months later, I wish we had invested from the start!

The reason we never did it was, it is such a pain to get stuff delivered here. Let alone expensive, and we had no idea where to start. We were worried we would not get on with them!!

Also, we already had no idea what we were doing with a baby let alone trying to get our head around all the options and decisions for cloth nappies too!!

However, looking back now, I am pretty cross at myself for not taking the plunge sooner.
It’s so hot and humid here, I think about just how much nicer it would have been for our little guy having all natural materials instead of plastic. I’m sure the disposables cause nappy rash because of the heat.

Of course, another benefit is how much cuter he’d looking roaming around in a little cloth nappy, there are such lovely colours and patterns available!!

Living on a small island, rubbish is an issue! Right now in Seychelles, rubbish is disposed in a landfill. Switching to cloth nappies would obviously be a way for me to lessen our household contribution to this!!

I am seriously looking at going down the cloth route now, I am not sure if it will make any financial sense now, but surely it will be better for Arthur?!!

If you have any advice or recommends about starting with cloth nappies for toddlers I’d love to hear!!

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