Our Christmas Holidays 2018

The Christmas holidays are over, so its definitely time I came back and spent some time on this little space of mine!

Our Christmas Holidays.

We have had such a wonderful few weeks all off together.  The boys were off school for 4 weeks so we definitely fully switched off and relaxed.  Mark had to go to the UK to do some interviews for new staff but other than that he was home with us the whole time.

I think having the 4 weeks over Christmas helped to have other focuses apart from Christmas day itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but with a shorter holiday I feel like that is all you have time to think about and it can be a bit intense!

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Getting back to ordinary {The Ordinary Moments 15} #1

After almost 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, Christmas, and Mark being off work for 4 weeks for Christmas holidays (yay for international school term times!). We are starting to get back to ‘ordinary’ day to day life!

We have not been back a week yet, but it’s amazing how you just slip back into things as they were. What has amazed me even more is how well Arthur has dealt with this.

Okay, the first night back home was a bit rough (due to a 3 am then 5am wake up call courtesy of Arthur!) but apart from that he’s just got straight back on with it!

Aside from that first night though, his sleep has been amazing, his little head is probably filled with lovely dreams from all the wonderful things he’s seen!

He’s loved having all of his toys again, being back in his own lovely comfy bed with all his bed time buddies in there (we only took his bestie combo bunny & blanket with us!)
Getting back to ordinary

We are so lucky that as a teacher, Mark gets fantastic holiday time. It’s always so lovely to have him home for extended periods of time! He goes back to work on Monday and so it will be just Arthur and I again during the day! It will be nice getting back into a proper routine again but we will definitely miss having him home!!

So my first ordinary moments post of 2015, I guess, is more of a transition of getting back to ordinary, but I think it still counts!!

I absolutely loved joining in with the ordinary moments link up last year. It’s so wonderful to celebrate those beautiful little ordinary moments. They can pass by and change so quickly. I know these are the posts I will enjoy looking back on the most.

So here is to 2015 and all the beautiful ordinary yet magic moments it will contain!





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