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Hospital Diary part 1

I wrote a little diary while I was in hospital having Freddie, so I thought I’d share it on the blog!! I’ll start off with part one, my admission into hospital the day before my Caesarian. Hospital Diary part 1: 10/08/15 This morning at 10am […]

Freddie Ocean

Meet Freddie Ocean! He arrived safe and sound at 3.1kg on 11th August 2015 by Caesarian Section, all went as planned!  I’ll write another post about our experience in hospital another time! This teeny boy has made a big change to our little family. We […]

37 weeks pregnant

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, that means I’m officially full term which is really exciting!!  If you missed my 36 week update be sure to check it out!

Weight 67.7 kg (that’s +1.1kg in one week eeek!!)

Here’s me this week

37 weeks pregnant bump shot

I’ve had my final midwife appointment on Praslin this week, all went fine.  I will have one final check up near to where we are staying on Mahe and then that will be it before I check in to hospital to meet baby boy!!

With going to Mahe this Sunday I think this may be my last bump update!!  I’m not so sure of our internet access there, if I can get one in next week then of course I will!  If not I’ll probably still write it and publish it when we get back to Praslin.  That will definitely be weird since we will have our little guy by then but it will be nice to look back on it later on!!

Bags are partly packed to go now, I’ve not packed anything for myself yet though!!   This week is rolling through so fast, I feel like I’ve got more time then I really do!!
We are going to get all toiletries for baby and me on Mahe so it’s one less thing to fly over with! But, as usual it’s pretty much been left to a last minute thing!!!

I am ridiculously uncomfortable most of the time now, and my energy is totally zapped!  I don’t know how I’d be coping if mark wasn’t home right now!!

Sleep is continuing to be really broken which is not ideal but I guess it’s preparing me for night feeds!!

I’ve had some really painful Braxton hicks contractions where they’ve literally stopped me in my path.  I never had anything like this with Arthur, I guess because he was breach where this little guy is head down so there’s more pressure!?
Anyway I try to remain calm when it happens, but I’m not gonna lie, I freak out a little each time!!

Arthur has been giving loads of kisses and cuddles to my tummy mostly accompanied with “ahhhhh baby” which is so cute!
He’s also been saying “touch” as in touch the baby because we’ve been telling him that the baby will be here soon and showing him where he will sleep and all the little clothes!!

So, here’s this week’s countdown to our Caesarian and meeting baby boy!!
37 weeks pregnant!  Countdown to Caesarian section

It’s actually closer to one week now, we are so excited!!

So, hopefully I can do one last bump update next week if not I’ll be back…..with a baby!!!


36 weeks pregnant

I’m 36 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week take a look at my 35 week update   Measurements Weight: 66kg (eeek well and truly over the 10 stone mark now!!) Fundal measurement: ooops forgot this one! Estimated baby weight from scan: 2.4kg Here’s me […]

35 weeks pregnant

I’m 35 weeks pregnant.  Check out my 34 week update if you missed it! This week our little guy is around 46cm long and weighing around 2.4kg (around the same weight as a honeydew melon!) His little kidneys are now fully functioning! Here’s me this […]

Having a baby in the Seychelles as an Expat

I wrote a post with a guide to expat pregnancy in the Seychelles so I thought I’d follow it up with a post about having a baby in the Seychelles

Having a baby in the Seychelles as an expat

As I mentioned last time, I ended up having to have a Caesarian with Arthur due to him being breach.

Now, I can only speak from my experience and that of people I know who have had their babies here too…
But, there’s an opinion that expats are ‘encouraged’ towards having a Caesarian.  I’m not 100% sure why this is the case.   It could be to guarantee what doctor you will have!
Cynics will also tell you that it’s because you have to spend more money (cost of the operation plus a longer stay in hospital!)

Saying that, as long as there are no medical reasons for having a Caesarian you’re not going to be forced to have one!  I have expat friends who have had natural births here.

As my experience is in Caesarian section that’s what I’ll discuss here!


As I mentioned in my post about being pregnant here in Seychelles, we had done a hospital visit.  Had the shock that the hospital was pretty dated looking (to be nice) and could definitely do with at least a lick of paint!! I do want to say though that this was 2 years ago and they was a lot of construction going on so this may well no longer be the case….I’ll do an update to this post after we have our little boy bump next month!!

I had to ‘check in’ to the hospital the day before my Caesarian at midday.  I met the anesthetist who discussed the different options with us.  We settled on having an epidural as opposed to general anesetic.  He made me feel very positive and relaxed about the whole thing.  I had never actually considered general anesetic being an option to be honest. It was weirdly reassuring to know that different options were actually available.
I then went up to the ward where the baby was monitored and I was checked in.  I was asked a bunch of questions including some about my religious beliefs.
I was taken to a bed in a big shared room but there were no other people in there.
By around 2pm I was left to my own devices.  Not allowed to leave the hospital, no wifi, no AC…..boring to say the least!!  On reflection I should have taken the time to enjoy those few final hours of being totally alone!  After all, you don’t get much chance for that once the baby arrives!


The day of the operation I got to have Mark and my parents with me before I went in.  In the Seychelles no one is allowed in with you for the operation itself. So in I went all by myself!
I wrote more details of the operation and how it went in my birth story if you want to know more.

They used staples as opposed to stitches, I think this is uncommon in the UK. Not sure as to the benefits or drawbacks of either.
I was given morphine and paracetamol when I needed it afterwards.


I stayed in hospital for a total of 5 nights and In that time I had 3 different rooms.  It was pretty annoying having to move but I understood why.  The first night in the “waiting room” as it was, the 2 days following the Caesarian in a room right opposite the midwives station and then I was moved right down the end for the last two nights.

When I had Arthur in 2013 there was 1 private room in the ward but it was not available.  They were in the process of a big renovation project and so I assume that there will be more.  However, I am not sure if that work has been completed yet.

In the night times they would take Arthur so that I slept.  At the time, this mortified me.  I felt like they thought I wasn’t capable of looking after my son.  I felt very vulnerable and upset.  Looking back on it now, I think the reasons behind it was because I’d had a Caesarian they wanted me to get rest.

I had a little trouble getting the hang of breastfeeding and the midwives were very supportive of me and helped whenever I needed it. Although, taking Arthur at night would have done nothing to help my milk supply.  In the end, I was given a little bit of tough love.  I think that’s what I needed.  Honestly, I was an emotional mess while I was in hospital and I think I needed them to snap me out of it.


So on my 6th day I knew I wanted to go home and had decided that I would be going home!!!  I had to wait to be ‘released’ by a doctor.  I was checked over and given the ok.  I then had to wait for a paediatric nurse to ‘release’ Arthur.  He had lost a little weight but they said it was okay.

I called Mark and told him to come and get me, I was desperate to leave!!

The midwife then asked me if I’d have someone with me, aside from Mark.  When I said my mum would be there she told me
“Good, otherwise I wouldn’t let you leave”
Essentially saying Mark and I couldn’t be trusted on our own. Great for my self esteem!
Again, looking back on this it makes perfect sense. But at the time all I could think was that I was being judged as not good enough!!

We were given our bill that we had to pay, although we couldn’t pay it that day as it was a public holiday so the office was closed!

The bill is kind of hilarious, we couldn’t believe how literally EVERYTHING was individually itemised and charged for, right down to individual capsules of paracetamol!
So it ended up coming to around 15,000SCR-roughly around £750 for 5 nights stay, my operation and all aftercare including meds and food-the hospital is most certainly NOT high on my recommended places to eat, I must say!


Before we could leave Mahe, we had to register Arthur’s birth. Mark dealt with this, I did not need to be there!
As we had booked our accomodation based around having a natural birth we had extra time left at our apartment on Mahe. I had my staples checked and then taken out a few days later at a little health centre near where we were staying. There were no checks on Arthur for the rest of the time we were on Mahe which I thought was strange!

We took a flight back to Praslin, it was one of the more turbulent inter island flights we had. I was told I had to hold on very tight to Arthur! He was awake an decided he wanted to be fed and so screamed the whole way (luckily it’s only a 15 min flight) until I could feed him once we had landed safely!

Arthur was more than 2 weeks old before he had his first check. The midwife came to us and did a really quick check, looked round the house. Measured him (by hanging him upside down by his feet….no, really!) and then left again!
That was the only home visit we had. There wasn’t a whole lot of support post hospital I have to say.

From then on we went to our health centre for weight checks and vaccinations, none of which we have had to pay for.

33 weeks pregnant!

I’m 33 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week, check out my 32 week update! This week little boy bump is weighing around 2kg (same as a pineapple, mmmm pineapple!) and is about 44cm long. Here’s me this week This week has actually gone quite […]