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37 weeks pregnant

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, that means I’m officially full term which is really exciting!!  If you missed my 36 week update be sure to check it out! Weight 67.7 kg (that’s +1.1kg in one week eeek!!) Here’s me this week I’ve had my final midwife […]

36 weeks pregnant

I’m 36 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week take a look at my 35 week update   Measurements Weight: 66kg (eeek well and truly over the 10 stone mark now!!) Fundal measurement: ooops forgot this one! Estimated baby weight from scan: 2.4kg Here’s me […]

34 weeks pregnant

I’m 34 weeks pregnant!  If you missed it, check out my 33 week update.

Weight: 64.2kg
Fundal measurement: I *think* it was 34 inches 

Here’s me this week:
34 weeks pregnant

This week has completely flown by!
I had my midwife appointment Thursday, I was honestly dreading it after being a bit told off the last couple times for not putting enough weight on!  
We waited for ages to see the midwife.  A lady told me in Creole (the local language) what I thought was that the midwife had gone but she will be back in a few minutes.  Perhaps I misunderstood!  
Anyway, after about 30 mins she still wasn’t back so the midwife who I had with Arthur saw me instead.  As I may have mentioned before, she’s a little bit of a dinosaur and very old fashioned!  She was quite nice to us this time.  As you can see I have put on weight (yay).  She did my fundal measurement and I told her that the other midwife said I had been measuring small.  She told me my measurement was fine.  I think she said it was 34 but then she did check it again and then just said it was fine!  
I’m booked in for another appointment in two weeks time.  I will have another scan the same day.
I didn’t get to hear baby’s heart beat this time around, as I said, this midwife is pretty old fashioned, so instead of using the machine she used the old school upside down wineglass looking thing (my mum said it’s called a horn!?…I’m clearly having wine withdrawals!!!) 

Still getting Braxton Hicks a lot, sometimes it’s quite painful. I told the midwife that I’d been feeling lots of pressure and she said that it was the babies head.  Obviously with Arthur being breach I never experienced that!!  

Arthur has been really cuddly with me this week and telling me to “sit” a lot.  I think he’s realising that I’m slow and tired bless him!!  
We’ve had a few no nap days, one where it resulted in Arthur being mega grumpy and tantrum every 5 minutes which was awful.  We’ve also had some lazy cuddly afternoons which is quite alright with me, although I would still really like him to continue to nap!!!!

I have been on a bit of a baking mission this week, for no particular reason!  I’ve made cookies, shortbread and butterfly cakes (might explain the weight gain!) Mum says I’m nesting!  It would be great if my nesting was more geared towards getting organised instead of making us all fat but it’s nice to have yummy treats in the house! Last time round I think all my nesting was used up on getting Arthur’s cot ready!

Next week is Mark’s last week at work, we are all very ready for him to be finished!  We then will have two weeks before we go to Mahe.  Those two weeks will be full of organising everything in preparation for baby boy! 

This week’s countdown to our Caesarian date
34 weeks pregnant countdown to Caesarian date

Woohoo can’t wait to meet our little guy!

I’ll be back next week with my 35 weeks update!

32 weeks pregnant

I am 32 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week, check out my 31 week pregnancy update. This week little boy is around 42cm long and weighs around 1.7kg My measurements Weight: 62.8kg (+0kg) Fundal Measurement: 29 inches (+0 inches) * more on this in […]

31 weeks pregnant

I’m 31 weeks pregnant!  If you missed last week, take a peek at my 30 weeks update!  This week our little boy is over 41cm long and is weighing around 1.5kg (how perfect for our little Seychelles baba!)  He apparently is heading for a growth […]

26 weeks pregnant

I’m 26 weeks pregnant.
If you missed last week, check out my 25 week update

This week our little guy is around 36 cm long and weighs around 760g (apparently the same weight as a red cabbage, who knew!?)
That is more than 100g in a week so he’s definitely starting to pile some fat on now!!  Grow little baby grow!!
Apparently he is also starting to practice breathing movements, doing little inhales and exhales of amniotic fluid….amazing!

This weeks bump Measurement: 40.5 inches (no change this week!)
This months weight: 61.1kg (+1.7kg in one month)

Here’s me this week:
26 weeks pregnant

So this week has been pretty busy.  Still have mum and dad here which is nice, although they leave on Sunday so it will be back to reality next week!

I had a pre-natal massage on Tuesday which was so so nice!  I would totally recommend to any pregnant lady because it really does feel amazing!  As I mentioned last week I’ve been getting a sore back and hips and it really helped ease that up, for a couple of days at least!!
I’m still enjoying my online pregnancy fitness class, if you want to know any more about it check out my review!

Thursday I had my monthly midwife appointment.
She did my first fundal measurement, and told me I was a little small for dates saying I was around 22cm when I should be about 25cm.  I was told not to worry but that I should eat more protein and vitamin C.  Of course I was worried anyway but Mum and Dad reminded me that I measured small with Arthur too and he’s totally fine 🙂
Next time I go I’ll get her to show me my measurements with Arthur to compare!
I also got to hear baby boy’s heartbeat which was really lovely and was told it was 145 bpm which apparently is normal so that’s good news!!

I told my midwife that I wanted to book in for a Caesarian section this time round.  With Arthur I had a elcs due to him being breach.  I have been told I can try to have a natural birth this time round but in all honesty the thought of having to have an emergency Caesarian due to complications from first Caesarian absolutely terrifies me.  I’d rather know that both me and the baby are safe from the start.
I’m sure there are some that may judge me for that but it’s a decision that me and my family think is best.

From now on my midwife appointments will be twice monthly so I have another at the end of May.  I’ll start from then including the fundal measurements in my stats at the top of the posts!

I’ve just measured my bump around my belly button and as you can see by my measurements at the top there has been no change this week in measurement.  I’m not going to freak out about this, I’m getting loads of kicks, in fact huge kicks this week.  I also know that little boy is shifting about a lot in there so perhaps he’s just laying differently to how he was last week!  If no change by midwife appointment at the end of the month or my movements decrease I’ll obviously go down to see someone straight away….but for now I’m going to be rather unlike myself and remain rational and calm about it all haha!  My bump feels bigger and my mum says it looks different, like a bit pointier!!!!

My belly button has well and truly popped which grosses me out no end.  I’ll be honest, it looks a whole lot like a cats bum!!!  You can see it through my tops if I wear something tight, I wore a plaster over it last time and I think I’ll be doing the same this time!!!

I think that’s all for today!  I’ll be back next week with my next update!!

25 weeks pregnant

I’m 25 weeks pregnant! If you missed last week, check out my 24 week update! This week our little boy is around 35cm long and weighs around 660g which is as much as a swede!  (which reminds me I don’t think I’ve had swede since […]