Bunny and Blanket {The Ordinary Moments 15} #6

Bunny and Blanket have been with Arthur since he first left the hospital.  
In the little travel cot he had to call home while we stayed in Mahe 
Bunny and Blanket
Then once we got back home to our little house, and his big cot, in Praslin.
Bunny and Blanket

Bunny and Blanket

There’s not been a night where Arthur has been without them

We only have one Bunny, which frankly terrifies me!  It was a gift and we don’t know where it was from!!

There are actually two Blankets, and when I say blanket I mean Aiden and Anais large muslins.  One is blue and one is white with spotty patterns on.  I don’t know how we have got away with it but it seems to be no problem for us to change between the two of these! Blanket is never really used as an actual blanket any more. Arthur actually doesn’t like it if I try and put it over him, it’s just for cuddling!!

These days Bunny is definitely more of a grey colour and is looking a little rough around the edges.  I kind of like that, It shows how loved he is.  

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed that we are seeing more of Bunny and Blanket.
They have always been confined to snuggles in bed.  However, Arthur is now a pro and getting in and out if the cot wih the side down and as a result Bunny and Blanket have been out and about more too!!
Bunny and Blanket
Now we are preparing him for his big boy bed, he’s sleeping with the side of the cot down.  So in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) he will come running in with Bunny and Blanket and jump into bed with us!

We will be doing something in the house and all of a sudden Arthur will run off and I will hear “ahhhhh” I know he’s grabbed Bunny and Blanket.  He will then come running back into the room with them, it’s very cute.
In fact he’s just done that now as I’m writing this, it’s 6am we are watching Toy Story 3.
Bunny and Blanket

For now, Arthur hasn’t really shown any interest in taking them out with us, and I’m happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.  The idea of them being lost, or getting dirty when it’s too late to wash and dry them for that night is just not worth thinking about!!!!

I got a bit teary eyed looking back at these pictures, it’s not until you look back on those tiny baby pics that you realise just how much has changed!!

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Bed time story {The Ordinary Moments} #28

This week I’m heading back inside for our ordinary moments after a few weeks over sharing some of our outdoor ordinary moments.

Bed time story

I’ve always loved our bed time routine for Arthur. Something that’s been consistent for him since he was tiny. It’s amazing really how it gives him a signal that it’s the end of the day and time to go to sleep.

We always used to snuggle up all together while Arthur had his milk, then do his story before we put him into bed. Now he’s 16 months old and running around all over the place, we’ve made a bit of a change. Arthur was getting distracted by anything and wandering off!!

So now what happens is that Arthur has his milk, his teeth cleaned and then he puts himself into bed for story time. We are really enjoying this new change. Even though we are not getting full on snuggles, Arthur takes turns going from me to Mark giving us a cuddle and a kiss while we read a story.

With Mark being at work all day, this is a true highlight for his day. This lovely time of day with us all together.

We are in love with The Gruffalo in this house, in fact, all of Julia Donaldson’s books, so these definitely dominate the bed time story choices! After this we do Arthur’s lullaby, the same we’ve done since he was ever so small. Then it’s off to the land of nod for our little guy!! A little ordinary moment for us, one that I’m sure is similar for families all over the world. I like that although we live somewhere very different there are lots of moments in our day that would be very similar wherever we lived in the world!

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