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Sleep is So Important for Children: Nail the Bedtime Routine

There are statistics that show that children, all over the world, are getting less sleep than ever before. This is an alarming trend which some devastating consequences. Not being able to concentrate and focus in school is just the tip of the iceberg. Tired children […]

Freddie is 11 months old

Freddie is 11 months old!  We are officially on coutdown to having a 1 year old! We are now pretty settled in to life with Arthur being at school, Freddie is still having a two hour nap in the mornings but he then has time […]

Freddie is 9 months old

Our little teeny tiny Freddie is 9 months old!!

Freddie is 9 months old

He really isn’t so teeny tiny any more but its a name that has definitely stuck for him, I’ll probably always call him that now, poor thing!!!

Freddie has well and truly mastered crawling this month, I can’t believe how fast he is! Its definitely making things a lot more challenging, especially when trying to keep an eye on Arthur as well.
He’s starting to cruise around the furniture a little bit now too, although he does still get upset trying to do it sometimes!
I think this month we will see Freddie being able to stand on his own, he’s definitely starting to try it for a couple of seconds here and there.

With Freddie being so keen to get around these days, bumps and bangs are coming thick and fast! We even had to do a trip to hospital after he got a nasty cut just above his eye from faceplanting the step into the shower. He was so very brave, but it looked nasty so wanted to get him checked out. No concussion or anything which was my main concern, but he did have to have a stitch in. Apparently they do not have butterfly stitches here in Seychelles, so it had to be a proper needle and thread stitch….no dissolvable stitches either so we had to go back to have it removed a week later my poor little guy. Seeing him in so much pain as they did it was horrendous; we had to pin him down, looking back on it still makes me feel sick!

Freddie is 9 months old
It has healed up very nicely though, and is already not very obvious which we are really thankful for!

A big thing for our little guy this month is that he is now in his own room. Well, actually we moved rooms and left him where he was, but you know what i mean! I remember when Arthur went into his own room and I had that exact same feeling of worry, sadness and separation. It didn’t take long for it to feel normal though and once I realised that I could definitely hear him when he woke up I was fine!

For me, the biggest thing that has happened this month – totally selfishly, is that Freddie is now sleeping through the night WOHOOOOO!! It’s been about 2 weeks now. I don’t think that its a coincidence that it has come around the time we moved rooms. It was the same with Arthur.
This does also mean that I have now finished breastfeeding. Like with Arthur though I kind of like that it happened like this, it’s been stopped by Freddie not by me!

Freddie has 2 bottles of formula a day now one first thing in the morning and one before bed. He’s eating three meals a day, and he really is eating too! This boy can put a serious amount of food away, its impressive! He’s got 5 teeth now (3 on top two on the bottom) and he’s definitely eating better as a result of it!

He continues to be the happiest little thing, and Arthur is definitely still the one to make him smile the most!  We are getting the 5 o’clock grumps though aka the witching hour!!  As soon as dinner is in front of him though he’s back to being happy again!


Freddie is 8 months old

Freddie is 8 months old! This has been a BIG BIG month for my tiny one! He has a tooth!!  Woohoo, I was genuinely starting to get concerned that he was never going to get any!!  I had been secretly googling about it like the […]

Freddie is 7 months old

Freddie is 7 months old. So we are officially in the back half of his first year!! The time so far has absolutely flown by and considering it only feels like 5 minutes ago that I had Arthur let alone Freddie I know it will […]

Freddie is 6 months old

Freddie is 6 months old.  Half a year already!

There is not a day that goes by where we don’t fall more in love with this little guy!

Freddie is 6 months old


I was certain that by the time I started writing this Freddie would have a tooth or two the amount he has been drooling and biting on things, but he is still our little toothless wonder!!  Teething has been horrible this last month.  We have really seen Freddie struggle with it, its been horrible.  I have to say that its also come as a bit of a shock to me.  That might sound sort of weird but Arthur’s teeth popped out a lot quicker than this and bothered him for a day or two but other than that he wasn’t too bad.  Another part of how different babies can be that we are realising!!

Weaning has now well and truly commenced and this month Freddie has certainly found his appetite!  This boy is absolutely loving his food now.  Initially he wasn’t so sure, but now he is unstoppable!!  He has so far loved everything we have given him.  Mostly he is still having puréed food, but that won’t be for much longer I don’t think.  I wanted to wait for Freddie to be able to sit up by himself before properly starting baby led weaning, he’s pretty much there now.

6 months old. Weaning.

So yes thats another thing, its a pretty big deal really!  Freddie is sitting up!!  Each day he is able to sit up for a little more.  He’s done around a minute or so now.  Its been amazing watching him get better and better at this.  Mark had to go to London for work at the start of this week and he couldn’t really sit up at all and now almost a week later and he’s able to do it so much better!  I took this picture the other day and it kinda sums up this week, Freddie looks so proud of himself sitting up, but at the same time a bit shocked.  He also looks very wobbly, which he was…he toppled over a couple seconds after that picture was taken.  It’s not the best quality picture as it was hurriedly snapped but it’s the first one I have of him sitting up so it will always be special!

6 months old.  Starting to sit up unaided


Sleep, its been tough this month I’m not going to lie.  I’m putting it down to teething.  Calpol does help anyway.  I’m not going to dwell on it, because I’m too tired and don’t want to get grumpy!!

Freddie still absolutely loves to be in the water.  Now we have a big showers in our new house he can splash around in the shallow water with lots of room.  Arthur is always there too and they love splashing together.  The swimming pool is also still a big favourite, he seems so comfortable and relaxed in the water.  That makes me so happy!!

I’ve got Freddie’s 6 month check up on Monday, so I’ll write about that another time.  Fingers crossed its all fine.

I can only hope that the next six months will see Freddie continuing to be the happy smiley little one that he has been so far.  I know he will carry on bringing us all so much happiness, far more than he will ever know I’m sure!

Freddie is 5 months old!

Freddie is 5 months old!   Freddie is still the happiest baby ever, he is so smiley and so content. He is properly laughing now and it is amazing!!  Most of Freddie’s laughs go to Arthur, he totally adores his big brother!  Another sure way […]