Arthur & Freddie {March 2016}

It’s that time again already, here are Arthur & Freddie in March 2016.

Arthur & Freddie {March 2016}

I’ve fallen out with my camera this last month as I continue to only be able to capture blurry shots. Of course it doesn’t help that I have two wriggly worms for sons!  This picture is one of the only ones I’ve taken this month that’s not really blurry!  It is a cute one though and kinda sums up their personalities right now!

I took loads of pictures this day and there are some really lovely ones of the two of them playing nicely together, but they are so so blurred I just can’t use them.

I’ll figure it out i’m sure.

Anyway, back to my boys. With Freddie now sitting up and being on the verge of crawling he is proving more and more interesting to Arthur every day. Arthur truly sees him as his play mate, and they love to be together.

At least once a day (on top of actual bath time in the evening) we get the shower running, fill up the baby bath and let the boys have a splash about in there. They love it. It’s a great way to keep them cool, as well as for them to have fun.

Aside from that the other way these two love to spend time is in Freddie’s cot. Arthur loves to take all his soft toys in there and play about in there. But Freddie has to be there too. I love that he wants to include him in his games and that he just wants to be around him.

As a bonus to me, I’m finding that if one is eating the other one wants to as well. Arthur is a bit of a pain for getting down from the table mid way through his food but now if Freddie is eating he tends to stick around a bit longer! If Arthur is eating anything, Freddie wants it! I need to get a bit more organised at having some more Freddie friendly snacks at hand for when Arthur is chomping on something at snack time! Freddie still doesn’t have any teeth so there’s lots he can’t have still!


We are so happy with the way these two are together.  Both so tolerant of each other and SO loving towards one another.  Each month I love to see their bond strengthen.  I’m such a proud mama!!

The Me and Mine Project

Arthur and Freddie {February 2016}

This has been a very busy month for Arthur and Freddie.  We have moved house and have had a week without Mark while he went to London to interview new teachers for the school.

We have been so proud of how they have dealt with such a big month.

Now Freddie is babbling and starting to sit up they are interacting even more.  Arthur has a special voice he uses only when he speaks to Freddie, it’s so sweet.  I continue to be so impressed with how gentle and tolerant of Freddie he is.  Freddie is also very tolerant with Arthur, because sometimes Arthur is a little over zealous with his affection to him….Freddie will definitely grow up tough!!

Arthur and Freddie {February 2016}

I say it all the time, but these two really are such great little buddies.  Arthur wants Freddie to do everything he’s doing, and Freddie definitely wants to be doing everything Arthur does.

Arthur and Freddie in the garden Arthur and Freddie in the garden


I love watching these two together. Every laugh, cuddle and kiss they share makes me so happy. It always makes me laugh at myself for all the worry I had about how Arthur would react to having a little brother, they are such a great little team!!
As always I look forward to seeing what the next month will bring for my two little guys!

The Me and Mine Project

Arthur and Freddie {January 2016}

So this month Arthur and Freddie continue to be amazing together.  They can’t get enough of each other!  I know this all sounds really cheesy, and frankly a little unbelievable, but really these two are truly the best of friends.  Every day I am thankful for how much these two love each other, I spent so much of my pregnancy being worried about this!

Arthur and Freddie.

Freddie constantly smiles at Arthur.  His eyes really do light up when he sees him.

Arthur spends so much time cuddling, kissing, holding hands with Freddie it’s so amazing.

Arthur and Freddie

Freddie is laughing now and the majority of his laughs definitely go to Arthur.  He especially laughs when Arthur is eating!  We have just started weaning with Freddie, hopefully he will learn to enjoy that as much as he enjoys watching Arthur eat!

Arthur has stopped napping in the day now so we don’t get those extra special waking up snuggles but these two still have lots of snuggle time every day.
Often when we go and get Freddie from his cot when he wakes up from a nap Arthur goes and gets his bunny and blanket and has a nice cuddle with his brother.  He likes that Freddie has his own special cuddle toy (Ducky!) and blanket.
I had wondered if we would have any problems with that, like Arthur wanting to have Freddie’s Ducky or his blanket, especially as they both have ones from Aiden&Anais so they look the same.  But, nope, Arthur loves his and loves to give Freddie his own ones.  I’ve even seen Arthur give Freddie his bunny to snuggle up to, this was possible the nicest and sweetest thing I have ever seen!!

thats my update for this month!  I’m hoping to have lots more of the same this month, and I can enjoy watching their bond grow by the day!

Freddie’s first swim

This is a little late in coming, but here is a little about Freddie’s first swim!  We took Arthur swimming for the first time when he was 6 weeks old, so Freddie followed in his big brothers footsteps and went at 6 weeks too!!

Of course we don’t have any indoor swimming pools or anything here so Freddie’s first swim, like Arthur’s, was in an outdoor pool at a hotel.

It wasn’t at the same pool as Arthur’s first swim but this place is the closest to where we live now, it takes us all of about 2 minutes to walk there!  We go at least once a week.  We usually get a couple of drinks, this place does great milkshakes and iced coffees!  Quite often on a Friday Mark will call me as he’s leaving work to say lets go to the pool!  A perfect way to start the weekend and a definite plus of expat life in the Seychelles.So heres Freddie’s first swim!  His very very first impressions were not all that great!!


Arthur was delighted that Freddie was in the pool swimming with him!


He was very quick to reassure him that swimming was actually great fun!!

P1050034 Within a minute Freddie realised that swimming was actually pretty great and really enjoyed it!!  Our boys were clearly born to be in the water!


Freddie definitely was loving the water and that made this mama very proud and happy.  Honestly, quite relieved too….it would be pretty tough if we had a baby that didn’t like being in the water living here!





We managed to squeeze in for a family selfie.  As what I think will become the normal now with two kids, it’s not a ‘perfect’ family shot but I love it all the same….if only I had my glasses on to hide those giant suitcases under my eyes!!!

Freddie's first swim Family selfie Seychelles

After about 20 minutes we got Freddie out, while he was still happy!  I think he would have stayed in longer but we didn’t want to push our luck after such a successful first swim for our little fish!

In true island style Freddie dried off enjoying the late afternoon sun!  Perfection.


Freddie's first swim
Twinkly Tuesday

Arthur and Freddie {October 2015}

So a month has passed already and it’s time for a little Arthur and Freddie siblings update!!

These two continue to be so gorgeous together!!

Arthur and Freddie. Siblings, brothers, toddler & newborn

Arthur still just can not get enough of his baby brother, he wants to be touching him all the time. He is especially into holding Freddie’s hands it’s so sweet.
Arthur and Freddie. Brothers
Freddie loves to watch his big brother. The thing is, is that Arthur wants to be so so close to him that he can get a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Poor Arthur doesn’t quite get that Freddie doesn’t really love being all squished when he cuddles him all the time!!  Arthur tries his hardest to be so gentle with him, he is such a softie.
Arthur and Freddie. Brothers. Cuddles

Freddie is still very much my secret weapon to wake Arthur up, he doesn’t get grumpy at all if he is there and they have the loveliest of cuddles!

I am still really sure that Arthur and Freddie will be such buddies, especially if Arthur has anything to do with it. If Freddie isn’t in the room he is asking after him. If he hears him cry he goes to him. When Arthur comes into our bedroom he goes straight to Freddie and says “morning Freddie!” It couldn’t really be any cuter!!

dear beautiful