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Siblings {September 2015}

This is my first time joining in with the siblings link up. It’s one I’ve been really excited about joining in with since I first found out we were having Freddie!

So, as I have gushed about quite a lot already both on the blog and across social media, Arthur and Freddie are already best friends!
Siblings Freddie and Arthur brothers story time

I had a lot of pregnancy guilt second time around and spent a lot of time worrying how Arthur would respond to having a baby brother. So far, it couldn’t have been any better. From their first hospital cuddles Arthur has absolutely adored Freddie.

Obviously, it’s sort of been one way traffic, however, I really feel like I see Freddie’s eyes light up when Arthur is around and I’m pretty sure Arthur will get the first smile!!
Siblings, Arthur and Freddie.  Brothers
Arthur gives Freddie so much attention, I perhaps would like if he left him alone while he napped, but I’m sure Arthur will soon figure out that I’m free to play a lot more if Freddie stays asleep!!

Speaking of sleep, Freddie has actually become my secret weapon when it comes to waking Arthur up from his nap! ย Arthur has always been grumpy getting up from his nap, but since I’ve been waking him up with Freddie its been all change. ย Arthur is so happy to see his baby brother and gives a sleepy smile and then they have the loveliest cuddles. ย It is ridiculously cute!!

Siblings Arthur and Freddie brothers cuddles

I am already absolutely loving sitting back and enjoying watching their relationship develop! We couldn’t be more proud of the way Arthur has just absolutely embraced the role of big brother! There has been no jealousy or resentment at all. Long may this continue! I hope I can be just as “gushy” and proud next month!!

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