Our new cloth nappies {The Ordinary Moments 15} #2

So I wrote a post a little while ago about wanting to switch to Cloth nappies. ย  After lots of research and recommends from some lovely bloggers, we took the plunge! We ordered our nappies with Baba & Boo and they arrived this week!

It has been a few days of using them now and I am honestly so happy we have switched to cloth…I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! ย In a way, it already feels like we have been using them forever!

First of all, and of course most importantly, Arthur seems really really comfy and happy in them. This was the main reason we wanted them. We’ve has problems with disposables for a while now due to the heat, so we are so happy that the switch seems to be helping! ย We went down to the beach to have a little run around, they even appear to be splash proof!!!!

Baba&Boo Cloth Nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Second of all, he looks ridiculously cute in them!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Thirdly, we don’t need to worry about whether or not we will be able to get the disposables we want (it has been an issue for us here!)

And lastly, they are not scary, at all!! They are super easy to use and to wash. I was honestly a bit scared about dealing with a dirty one but it’s totally fine, really!! We’ve even done over night, and no leaks (phew!).

As regular readers of my blog will know, Arthur pretty much lives in just a nappy and so I’m so happy that now he will be in these little beauties instead of just normal disposables! I love our new cloth nappies!!!

This is definitely a very ordinary moment, because let’s be honest, we are talking about nappies here!!! But, at the same time I think it is going to make a huge difference to us!!


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