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My fitness in January

I’m very excited to start these new monthly posts.  A roundup of my fitness journey.  This is where I will be totally accountable for any laziness and where I can be proud of my successes!!

I’m not one for worrying about what the scales say, I care much more about how my clothes fit.  I’m proud to say that I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes, thanks to a mixture of breastfeeding, exercise and of course I can’t rule out genetics too (thanks mum and dad!!)

My fitness in January


I started running again when Freddie was about 8 weeks old.  I really enjoyed getting back into running and very quickly started getting into a routine of going around 3 times a week of up to 5k at a time.

Prior to that I have also been doing Dr.Joanna Helcke’s post-natal online Pilates programme….I highly recommend that by the way (a post coming on it soon!). I also did her pre-natal Pilates programmes which I reviewed if you want to check it out!

This month I have been absolutely LOVING my weekly yoga class at Raffles.  I go every Tuesday night and it’s amazing.  Some weeks it’s really tough and kicks my butt and then other times I’m so relaxed afterwards I fall asleep on the sofa super early!  I’m finding it to be a perfect addition to running.
I’m also back to doing yoga at home a couple nights a week.  I use an app called Yoga Studio and I think it’s great!

i treated myself to these awesome new yoga pants from Dharma Bums.

My fitness in January. New yoga pants

They are an Australian company I just discovered that I think I am a little bit in love with!!  There stuff is awesomely and im sure I’ll be buying from them again soon (not a sponsored link just think they are great!!)

I’ve been a little bit rubbish with my running this month, in fact I took a couple of weeks totally off.  Not deliberately, it just kind of happened.  I have to say that I kind of am the anti-new years resolution person.  I never make them and I almost sub-consciously rebel against January for that reason!!  The first week in Jan I was fine, it was easier though as Mark was still at home on Christmas holidays.  When he went back to work we’ve both been more tired and I haven’t been able to motivate myself to go as much!

Anyway, last week I picked myself back up (actually it was when I started writing this post that made me go so it’s working already as motivation!!) and went back out.  I felt really good on the way out, I went a bit too fast though, I made myself do a 5k even though when I got to 2k I knew I’d struggle on the way back!!  I did struggle, in fact I had to walk the last 50m or so, I was very annoyed with myself.

My plan for next month is to go running twice a week and continue with yoga.  Mark is going to London for 5 days in Feb so it won’t be possible for me to go then but I will make sure to do what I can at home.
We are moving house this weekend and so my running routes will change.  I would like to pus my distance a little last 5k this month too, even just a couple of times.

next month I will also record all my runs so I can see how far I’m going each month.  I think it will be a good motivator!

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