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My fitness in February

I’m excited to Be doing these monthly fitness update posts.  A roundup of my fitness journey.  This is where I will be totally accountable for any laziness and where I can be proud of my successes!!

I’m not one for worrying about what the scales say, I care much more about how my clothes fit.  I’m proud to say that I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes, thanks to a mixture of breastfeeding, exercise and of course I can’t rule out genetics too (thanks mum and dad!!)

My fitness in February

Okay, I’m throwing it out there right now: my fitness in February had SUCKED!!!

Here comes the excuses part:

  • We moved house
  • Mark was in London for a week so I couldn’t get out to yoga class or for any runs at that time.

So there’s my excuses over and done with.  Let’s get on and take a look at what I have actually done this month.


So aside from the week when Mark was away, I have continued going to my weekly yoga class  Rather excitedly I now also have my new Yoga pants!!  I am actually in love with them, I haven’t yet got a proper picture but I promise I’ll share next month!  I’d love to say that they have turned me into a yoga master, but unfortunately not!  They do however make me want to become one, if only to have an excuse to buy more!!



Okay, so this is where I feel I have really failed this month.  I have only been running twice in the whole of February *hangs head in shame*

I wanted to run more than 5k this month, I haven’t managed it.  The new route from our new house feels a lot more challenging than our old one.  There’s hills and it is a lot more exposed to the sun.  Its been really hot and humid and so its really energy sapping anyway, let alone when trying to run!

Mark going away for a week obviously is a valid excuse as to why I didn’t run that week, but I then kinda just extended that excuse for the week after too.  There have been a couple other extenuating circumstances with Mark having to do a few things with work but in general I have just not taken the opportunities to get out and run when they have been there.

I am definitely annoyed at myself and have been feeling sluggish as a result of it so I will certainly be pushing myself more next month.

As i have been so rubbish this month, Ive not bothered to do any total distance covered or any fancy chart.  Its quick, Ive ran 10k this month.  At least it is an easy goal to beat next month I suppose!!!



I did not manage to succeed on last months targets.  To help boost my morale a little  I have decided to make my targets for this month a *little* easier, by reducing the amount of times I plan to get out for a run.  Obviously if i then do more than that it would be great.  I think I need to be realistic and remind myself that while I would love to say I would go out running three times a week, it is just not all that achievable all the time.  There is no point setting goals that I am unable to achieve, thats no good for motivation at all!

So here are my targets for March.

  • Continue weekly yoga class
  • Practice yoga at home at least once a week
  • Run at least once a week.
  • Minimum running distance of 5k
  • Run further than 5k at least once this month.


6 thoughts on “My fitness in February”

  • I think you do brilliantly to do any exercise at all in that heat! I always see people out running when it’s hot in the summer here and think they must be absolutely nuts! Come summer I’m either a pool girl or exercising at 5am underneath the air con so I don’t pass out from the heat. You’ve had so much on what with moving too (I’m so going to rock up at your new place one day, it looks so beautiful there – I can dream). Fingers crossed you’ll meet your goals next time x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…Slimming World Sunday | 4th Weigh InMy Profile

  • Something is better than nothing! Don’t be too hard on yourself 😉 But it’s always good to have goals.
    I have to say I am still enjoying the post partum no exercise period having just had a baby! I’m normally quite fitness obsessed and it’s nice to have the excuse to just focus on rest and gentle walking. Not sure how I’m going to manage my runs with 2 littlies when I do get back to it though! Do you have a running stroller, or do you just run when hubby is home? x
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Moments of Gratitude #20My Profile

    • good for you, definitely enjoy it!! I found i was getting itchy feet by 6 weeks! I did also REALLY enjoy my Dr. Joanna Helcke online fitness programme, it really helped get my body ready for running again after having Freddie!
      I don’t have a running buggy, i used to sometimes take arthur for a run in just a normal buggy but there aren’t really any pavements here so its not all that safe! I just run when Mark is home now! Finding the time with two small ones is definitely a challenge but I feel like we definitely earn that ‘me’ time even more when we are running round after two!!! xx

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