We have moved house!

We have moved house! We have moved house!  Good bye old house! For a little while now we have been considering moving house.  Then a few things sealed the deal.

  • Mark has been promoted to deputy head starting after Easter holidays (wooo)

Moving house in the Seychelles is definitely a different experience to moving house in the UK. For a start there are no letting agencies or estate agents! I think I’ve seen a “for rent” sign once in the almost three years we’ve been here and that was scribbled on a bit of wood and nailed to a tree! Here it’s ALL about word of mouth! Living on our little island of Praslin with a population of just 6,500 means that there’s not a whole lot going on in the housing “market” houses don’t come up all that often! We were delighted when we found out about the place we have moved in to now.  We couldn’t wait around to look at other properties, who knows when something else suitable will be next available, so we jumped in and agreed to rent it! So, I got in touch with the landlady and within a couple of weeks contracts were agreed on. The school pays for our accommodation and so contracts had to be agreed by them. This Saturday (28th feb) was moving day. Honestly, it was super stressful!  Having Arthur and being pregnant meant I was mostly sidelined and had to watch!  We are lucky that we don’t really have any furniture of our own right now, all that had to be moved was Arthur’s cot changing table and a single bed we had for him to use.  The rest was boxes and suitcases. Considering we moved here just under three years ago with very very little ‘stuff’ it was amazing to see how much we have accumulated.  A lot being Arthur’s I have to say!! Anyway, after a LONG day we were totally moved out of our old house with keys returned!  We are now in the process of getting our new place feeling like ‘home’ We have moved house!  Hello new house! I’ll write again soon with a bit more about our new place!

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